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Online shopping opens up your shopping experiences by bringing the best brands right at your fingertips. But, not all websites offer the best experience. Some crappy websites just don’t deliver the product and take ages to refund your money, while some actually do deliver on time but it turns out to a be a brick instead of a super expensive smartphone. It’s a really messy space. Luckily for you, we at Discount Age have taken the liberty to compile a list of the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in UK. So, check it out for all the details.

The best sites can be super useful as they can not only offer a variety of products and clothes that you wouldn’t find in a brick and mortar but they offer coupons and codes that can save a serious amount of money.

Anyway, here’s our list of Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in UK:

Top Online Shopping Sites UK — Quick Summary

Top Online Shopping Sites UKBest For
Pretty Little ThingCollection and everyday drops
ArgosSame day delivery and return without extra cost
BodenBritish inspired clothing
ASOSCollection of indie and vintage brands
Amazon UKOverall best for online shopping
eBay UKAuction as well as online shopping
John Lewis & PartnersReward programs for shopping
Dorothy PerkinsDresses and lingerie
TescoDepartment store- groceries to clothes
Marks and SpencersLoungewear, clothing, lingerie and formals
MisguidedQuality and contemporary style
DebenhamsTaken over by Boohoo

Which is the best online shopping website UK?

I’ve shopped from a lot of online websites in the UK but I found Amazon UK to be the best website for its variety, quality as well as reasonable prices. Here’s why: 

Amazon UK was founded in 1994 and has been serving as the best online shopping site for clothing, accessories, grocery, household items and a lot more products. This platform is for customers as well as sellers. Amazon UK is user-friendly and will let you know price, ratings, reviews and similar products that you can shop from the website.

Best Online Shopping Sites in UK 2021

#1 — Pretty Little Thing

Founded in 2012, Pretty Little Things began as an accessory shop that soon flourished to the fashion brand it is today. Pretty Little Things offers you the latest celebrity-inspired looks that are sure to complete your OOTDs all year round. Ir is one of the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in UK.

  • Their collections increase every day with new styles that will keep you Instagram ready. They unfortunately only cater to women as they have nothing for men.
  • Pretty Little Things has everything you need from tops, dresses, fitness wear, to swimwear with sizes from the most petite to more voluptuous women.
  • The most unique thing about Pretty Little Thing is that they have a huge collection of celebrity inspired clothing. And the most amazing thing is that they sell these posh dresses at an extremely affordable price.

To make it better Pretty Little Things strives to be a more planet-friendly sustainable brand. Send them your recyclable clothes and get discounts for your next purchase. 

Key Features:

  • New styles are developed daily
  • Unidays provides 15% student discounts
  • 3 to 5 business day deliveries

#2 — Argos

One of the better known online shopping platforms is Argos, they are known for having a vast selection of everything under the sun. Established in 1972, Argos Limited has earned itself a reputation for only catering the best in the market.

  • They have a massive range of products from clothes, beauty products, to children’s toys, and garden supplies. 
  • They have both physical stores and online shopping platforms for you to scroll through all day long.
  • Argos has over 29 million customers in over 883 retail shops per year, so you can rest assured that your spending on a good investment. 

Their products are both durable and reliable and are sure to withstand the test of time.

Key Features:

  • One of the best department stores
  • Plethora of products
  • Same day delivery and return services with no additional costs

#3 — Boden

Boden is a clothing retailer that primarily sells online and by catalogue. Founded by Johnnie Boden in 1991, it took the UK market by storm and is currently one of the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in UK. Although it is a British Brand, Boden is now sold in other countries, including Australia, Germany, and the US.

  • Although Boden started off with just 8 menswear products, they’ve refined and expanded their line and now incorporate womenswear. They even have a Teenage clothing sub-brand Johnnie B.
  • Boden is known for it’s Britsh made clothing. Even the designs and style is inspired by British culture. All of it is extremely elgant. Especially, their famous heritage collection.

Boden is famous for their simple yet beautiful patterns and casual designs. This clothing brand has something for everybody, with new collections launched every spring and autumn.

