Top British Made Menswear 2022

British menswear is the benchmark when it comes to men’s fashion across the world. From the mythical James Bond to his funny counterpart in Johnny English and even David Beckham all have one thing in common, they all wear stunning clothes. Great Britain essential birth this style and it has made its way into every country across the world. Check out our list of the Top British Made Menswear for all the details.

I’m personally a massive fan of the stuff on Saville road. Both my grandfather and my father used to get their suits made there. To those from Britain, Saville Road represents a legacy. However, there are other British Menswear Brands out there that are absolutely fantastic.

These stunning brands range from Luxury brand like Percival and John Smedley to relatively obscure brands like Touch of Tweed and Oxford Blue. Check out our list of the Top British Made Menswear for all the details.

After reviewing 50 British Made Menswear Brands and their products based on various factors like history, quality, materials, design, and price; My team and I zeroed in on 8 brands that stood out. These 8 were further put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The top British Made Menswear is Peregrine. This luxury brand has a history of over 2 centuries and has managed to retain its finest designs and manufacturing style. However, they are also known to push the envelope as they experiment with new styles every now and then. With over 80 stores across the world, it’s one of the best. Most importantly, it is also extremely affordable.

Top British Made Menswear


Peregrine is one of the top menswear brands in great Britain. This brand has been one of the leaders of men’s fashion in the country for over 200 years. Since 1796 Peregrine has continued to deliver quality clothes with amazing designs to men across the world. This brand currently has 80 outlets across the western world. Primarily in the USA, Canada and Europe.

The first store was created by a tailor known as Thomas Glover in 1796. His amazing skills as a hand frame knitter gave birth to Peregrine and was carried through the generations by his lineage.

Although the majority of the manufacturing process is done in Manchester, certain raw materials are outsourced.

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However, they haven’t dropped the ball; when it comes to quality still maintain the same sense of style. They also put out a few experimental designs every now and then. Most importantly, it is a relatively affordable Luxury Brand.

John Smedley

It doesn’t get more British than John Smedley. This line of knitwear is even older than Peregrine by a decade and has still managed to carry on Its legacy. In fact, it still continues to function as a family run business with the 8th generation Smedley Ian Maclean running the company.

Although, this brand is one of the oldest manufactures of knitwear they’ve still managed to work out of the same factory in Lea Mills since 1784. What’s absolutely crazy is that they still maintain the same level of quality and workmanship. Each piece of their prime clothing might take up to a year to produce.

They only use the finest materials in the world like merino wool, cashmere, silk and their very own Sea Island Cotton. With 230 years of experience, each piece of clothing contains around 1.2 million stitches and is made by 50 craftsmen.

They are famous for their iconic mainline collection and polo shirt which has basically been a trend since the 1930s.

Touch of Tweed

Touch of Tweed is one of the more obscure brands to pop out of Great Britain. However, they are absolutely killing it when it comes to sustainable methods of production and contributing to the local economy. It was started by two partners Catherine and James who wanted to popularize the British countryside clothing. It’s one of the Top British Made Menswear.

As you can gather from their name, the majority of their products are made from homegrown Yorkshire Tweed. However, they made sure to use the finest of material thereby elevating the quality of not only their clothes but also of the brand.

It has a cult following of people who want to retain their heritage and move away from the unethical clothing brands.

These garments are also exceptionally durable and are manufactured with the finest ethical craftsmanship. Like most modern brand they primarily sell their clothing online and are known for their sustainable sweatshirts.

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

This cute brand was established in 2009 by designer Paul Brown, Wolf in Sheeps Clothing was initially manufactured in Italy and designed in England. However, after years of experimentation, he decided to offer a much more flexible line and moved his manufacturing to England. Now every piece of clothing proudly carries the Made in UK tag.

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Paul brown actually started this brand out of sheer frustration. He found it difficult to procure shirts that were made from real luxury fabrics. So, he took to the board and came up with his own line of capsule men’s shirt collection.

Although this shirt collection was relatively unknown when it hit the market in 2010, it soon found massive popularity among all age groups. Although each shirt only had strips Paul Brown eventually managed to incorporated checks into his designs.

Each shirt is made from the finest Egyptian cotton-based fabrics and is finished with a contrasting colour ribbon. They also make polo shirts and ladies wear.

Oxford Blue

Oxford Blue is another famous brand that specialises in creating the finest leisurewear and country clothing. What really sets them apart from other brands in the country is their Tweed and Waxed clothing. They use the finest materials and apply the best craftsmanship.

This company started dominating the leisurewear space since the 1960s and is known for its high-quality clothing and affordable pricing. They currently sell to over 16 countries across Europe.

What’s truly unique is that this Oxford-based brand brings the Oxford heritage through their classic clothes at extremely affordable prices.


Percival is a unique brand that explores the other side of British fashion. This brand was started by a team of 5 designers who explore the rare and the understated. Classic and traditional is definitely not a part of their brilliant collection.

While the designed are conceived in their studio East London’s Hackney, the materials and fabrics are sourced from other countries. However, the production of the clothing is something that’s done locally.

The collection is always varied, limited and extremely unique. However, it is always British. they sell direct to consumers and are known for their amazing service.


Top British Made Menswear

Sunspel was founded at the end of the Industrial Revolution in 1860 by Thomas Hill who spearheaded perfecting luxury garments and undergarments for men. Since the 1940’s, Sunspel broadened their horizons by introducing merino knitwear, swim shorts and even t-shirts for the summer.

Based in Derbyshire, the Sunspel factory sources their raw materials from other local factories in the UK and across the world. This results in high-quality products with absolutely no compromise on the originality of each Sunspel item in their catalog.

Sunspel’s collection ranges from t-shirts and boxers to jackets and sleep-wear. Their iconic range includes the riviera polo shirt, white t-shirt and boxer shorts.


Top British Made Menswear

Reiss is a brand that was first set up in 1971 and has been able to capture a loyal following of guys that are in search of shirts, ties or knitwear. This brand offers both casual wear and formal wear that are targeted towards the younger generation.

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It’s evident that their oxford white shirts are a staple and you can not go wrong mixing and matching their pieces for a job interview or a formal dinner. These are one of their more affordable products that’s made up of 100% cotton allowing you to stay cool during the hot summers.

Reiss does not only produce t-shirts or formals. This brand is known to produce and manufacture a wide range of clothing and accessories from hoodies all the way to socks and underwear. There’s always something here that will catch your attention.

What is the best brand for men’s clothing?

There are many clothing brands based out of the UK. However, there are very few that have managed to dominate the space. The best men’s clothing brands would have to be Percival, Peregrine, John Smedley, and Wolf in Sheeps Clothing. Check out our list of the Top British Made Menswear for more details.

What is the most expensive men’s clothing brand?

The most expensive men’s clothing brand in the UK would have to be Peregrine, John Smedley and Gieves & Hawkes. These legacy brands are all over 200 years old and are the epitome of British Menswear. Check out our list of the Top British Made Menswear for more details.

Made from really high-quality materials and fabrics, these brands also have a unique production process that elevates the expenses even more. This, along with the brand value, results in a tremendously high price. Additionally, most of these brands are sold on Saville Road which is one of the most expensive places in the UK in terms of real estate. So, the cost of rent is taken into account as well.

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