Where to buy Portable Sauna in UK

The benefits of having a sauna in your gym are amazing, it helps relax your muscles, increases blood circulation, and removes all the unwanted toxins. But not all gyms have a sauna and it isn’t exactly a pocket-friendly idea to have one built inside your home. Portable Infrared saunas on the other hand allow you to enjoy the same benefits of a cabin sauna in your home for a much cheaper price. Check out our list of the Best Portable Sauna UK 2021 for all the details.

These portable saunas can be easily assembled and disassembled at will. It is a small cabin in nylon layers or waterproof cotton blanket generally equipped with a large closure to be able to settle in. The heat generates resonate with the body making it easier to absorb. So this highly beneficial product is a must-have if you want to improve your health.

These portable models are the perfect alternative to maintain your skin and improve blood circulation any time of the day at the comfort of your home. So we’ve curated a list of the Best Portable Sauna UK.

Best Portable Sauna UK

Best Portable Sauna UK PriceCheck it out on Amazon UK
Firzone Portable Infrared Sauna Tourmaline Pro£329.00Link
Chi Enterprise Tourmaline Infrared Cabin£399.00 Link
Asixx Sauna Spa Machine£104.79 Link
Flyelf Sauna Box£132.99 Link
Firzone Far Infrared Sauna Dome£569.00 Link
InLoveArts Silver Far Infrared Sauna£179.90 Link
LONGLAN Personal Sauna£89.99 Link
VANELL Sauna Blanket£148.48 Link

#1 — Firzone Portable Infrared Sauna Tourmaline Pro

The Firzone Portable infrared sauna is ideal for home use for health and beauty purposes. This large size is for people who prefer more space and width when taking a sauna.

The infrared rays tend to heat objects rather than the air in between. As a result, sweating occurs at lower air temperatures than when using other kinds of steam-based saunas. It’s the Best Portable Sauna UK.

  • There are heating panels and footpads that emit far-infrared rays at the most beneficial wavelengths without any steam making it convenient for storage and portable to carry with you.
  • With far-infrared heat, high perspiration levels can be achieved allowing you to sweat without steam.
  • The input power is 900 watts for the XL sauna, making it relatively low cost to operate.
  • Simple to use digital control is provided for precise time and temperature of sessions making it easy for anyone to use.

What’s in it for you?

Around 90 % of the Firzone sauna generates heat within the 3-15 micron range. This is the most beneficial wavelength to human health as it matches that of human cells. A process called ‘resonant absorption’ occurs which has a vibrating and energizing effect within cells when the thermal energy is absorbed causing you to sweet in a safe way.

Key Features

  • The Firzone Portable Sauna is an infrared-based heating sauna.
  • The far-infrared rays provide heat with high perspiration levels that allow you to sweet without steam.
  • It is an affordable and cost-effective product as it only consumes 900 watts with regular use.
  • You can easily set custom time and temperature of sessions with digital control making it comfortable to use by all. 

#2 — Chi Enterprise Tourmaline Infrared Cabin

This Chi Enterprise Sauna is an infrared heating cabin designed easy portability. It can easily be set up and doesn’t occupy much space. The advantage of the infrared rays is that they generate heat directly on the skin. The heat can penetrate deeper into the tissue and joints that provide you with a relaxing and soothing effect.

  • It has a heatable foot element and an additional infrared element in the front area ensure a uniform distribution of the heat.
  • The washable fleece collar on the head opening as well as a foot massage device contributes to rejuvenated feeling and comfort.
  • The integrated healing stone tourmaline has a health-promoting effect and it is one of the strongest protections against negative energies.
  • While sweating in the cabin various toxins and metabolic slag are excreted through the pores of the skin.
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What’s in it for you?

This innovative infrared sauna offers you a special health value thanks to integrated tourmaline stones. This stone has been said to have a health-promoting effect for many centuries.

Key Features

  • The Chi Enterprise sauna is an infrared-based health sauna that can easily be carried and set in mins where ever you go.
  • It uses integrated healing stone tourmaline that has a health-promoting effect and while sweating it removes all the unwanted toxins.

