Luxury Brands Which Are Cheaper in London 2020

Did you know that there are luxury brands which are cheaper in London? Everyone is aware that London is among the world’s top fashion cities, but very few people know that luxury brands are actually cheaper in London. According to Deloitte, it’s almost 64% cheaper than the rest of the world. Check out which Luxury Brands Which Are Cheaper in London.

Visiting London is really a gift for fashion enthusiasts and designers alike. And for most people, being in London just once a year is a dream come true.

Who wouldn’t be astonished if you are surrounded by a wide range of fashion houses that offers the world’s most exclusive shoes and clothing? Especially for a cheaper price? Here’s our list of the best Luxury Brands Which Are Cheaper in London with their store locations.

Luxury Brands Which Are Cheaper in London

#1 — Burberry

Since it first boomed in London in 1856, Burberry has been competing with the likes of Prada and Louis Vuitton. For those who are not familiar, Burberry creates top-notch fashion attires, accessories, and cosmetics. And it is definitely one of the best Luxury Brands Which Are Cheaper in London.

  • There are 22 stores of the luxury brand which are cheaper in London. If you desire to shop from Burberry while you are in London, then you will be astounded with their surprise.

Store Information

Flagship: 121 Regent Street, London W1B 4TB

Store Hours:10AM – 8PM (Mon-Sat), 11.30AM – 6PM (Sun)

#2 — Timberland

If you are into sturdy, quality, and eco-friendly boots collectively, then you might like Timberland. The luxury footwear brand is one of the leading fashion shops around the world with its stunning collection of boots and shoes.

  • You can choose from Timberland’s wide variety of footwear including casual, sports, sneakers, and their famous yellow outdoor boots.
  • TImberland was founded in 1973 in New Hampshire and was first known as The Abington Shoes Company. And even though the luxury footwear brand originated from the United States, the folks from London are fond of wearing Timberland.
  • The luxury brand can be found in several parts of the UK which offers footwear at a cheaper price.

Store Information

Flagship: 5/7 Carnaby Street, London W1F 9PD

Store Hours: 10AM – 8PM (Mon-Sat), 12PM – 6PM (Sun)

#3 — Dr Martens

Dr Martens sells a bunch of fabulous footwear. And like Timberland, Dr Martens is famously known for their signature boots which can be worn as a fashionable addition to your ensemble or can be used plainly as safety boots.

  • Simply put, Dr Martens is England’s response to North America’s Timberland. The footwear store has 17 outlets around the UK, which you can visit anytime while you are enjoying The Swinging City.
  • Aside from the luxury footwear brand’s signature ankle boots, you can also choose from vegan, anti-static, and anti-slip versions.

Store Information

Flagship: Unit 26-27, Camden Market, London NW1 8AH

Store Hours: 10AM – 7PM (Sun-Fri), 9AM – 7PM (Sat)

#4 — Mulberry

Founded in 1971, Mulberry specializes in manufacturing leather goods such as bags and shoes. Since then, Mulberry added various products to their shop collections like sneakers and fashion accessories.

  • Mulberry also produces several lines of fashion wear that is being released seasonally.
  • Shop the luxury brand which is cheaper in 19 stores around London. And in case you are a little bit far off from London, you can check out a total of 53 stores across the UK.

Store Information

Flagship: 100 Regent Street, London W1B 5SR

Store Hours: 10AM – 8PM (Mon-Sat), 11AM – 6PM (Sun)

#5 — Cath Kidston

Do you ever wonder why Cath Kidston is so popular in London? Well, for starters Cath Kidston creates elegant shoes with quality trademark prints (which are calming, and cute patterns) that can also be enjoyed in bags and other home essentials.

  • The reason why this luxury brand is cheaper in London is that it literally originated from the home of Big Ben.
  • You can check out Cath Kidston on their website and find an enjoyable product for your home or for your fashion – all from bags, shoes, tech & home accessories, and beauty products. The luxury brand has 59 stores located in the UK alone.

Store Information

Flagship: French Railways House, 178-180 Piccadilly, London W1J 9ER

Store Hours: 10AM – 8PM (Mon-Sat), 12PM – 6PM (Sun)

#6 — Superdry

Superdry is a luxury/teenage clothing brand that specializes in designing Americana-Japanese hybrid of fashion wear. And you might be confused as Superdry is heavily inspired with Japanese fashion, but in fact, Superdry originated in the UK.

  • Established by Cult Clothing founder Julain Dunkerton and Bench manager James Holder in 1985, Superdry came strong since their first launch in Cheltenham.
  • You should shop at Superdry if you want to be among the first to wear a unique style of clothing which is apart from the usual contemporary fashion brands. Come by their shops online or find one of its 10 stores if you are around the UK.

Store Information

Flagship: 103-113 Regent St, Mayfair, London W1B 4HL

Store Hours: 10AM – 8PM (Mon-Sat), 11.30AM – 6PM (Sun)

#7 — Lush

Lush is among the world’s best sellers of beauty products. Their creations are known for delivering a bewitching beauty and are considered an art by many, as this luxury brand produces eco-friendly beauty care products that are targetted to various types of customers with different preferences.