Key Features

  • International Shipping
  • A style that’s aligned with the British culture

#4 — ASOS

ASOS isn’t something new for fashion-savvy shoppers. They are well-known not just in the UK but also in Australia. Founded in the year 2000, they are an online collection of fashion and cosmetics retail empire. Asos is definitely one of the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in UK.

  • Specializing in all things fashion and beauty, ASOS has a wide selection of beauty products, jewellery, menswear, accessories, and even footwear. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop for your next outfit shopping.
  • The wide selection here is actually an understatement. They have close 90,000 products on their website at any given time. Their range of fashion products in frankly unrivalled.
  • While they do offer international shipping. You expect it to take close to 3 weeks to arrive. They are quite slow when it comes to international sales.

You’d be glad to know that ASOS also offers a variety of discounts and sales for various products. So check out their website today!

Key Features:

  • Free delivery for purchases over £50
  • Discounts for students
  • Includes maternity, petite, and tall collections

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#5 — Amazon UK

Founded in 1994 Amazon has grown to become a household name in the online shopping world. They began as an online bookstore that quickly expanded to retail furniture, clothes, gadgets, jewellery and anything and everything under the sun. 

  • They’re a go-to online shopping platform for many customers and sellers. Amazon’s user-friendly interface includes prices, descriptions, ratings, and reviews for each product so you can rest easy knowing exactly what you’re paying for.

The best part is the all the sellers are vetted and you get the best quality products on the planet. With amazing customer service and a ease of transaction, it’s one of the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in UK.

Key Features:

  • Seattle based with worldwide delivery
  • Easy return policies
  • Amazon Prime with unlimited same-day delivery

We have written a review on Best Products to Buy on Amazon UK.

#6 — eBay UK

You’ve probably heard of eBay or have used it before. eBay is one of the first few websites that revolutionized online shopping. Based in California, eBay specializes in catering to business-to-consumer or customer-to-customer selling. Founded in 1995, they have quickly grown to be a staple in the online shopping industry.

  • eBay is one of the largest auction and online shopping sites in the UK. Here you can find everything from fashion pieces, jewellery, electronics, home appliances, to collectables and limited-edition merchandise.

Since it has such tremendous range when it comes to product categories it’s considered one of the best online shopping platforms in the UK. eBay also offers stellar customer service, which sets it’s apart from the rest.

Key Features:

  • Founded in 1995
  • San Jose, California based E-commerce corporation
  • Fashion, jewellery, collectables, and more
  • Auction and online shopping site

#7 — John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners is a chain of high-end department stores with branches in different parts of Great Britain, Australia, and The Republic of Ireland. Founded in 1864, John Lewis & Partners is one of the oldest department stores in the UK.

  • Head on over to their website and check out various items from garden equipment,  clothing, beauty products, to sports items.
  • John Lewis is known for their dedication in providing high-quality merchandise that’s worth your money.
  • John Lewis is extremely popular in the country with a store in pretty much every major city. They are also known for their amazing designs and styles that are inspired by British pop culture.

Their website has an option for you to create an account and stay on top of current promotions and receive shopping rewards.

Key Features:

  • Founded in 1864
  • Hih-end department store
  • Order Tracking and rewards program
  • Wish list services

#8 — Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is a classy brand that is quite underrated in my opinion. It’s not as famous internationally as it’s sister brand Top Shop. Dorothy Perkins which became a household name in the 1900s has come a long way in terms of their styles. However, high quality has never changed. It’s one of the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in UK.

  • Although they started off as a retailer, Dorthy Perkins has become a huge E-commerce store. With their lines being expanded every season, this brand has a certain something for everyone.

The majority of the clothes are actually quite affordable, with lingerie and party dresses being the most popular. The site offers standard free-delivery for a minimum order which is a huge benefit as most e-commerce sites charge extra fees.

Key Features

  • Standard Delivery
  • Amazing Dresses and Lingerie

#9 — Tesco

From groceries to clothing items you can head on over to Tesco, the third-largest grocery in the world. Based in Hertfordshire, England Tesco is your one-stop-shop that sells everything from groceries to mobiles.

