Types of Shampoo Bars for Curly Hair in UK 2022

Shampoo bars are shampoo in a concentrated bar soap form. Not only are these amazing bars of shampoo highly effective and have a long lifespan but they are also the key to saving our planet. Check out our list of 12 Shampoo Bars For Curly Hair UK for more details.

Currently, plastic pollution is at an all-time rise and shampoo bottles and conditioners contribute to almost 40 per cent of that. As bad enough as that is already, shampoo bottles contain and are processed using extremely harmful chemicals. Whereas shampoo bars are all-natural bars that are either hand made or cold-pressed with very little use of water. Most importantly, these Must-Have cosmetic products are packed in a biodegradable material box making them a zero-waste product. 

These amazing shampoo bars are worth every pound as they last as long as three full bottles of regular liquid shampoo. The trend for all-natural products is growing every day and they have been garnering a lot of positive feedback from users all over the world. Most importantly, these Shampoo bars are extremely affordable.

So, here is a list to help you do your bit to reduce global warming and still have lush and fabulous hair. Check out these Shampoo Bars UK down below!

After reviewing close 100 shampoo bar based on various factors like effectiveness, content, and price, my team at Discount Age zeroed in on 12 that really stood out. These 12 were further put through a series of tests to figure out the best. We found that:

The best shampoo bar for curly hair is Friendly Shampoo Bar Lavender & Geranium. This shampoo bar contains various essential oils like castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, lavender, and rose geranium that rejuvenate and maintain hair health. It is also equipped with various other herbs that help promote hair growth.

How to Choose A Shampoo Bar For Curly Hair

Sulphate free: Choose sulphate free shampoos that have the potential to harm your hair by drying. But some sulfates are plant based that don’t dry or harm your hair. Do a little research if you see sulphate as an ingredient to find out if it’s chemical based or plant based.

No Fragrance: Try going for fragrance free shampoo bars as some of them contain artificial and synthetic fragrances which are harmful for your hair and might result in hair fall. Hence, it’s best to go for fragrance free shampoos.

Activated charcoal: This ingredient is as good as it’s for skincare. It helps in removal of impurities and boosts hair volume. 

Shampoo Bars For Curly Hair in the UK

#1 — Friendly Soap Natural Handmade Shampoo Bar

best shampoo bars for curly hair

The Friendly shampoo bar is handmade from its unique biodegradable formulas to create natural lathering ingredients to ensure a smooth and silky hair. It has a soothing fragrance that is a combination of essential oils, herbs, and spices to leave your hair smelling amazing all day long. It’s one of the Best Shampoo Bars UK.

  • The most essential oils are infused for a healthy scalp in the Friendly shampoo bar like castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, lavender, and rose geranium essential oils. If you are looking for a natural lavender infused shampoo bar to replace your regular shampoo the friendly shampoo bar will not disappoint. 
  • Its compact design makes it easy to carry when travelling and is a great alternative to plastic bottles of liquid shampoo. This makes it one of the most essential hair care products in the market. It’s one of the Best Shampoo Bars For Curly Hair UK.
  • The Friendly Shampoo bar will last as long as three full bottles of liquid shampoo making it an affordable and natural option.

What’s in it for you?

The shampoo bar moisturizes both body and arms apart from being an affordable, long-lasting, and compact alternative to plastic bottled liquid shampoos that will promote healthy happy hair growth.

Key Features

  • It is a long-lasting and compact alternative to plastic bottled liquid shampoo and is perfect to travel with and lasts three times longer than other liquid shampoos. It’s one of the best things to buy on Amazon UK.
  • The Friendly Shampoo Bar is lavender and geranium based, infused together with castor oil that has been used as natural conditioner overages and promotes hair growth.
  • It forms lather with natural ingredients making it an affordable and natural replacement to your regular liquid shampoo. 

#2 — Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar

curly hair shampoobars

Ethique Eco-Friendly is the world’s first zero-waste and most sustainable lifestyle beauty brand. Even The Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar is made from a blend of natural material like peppermint oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter that cleanses and smoothens the hair. It has a fresh and minty fragrance that sure to leave a trail behind that is loved by many.