  • The cosmetics Lush creates are patronized by many not only for its quality craftsmanship, but also because of it being qualified as vegetarian, against animal testing, and are ethical.
  • The luxury cosmetics brand is cheaper in London with over 18 boutiques in the UK.

Store Information

Flagship 175 – 179 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2JS

Store Hours: 10AM – 9PM (Mon-Sat), 11.30AM – 6PM (Sun)

#8 — Marks & Spencer

Shop Marks & Spencer if you are looking for a whole lot of home essentials and fashion collections. M&S got it all for you, from lingerie, food, and even wine. The luxury home brand started in 1884 in London, and since then have conquered the market.

  • Marks & Spencer undoubtedly captivate its customers with the comfortability and quality it offers whether it be for clothing, furniture, and food.
  • What’s more, is that the luxury brand has expanded and ventured to the industry of banking, energy, and optical.
  • M&S have a numerous amount of location scattered across London if you ever find yourself longing for a comfy shopping experience.

Store Information

Flagship: 458 Oxford Street, London W1C 1AP

Store Hours: 9AM – 10PM (Mon-Fri), 9AM – 9PM (Sat), 12PM – 6PM (Sun)

#9 — Paul Smith

Pretty much like Marks & Spencer, Paul Smith promotes fashion wear and all-home products generally. Paul Smith is a beautiful one-stop-shop for every stuff that you need including clothing, footwear, accessories, bags, and furniture.

  • The luxury brand is cheaper in London because of Paul Smith himself is a well-known British fashion designer, and was even assigned as the Royal Designer of the Industry.
  • Paul Smith was eventually knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2002, and the event resulted in the emerging fame of Paul Smith’s luxury brand to the market.
  • You can shop the luxury brand’s quality products that are crafted by the best Royal Designer in 19 stores located around London and some parts of the UK.

Store Information

Flagship: 9 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 4BL

Store Hours: 10AM – 6PM (Sun-Wed), 10AM – 7PM (Thurs-Mon)

#10 — Dorothy Perkins

Originated in London, England, Dorothy Perkins has been a staple of a wide range of fashion products all from shoes, accessories, bags, and fashion clothing. Dorothy Perkins was founded in 1909 and since then has been receiving positive reviews from their quality apparel and clothing.

  • Dorothy Perkins is still earning a lot of praises with their products, and with this, they managed to ship worldwide, while celebrating its achievement every day through serving their customers the best products you could think of.
  • The luxury brand has 10 various outlets located in London, so catch them while you are in the city.

Store Information

Flagship: 334/348 Oxford Street c/o Debenhams Plc London W1C 1JG

Store Hours: 10AM – 6PM (Sun-Wed), 10AM – 7PM (Thurs-Mon)

#11 — Lush

The first time pasted by a Lush store I thought they made candles. But only when I noticed the cosmetics and the amazing smell coming out of they’re store did I actually decide to go inside. This amazing retailer is unbelievably cheap in London than any other store in 49 countries.

  • Known for their bath bombs and shower jellies, lush is pretty famous for their 100% vegetarian and vegan products. And as expensive as these products are the best place to buy your daily self-care products would have to be the store on Oxford street.
  • Lush products are insanely cheap in London than anywhere in the world. A simple soap bar that cost 4 quid was 8 in US online store and the same soap was 10 in the Singapore store.

Store Information

Flagship Address: 175 – 179 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2JS. There are also several outlets located across London.

Store Hours: 10AM – 9PM (Mon-Sat), 11.30AM – 6PM (Sun)

#12 — Warehouse

Warehouse is a British clothing brand that makes high-quality clothing with really beautiful designs. This retail store which was founded in 1976 is extremely popular around the world.

  • After going up for sale, it was acquired by Bohoo in June 2020. However, it still is fair cheap in London that any other place. A simple dress that costs 42 pounds in London is 62 in Singapore.

Store Information

Flagship Address: 264 Oxford Street, London

Store Hours: 10 am – 8 pm on weekdays, and 12 pm – 6 pm on Sundays

How is it Cheaper in London?

Other than the store deciding to price it competitively, the majority of the clothes are cheaper in London due to two reasons. One London based brands that have branches in other parts of the world do have to pay taxes on the transport of goods. So, it’s going to be cheaper at the HQ than a branch in Singapore.

Secondly, if you’re a non-EU citizen, you can apply for a VAT refund. Ask the shop to give you a 407 form. They might ask you for proof. So, carry your passport with you. Show the the goods at the completed form at customs when your leaving the country to avail your refund. Check out our article on why Luxury Brands Which Are Cheaper in London for shop details.

Which luxury brand is cheaper in London?

Brands like Lush and Burberry are comparatively cheap in London than the rest of the world. This probably due to Brexit and how it’s impacting the Pound Sterling.
Marks and Spencer is also cheaper in London than anywhere else.
Go through our list of the best Luxury Brands Which Are Cheaper in London for all the details.

Are designer brands cheaper in London?

Yes, designer Brands are cheaper in London than most places in the world. Brands like Burberry, Mulberry and Cath Kidston are unbelievably cheap in their original store fronts than anywhere else in the world.

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