  • Their website encourages you to sign up for your very own Tesco Club account and be up to date with their latest promotions and sales.

You can also find recipes, articles, delivery services, and even their Tesco Bank on their user-friendly website.

Key Features:

  • Tesco Bank and delivery services
  • Homeware, groceries, and clothing items
  • Founded in 1919

#10 — Marks & Spencer

Founded in 1884, Marks & Spencers specializes in clothing, food, and home products. Based in Westminster, London Marks & Spencers has hundreds of stores all over the globe. If you can’t find a store near you there’s no need to worry because they also have a user-friendly online shopping site for you to check out. 

  • Their website offers loungewear, clothing, lingerie, home, and beauty products. Other than that they also have flowers, wine, and M&S Bank services. 

Sign-up for their sparks rewards and stay on top of their latest newsletters and promotions. 

Key Features:

  • Delivery and Banking services
  • Clothes, food, and home product items
  • Founded in 1884

#11 — Misguided

Misguided is one of the top shopping sites in the UK for women. It claims that shopping isn’t a luxury but rather a right. Misguided always has the best and the top trendy clothes on its site always.

  • Misguided is known for its quality of material used for clothing as well as the contemporary style. 
  • It was found in 2009 and ever since has a great taste in clothing designs and you’ll be able to find statement clothes.
  • It’s based in Trafford Park but has currently expanded to a lot of places like Sweden, France, Spain etc. 

Key features: 

  • Estd. 2009
  • Based in Trafford Park
  • Quality and contemporary style
  • Cheap clothing website

#12 — Debenhams

Debenhams is another famous and reasonable online website to shop. You can find menswear, womenswear, beauty products, gifts and so much more here. Debenhams is also known for furniture and bathroom accessories. 

  • Debenhams is one of the modest online shopping websites that was established in 1778 in London that was made to cater clothing and accessories needs.
  • The site has now been officially taken over by Boohoo. However, previously it was an independent retail website for fashion and clothing. 
  • This clothing store is extremely popular for its swimwear, dresses and accessories.

Key Features:

  • Estd. 1778
  • Known for swimwear, dresses and accessories
  • Acquired by Boohoo


H&M is one of the best and the cheapest online shopping sites in the USA. You’ll find fashionable clothing, apparel and accessories here for men, women, children as well as toddlers. H&M’s clothing quality is excellent and the prices are extremely reasonable.

H&M has stylish clothing and trendy stuff available on their website. They also run sales very often. The company is now in 74 countries with more than 5000 stores worldwide. 


Zaful is another cheap shopping site in the USA. It’s a one-stop shop for all fashionable clothing for men and women. The prices are extremely cheap at this store that you’ll almost feel like you’re thrifting. You’ll find more than 30 thousand products in this online store. 

The best part about Zaful is that they’re always on sale. Zaful also has plus size options. They have various payment methods as well. Zaful is better for clothes shopping as you’ll always find items on sale on this site. 

Things to consider when shopping on online sites in the UK

There are two main things tyou need to conside when shopping online:

Quality: Keeping in mind the quality of the product is very important as you don’t want to be sad about it after receiving the product. So, to make sure the product is of good quality, read all the information about the clothing material used, type of sticking etc in the description section. You can also read reviews to confirm the same. 

Security of the site: Site security is essential to know and you can figure it out by finding out the site security badge. Mcafee, Verisign badges means that the site is secure. Don’t rely on credit/debit card badges as they’re usually fake. 

Is online shopping available in the UK?

Yes, online shopping is available in the UK. There are many websites that deliver products at home like Amazon UK, eBay, Pretty Little Thing, Tesco, Boden etc.

What are the best online shopping sites UK?

The best online shopping site in UK are: Amazon UK, Argos, Marks and Spencer, Tesco and John Lewis & Partners.

Some of the popular websites in the UK would be Amazon UK, Argos, Marks and Spencer, Tesco and John Lewis & Partners. Check out our list of the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in UK.

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