  • The ingredients used are all biodegradable and compostable packaging so the solid bars leave no trace making it eco-friendly and natural. It is light in weight and smells absolutely wonderful. You can find this popular product on the majority of the top 10 online stores in the UK.
  • These shampoo bars are super concentrated so not you can expect it to lasts for a while. Easily the same quantity as 3 bottles of shampoo. By switching to these beauty bars, you’re saving plastic bottles going to landfill. It’s one of the Best Shampoo Bars UK.
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What’s in it for you  

The Shampoo bar uses natural lathering ingredients making it comfortable for sensitive skin. The coconut oil & cocoa butter with peppermint cleanses your hair and smooth your hair shaft. damage control won’t weigh you or your hair down.

Key Features

  • The Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo bar is a zero-waste all-natural shampoo bar.
  • It is light in weight and lasts three times longer than other liquid shampoos.
  • The ingredients are all biodegradable making it 100% eco-friendly. If you are looking for a minty fresh all-natural shampoo bar the Ethique Eco-Friendly is the ideal choice for hair and body. 

#3 — EarthKind Bergamot and Sage Shampoo Bar

shampoo bars

The Earth Kind Bergamot and Sage Shampoo bar is made from a blend of high-quality organic avocado and olive oil with coconut cream cleanser for deep penetrating moisturization. It’s one of the Best Shampoo Bars UK.

  • The shampoo bar is made with organic oils that focus on nourishing and moisturizing dry and damaged hair.
  • It does wonders for dry hair and coloured hair giving it a natural balance and softens. Within the month of using the shampoo bar, you will notice long-lasting moisture giving your hair a rich shine. 
  • The luscious and alluring herbal fragrance is loved by many and lasts until your next wash leaving your hair smelling amazing all the time.
  • It adjusts to almost all skin types and doubles as a moisturizing body soap as well. 

What’s in it for you?

The shampoo bar is round in shape and fits the size of your palm, don’t be fooled by the size as this all-natural shampoo bar can last twice as longer than liquid shampoos making it an affordable option for all.

Key Features

  • The Earth Kind Bergamot and Sage shampoo bar is made from organic oils that focus on dry and damaged hair and works wonders on hair damaged from colouring.
  • It can be used on the body as a moisturizing agent making it versatile and convenient for all.
  • The shampoo bar gives an alluring herbal fragrance that lasts long enough before your next wash.

#4 — Soul and Soup Juicy Watermelon Solid Shampoo Bar

organic shampoo for bars for curly hair dry

The Soul and Soup Shampoo Bar comes in a fashionable tin making it an excellent option to travel with. The shampoo bar is infused with high protein algae known to prevent hair thinning, increase hair volume, and dismiss dandruff. Packed with antioxidants and fatty acids it brings a natural balance to the scalp leaving hair rich and smooth. 

  • Vitamin B5 is one of the key ingredients that moisturizes hair, rebuilds, and brings the shine to your hair.
  • Cocoa Butter is infused for its healing and softening properties that will make your hair healthy and silky.
  • Honey extract strengthens the hair follicles and infuses hair with the hydration leaving it manageable and restores hairs from damage caused by hair colouring. It’s one of the Best Shampoo Bars UK.

What’s in it for you?

This Shampoo bar doubles as a hair conditioner too leaving your hair smooth and soft after each wash.

Key Features

  • The Soul and Soup Watermelon Solid Shampoo Bar is a small and compact shampoo bar that comes in a tin for safe storage and travel.
  • It is infused with Vitamin B5, Cacao Butter, and honey extract to moisturizes, soften, and strengthens hair follicles.
  • The need for a conditioner is removed as the shampoo bar doubles as a conditioner a perfect travel companion.

#5 — Little Soap Company Solid Shampoo Bar

The Little Soap Company Solid Shampoo Bar is a plant-based and uses naturally derived ingredients without removing the natural oils from your hair. It lathers easily and spreads evenly through your scalp leaving it soft, shiny, and silky.

  • The shampoo bar is made with no synthetic chemicals making it comfortable for all types of skin and especially sensitive skin. 
  • It contains natural ingredients that help reduce frizziness and locks for more hydrated healthy-looking hair. If you are looking for an affordable natural shampoo bar under 4 pounds, Little Soap Company will do the trick.
  • This Little Soap Company Solid Shampoo Soap bar is made with EcoCert oils & RSPO certified sustainable Palm oil.

What’s in it for you?