#3 — Asixx Sauna Spa Machine

The Asixx Sauna Spa Machine is a steam-based sauna that is made of a waterproof cotton cover and plastic frame that is easy to set up anywhere at home. It uses a steam pot to generate steam, that can be infused with some herb or aroma oils for a truly enlightening experience. 

  • Two zippers are stitched on the sides for you to put out your hands to read or use your phone and a pocket to hold the remote.
  • It’s equipped with a steam pot is designed for you to put some herb or aroma essential oil, such as lavender, chamomile, or angelica
  • There are 9 levels to control the temperature that can easily be adjusted by remote control or the button of the steamer.

What’s in it for you?

One of the best features of the Asixx sauna is its automatic power off when there is no water in the inner tank. Ensuring anti-explosion and leakage prevention for safe steam without a worry. 

Key Features

  • The Asixx Sauna Spa Machine an affordable steam-based sauna that has 9 levels of temperature control.
  • The steam is generated from a steam pot that can be infused with herbs and essential oils of your choice for custom herbal steam at the comfort of your home.   

#4 — Flyelf Sauna Box

The Flyelf Sauna Box is a steam-based mobile steam sauna with 10 temperature levels to choose from. The external walls are steady with 3-layers of nylon insulation keeping the heat inside without reducing the temperature.

  • It has practical zip openings so you can have both hands free to adjust the temperature and time with the remote control without stepping out of the sauna. So you can enjoy reading while your body gets the relaxation it needs.
  • Just 5 minutes of heating from the power generator of 1000 Watt, produces enough steam for extended perspiration making it energy efficient.
  • It is the cheapest portable sauna station of our selection and an excellent alternative for those users on a tight budget.    

What’s in it for you?

With 10 temperature levels, you can choose the one perfect for your skin the sauna actively treats your muscular aches and sprains giving you a feeling of relief and comfort every session.

Key Features

  • The Flyelf Sauna Box is an affordable steam-based mobile sauna that can easily be set up in minutes and is steam ready in just 5 mins with its powerful 1000 watt generator. It’s the Best Portable Sauna UK.
  • It has 10 temperature levels that you can set up according to your comfort.
  • If you are looking for a portable sauna under 60 pounds this one is ideal for you.

#5 — Firzone Far Infrared Sauna Dome

The Firzone far infrared dome system gives an acute far-infrared treatment. The far infrared is generated with carbon heating wire and tourmaline discs. It has separate heat control for the lower and upper dome with single degree temperature adjustment allows you to have maximum control over the heating.

  • The domes can be used as a piece of furniture as it can be stored upright inside each other together concealing the control box and pillow.
  • Advanced carbon fibre system with tourmaline generating far infrared rays at the most beneficial wavelengths
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What’s in it for you?

The powerful heating system is designed to reach maximum temperatures very quickly so you can start sweating profusely saving time and energy.  The sauna dome is suitable for slimming, detoxification, and pre-massage treatment to relax muscles and increase blood flow.

Key Features

  • The Firzone Far Infrared Sauna Dome is a bed styled acute infrared emitting sauna. It uses an advanced carbon fibre system with tourmaline that generate the most beneficial wavelengths. 
  • When not in use the dome can be used as a piece of furniture in the house making it convenient to store away. 

#6 — InLoveArts Silver Far Infrared Sauna

The InLoveArts Silver Far Infrared sauna is a sleeping bag styled sauna that helps in slimming and detox. This 2 zone wrap system uses radiant heat to improve blood and lymph circulation allowing oxygen and nutrients to be more efficiently absorbed. If you’re looking for a sauna that you can roll and fit into your backpack this sauna is ideal. 

  • The InLoveArts Sauna is simple and easy to set-up, just roll it out like a sleeping bag at your desired location. Lay in it and choose your favourite position as it has a flexible tensile capability. Then enjoy the spa treatment at your home.
  • The temperature is adjustable with two-zone-temperature control from 95℉ to 167℉, time setting from 15 to 62 min two zone-temperature control.