The shampoo bar has added Pink Clay to cleanse and moisturize and is fragranced with a blend of orange and ginger essential oils to stimulate your scalp and help promote healthy hair.

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Key Features

  • The Little Soap Company Solid Shampoo Bar is plant-based and is made with no synthetic chemicals making it suitable for all skin and hair types.
  • EcoCert oils and palm oil hydrate the hair to reduce frizziness and locks for healthy-looking, soft and shiny hair.

#6 — Soul and Soap Floral Freesia Solid Shampoo Bar + Conditioner

The Soul and Soup Floral Fresia Shampoo bar is a zero-waste fresh floral scented shampoo bar with cocoa butter, vitamin B5 and honey ingredients add for conditioning of the hair. It comes in a tin for safe storage and travels it also doubles as a soap dish. 

  • Cocoa Butter is infused for its healing and softening properties that visibly help reduce hair fall and promote scalp healing.
  • The hair follicles are strengthened with honey extract and hydrates with scalp leaving it manageable and nourished.

What’s in it for you?

This Shampoo bar is a value for money as it not only nourishes your scalp and hair but also conditions it. Removing the need for a conditioner. 

Key Features 

  • The Soul and Soup Floral Fresia Shampoo bar come in a fashionable tin packaging perfect to travel with and store.
  • It is a zero-waste fresh floral scented with vitamin B5, Cocoa butter, and honey extract that soften, hydrate, and condition the hair for healthy lush looking hair. 

#7 — Foamie Shampoo Bar

The Foamie Shampoo Bar clearly stands out for its creative and easy to hold design. With Coconut oil and wheat protein extracts, it acts as a nourishing agent to help promote hair growth.

  • The shampoo bar is cold-pressed ensuring none of the high-quality ingredients is damaged for long-lasting use.
  • A special formula with pH cleanses hair without causing damage. 
  • The integrated string and ergonomic design help the shampoo bar last longer by hanging it up to dry.

What’s in it for you?

Most shampoo bars melt away in a month if it’s not put in a proper soap dish, giving you only half the life it is supposed to. But with the Foamie Shampoo bar, the bar can be hung at your convenience and it drys up in no time making sure it lasts months.   

Key Features

  • The Foamie Shampoo Bar is an all-natural coconut oil and wheat protein-based shampoo bar.
  • It is cold-pressed into an ergonomic design that has a ribbon attached so it can easily be hung anywhere and can dry up easily. 

#8 — Clovelly Soap Co Handmade Natural Shampoo Soap Bar with Eucalyptus Mint & Lemon

This shampoo bar is hand made with a mixture of eucalyptus, mint, lemon, and other essential oils that are suitable for all hair types and improve the strength and condition of the hair and scalp over continuous use. It lathers easily with soft white bubbles which help the skin to retain moisture and treat delicate facial areas. 

  • The shampoo bar has added castor oil which helps promote hair growth and repairs damaged scalps.
  • It has essential oils prevent dry scalp and perfect for those with sensitive skin and hair types damaged by regular soaps and shampoos.
  • The soaps are hand cold-pressed allowing the soap to better retain the benefits of the natural ingredients.

What’s in it for you?

The Shampoo bar contains eucalyptus, mint, and lemon essential oils, to lift your mood and leave your hair smelling fresh and minty all day long. 

Key Features

  • The Clovelly Soap Co Shampoo bar is hand made shampoo bar with a mixture of eucalyptus, mint, and lemon that is cold-pressed to last and retain its ingredients.
  • It has essential oils help moisturize dry scalps and castor oil promotes hair growth. The blend of mint and citric elements gives out a strong refreshing fragrance that lasts all day long.

#9 — KOHA Beauty Shampoo Bar

This handmade vegan shampoo bar is one of the best in this list. Not only does it have useful oils to rejuvenate your hair but it also has gentle surfactants that can cleanse your hair without causing any damage. In fact, it can nourish your hair using a vegan-friendly protein, making it soft and silky.

  • The KOHA Beauty Shampoo Bar consists of sulfate-free surfactant blend that can eliminate all sorts of filthy build-up whilst retaining the natural oil of the hair.
  • Of course, it does have that extra oomph. It comes with coconut and Argan oil that help strengthen the hair follicles. The formula ensures that the pH level of the hair isn’t affected in an adverse manner.
  • It smells absolutely wonderful as it is equipped with the scent of berry and bergamot.

What’s in it for you?

This shampoo bar contains an ingredient called Sodium Lauryl Sulphocetate that ensures that your hair doesn’t tangle. It’s perfect for curly hair.

Key Features:

  • Vegan
  • Toxin-free
  • SLS Shampoo bar
  • Berry and Bergamot Scent
  • Maintain the pH balance of hair and helps retain its natural oils

J.R. Liggett’s Virgin Coconut & Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

best shampoo bar for curly hair
  • This is one of the best shampoo bars that removes the built up sebum that can clog and damage your hair follicles. It results in radiant, shiny and non-greasy hair.
  • If you have allergies or sensitivities, go for this shampoo bar as it’s safe and gentle on all skin types. 
  • It’s made with a natural formula and no extra chemicals or synthetic dyes or fragrance is added. It’s made with Tea Tree, Olive, Coconut, Castor and Hemp Oil that nourishes and strengthens your hair.  
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What’s in it for you? 

It’s mild and great for any type of skin and hair plus the formula is all natural. 

Key features: 

  • No toxic chemicals
  • Natural formula
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Non-greasy

Love Beauty And Planet Blooming Color Shampoo Bar

natural shampoo bar for curly hair
  • This is another shampoo bar that works great if your hair is dyed as well as curly. The best part is that this shampoo bar is sulphate free and won’t damage your hair.
  • Natural ingredients are used in the formula of this shampoo bar like murumuru Butter, coconut oil and rose that keeps your hair healthy, nourished and shining. The product is also vegan and cruelty free. 
  • The smell of this shampoo is great and natural. It’s non-greasy and doesn’t do any harm to your hair.

What’s in it for you? 

This shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients that wouldn’t lead to any hair loss or other problems.

Key Features:

  • Non-greasy
  • Natural ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free

SheaMoisture Coconut & Clay Shampoo Bar

organic shampoo bar for curly hair
  • This coconut smelling shampoo bar is extremely good if you have curly hair as it not only clears your hair dirt but also conditions and makes it soft and smooth. 
  • It’s made with shea butter, coconut and hibiscus clay that controls frizz, brings back shine as well as hydrates the hair and avoids breakage. 
  • There’s no chemicals like parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, or mineral oil added that have the potential to harm the scalp or hair.

What’s in it for you? 

It gracefully cleans the curls and makes them bouncy and hydrated.

Key features:

  • Natural ingredients
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Hydrates hair
  • Not tested on animals

How do you use a shampoo bar?

Follow these steps to use a shampoo bar on your hair: Rub the soap in between your hands with a little water to create lather and then slide the lather on your hair with your hands. Or you can also rub the soap on your hair. Cut the pieces of shampoo bars for convenience. Don’t pile your hair up on the head. Start from the bottom to avoid tangling of hair. 

How do you store a shampoo bar?

You can store your shampoo bar like any other soap bar by keeping them into a soap dish. If you don’t have a soap dish then try keeping it in a container with proper ventilation so that the bar doesn’t get gunky.

How long do shampoo bars last?

One shampoo bar can replace upto 3 shampoo bottles which means quite some time. Some brands say that their shampoo bars last for 60-70 washes. 

Are Shampoo bars better for your hair?

It will take a while to select which shampoo bar works the best for you. Rubbing shampoo bars straight on your hair might cause tangles and knots if you have curly or textured hair but it’s better as it keeps the hair and the planet healthy and free of waste.

Are shampoo bars good for curly hair?

If you use shampoo bars you can control the amount of shampoo penetration in your scalp. It works great on curly hair. You can tame your hair well with it. 

Which is the best shampoo bar for curly hair UK?

Shampoo Bars are amazing personal care products that are not only effective but also free from harmful chemicals. The formula used to make shampoo bars is chemical-free, unlike most liquid shampoos that have sodium lauryl sulfate to help lather up.

  • The best shampoo bars in the UK like Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar, Soul and Soap, and Foamie Shampoo Bar are compact in size and reduce the carbon footprint.
  • These eco-friendly shampoo bars are made from all-natural materials and are well-scented with raw materials. Although these bars are made from high-quality ingredients, they are super affordable. Check out our list of the Best Shampoo Bars UK for more details.

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