What’s in it for you?

The sauna is great for stress relief score joints and stiff muscles you will leave invigorated renewed.

Key Features

  • The InLoveArts Silver FAR Infrared Sauna is a compact sleeping bag styled sauna that can easily fit into your bag or travel bag.
  • The temperature is adjustable from 95℉ to 167℉ according to your liking and comfort.
  • If you are looking for instant detox pain relief or you just want to drop a dress size. This Sauna will do just perfectly.

# 7 — LONGLAN Personal Sauna

The Longlan Sauna is a box styled steam-based sauna. It has seven layers of waterproof and heat insulation that locks the temperature inside. It is excellent for a home detoxing and to unwind at the end of long workdays.

  • If you’re looking for a complete body sauna this one is ideal for you. It is light in weight and easy to carry in your travel bag.
  • When used in conjunction with a steamer its a good addition to any weight loss program.
  • Seven Layers of heat insulation traps the heat inside and maintains the temperature in 5 mins saving time and energy.

What’s in it for you?

The sauna can also be set up for only your legs, two legs slits are made so you can set on a chair and have the sauna relax your feet as you enjoy reading a book.

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Key Features

  • The Longlan Sauna is a steam-based sauna with seven layers of insulation for the best results.
  • It has a compact box design that is easy to set up and is comfortable for your whole body to fit in.
  • There is also an option for only your feet making it one of the most versatile saunas on our list.  

#8 — VANELL Sauna Blanket

The Vanell Sauna Blanket is a sleeping bag styled sauna that uses infrared waves to heat the blanket. When these rays penetrate the skin, the deep thermal effects of the subcutaneous tissue causing blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, which promotes blood circulation and helps sweat out and get rid of body toxins and metabolic waste.

  • When there is a circuit problem, the switch will automatically disconnect within 0.01 seconds to protect your safety.
  • Outside is the second generation environmental protection Oxford cloth material that has no odour and is waterproof.

What’s in it for you?

If the temperature is not controlled and continues to heat when added to 85° the machine will automatically disconnect the line and stop heating and alarm for one minute. So you are safe from any harm that can come for the sauna blanket. 

Key Features

  • The Vanell Sauna Blanket is an infrared-based sleeping bag styled sauna.
  • It is easy to fold and fit in your travel bag when you are on the go. It is made from second-generation environmental protection oxford cloth that doesn’t hold body odour after use.
  • An inbuilt security feature is set for any circuit failure. It will automatically disconnect within 0.01 seconds for your safety. 

#9 — Portable Steam Sauna Home Spa

This Portable Steam Sauna Home Spa by Vivigo is extremely unique. Unlike the more popular infrared saunas, this one uses steam. Additionally, it also has spa features. It’s perfect for those who are scared of IR radiation. Most importantly, the versatile nature of those portable steam sauna makes it one of the Best Portable Sauna UK.

  • This portable sauna is designed to be as comfortable and useful as possible. It’s tent-like form and lightweight material ensures that you can place it wherever you want without any issues.
  • It also offers a temperature regulation with 15 levels. You can expect to be rejuvenated if you use this sauna for a mere 45 minutes every day. Not only will you feel extremely relaxed but the steam can eliminate all sorts of toxins and trash from your body.

Most importantly, you will burn calories and fat. The tent is made from a satin and polyester fibre that retain heat. It also has a cotton jacket that prevents vapor penetration.

Key Features:

  • Temperature regulation with 15 levels
  • Uses Steam
  • Burn fat and lose weight
  • Helps remove toxins
  • Tent-like design

What is the best portable sauna?

The best portable sauna in the UK would have to be the Firzone Portable Infrared Sauna Tourmaline Pro. Not only is it easy to carry but it also comes with a digital control system to set temperatures.

Most importantly, this portable sauna generates a heatwave a specific wavelength that’s extremely useful to the body making it easier to absorb. It helps eliminate toxic and other biological slags from the body through the pores. Check out our list of the Best Portable Sauna UK for more details.

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