Types of Foods for Kittens in the UK 2022

Wondering what’s the best food for kittens in the UK? Read on to find out more!

What to feed your new kitten can be a confusing choice. If you own a cat with sensitive stomachs, you want to make sure that you’re feeding them the best food.

Kittens, like any other animal, have special dietary needs and choosing the best cat food for sensitive stomachs is a matter of preference as cats generally have a pretty set palate and they aren’t likely to push their plate away if they don’t like it.

Take a look at the best food for kittens, both wet and dry foods included, to decide what’s best for your new furry child. Here is a complete breakdown of the top 8 best food for kittens UK and the benefits that each one offers

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Best Food for Kittens UK: Buyer’s Guide

There are a couple of important things you should consider before buying food for kittens. Here are a couple of key factors we considered when compiling this list of the best food for kittens.

  • Wet food or Dry food – The first thing to consider is the type of food to buy. There are primarily two variants, wet and dry, and at times you can mix both blends of food to make sure the kitten receives a well-balanced meal.
  • Aids Digestion – Food for kittens are generally manufactured to be light and easy on their stomach. The food you will buy for your kitten should not be harsh on their tummy and should aid in their digestion. Since kittens have sensitive stomachs they are prone to vomiting and diarrhea if they do eat food that’s of low quality.
  • Make sure it’s free from Allergens – Check with your vet if your kitten is allergic to any specific ingredient. At times common foods like wheat, chicken, fish, egg and even corn can be potential allergens to kittens.
  • Pricing – Don’t go overboard when it comes to buying food for your kittens. Ensure you get your money’s worth and always look for packs that contain premium ingredients.or come in sets with multiple individual units packed within a single box. These are generally cheaper and there’s no compromise in the quality of the food.

Ideal Nutritional Requirements for Kittens

Regardless of the breed of cat you have, they all require the same amount of nutrition for healthy growth and development. In short, they require more nutrients than dogs and you will have to make sure the food contains essential elements such as calcium, phosphorous and potassium.

Fiber 03-10%
Protein30-50% base

Top 8 Best Food for Kittens UK

Royal Canin Kitten Food Dry Mix

The best kitten food in the UK is Royal Canin Kitten dry mix. Kittens need nutritious food for healthy and fast growth, something the Royal Canin Dry Mix is excellent at providing.

This kitten food has been manufactured for kittens up to 12 months of age and the ingredients aid in building natural immunity defenses while providing ultra-strengthened digestive safety.

The main ingredients are dehydrated poultry meat, rice, vegetable protein, and maize. It contains only very few preservatives and artificial colorants making it a great source of essential nutrients for kittens.

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  • Helps boost your kittens immune system
  • Certified safe for kittens of all age groups
  • Helps reduce fecal smell


  • Quite expensive

Go-Cat Kitten Dry Cat Food Milk & Veg (Case of 4)

Here’ a kitten food that is budget-friendly and contains all the essential nutrients needed for a kitten to grow. It contains many benefits including but not limited to the following: it has a reasonable price, it tastes good, no artificial coloring or flavorings are added, it can be used for all breeds of cats and it prevents liver ailments by removing harmful ingredients from the diet.

Another benefit of this brand is that kittens get their protein from meat which promotes healthy growth and development in this animal. Also with the high levels of vitamin E found within the kitten’s food can help strengthen bones throughout the body and promote better eye sight as well.

An ingredient in this mix called Taurine helps support a healthy heart and also allows kittens’ eyes to develop properly. It’s an ideal purchase for those who do not want their kittens snacking on foods with harmful ingredients in the mix.


  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Infused with Taurine to promote healthy eyesight


  • Not high in fiber content

Applaws Natural Wet Kitten Food, Tuna in Jelly Tin 70g Tin

Pack: 24x70g

Applaws use the best natural and excellent ingredients that are highly digestible to give your pet what they deserve. With no derivatives, artificial flavors or sugar, this addictive kitten feed is responsible for promoting healthy weight, and making your furry loved one active and strong.

It contains the finest ingredients of tuna loin, fish broth and vegetable gelling agent along with a natural source of Omega 3, 6 and taurine to aid to maintain your kitty’s healthy heart, skin and provide a shiny coat.

Taurine is very crucial for maintaining a proper heart function and eye health.The protein used in their wet feeds comes from prime cuts of meat needed to give your kitty cat only the best.

It is advised to serve your kitten’s food in the same place to avoid confusion and avoid any disturbance while they relish and enjoy what they eat.


  • Includes a variety of high quality ingredients
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process
  • No artificial ingredients or additives


  • Expensive

Felix Kitten Mixed Selection in Jelly

Pack: 12x100g

Get ready to tickle your kitty buddy’s taste buds with the finest FELIX mixed selection in jelly including soft juicy pieces of meat and fish containing all the proteins, minerals, vitamins and nutrients essential for your kitten’s early development in order to build strong muscles, bones and teeth.

It is developed by PURINA vets and nutritionists to give your kitty friend some delicious tasting food.

Please keep in mind not to mix it with any other food and refer to the feeding guide and instructions in the packets for different age groups-ages 1.5-3months:1-4 pouches per day, ages 3-6 months: 2-5 pouches per day and ages 6 to 12 months: 3-5 pouches per day.

Contains top notch ingredients like beef, poultry, tuna and trout that come in convenient individual pouches for feeding. Keep in mind that each kitten is different with regards to their activity level and body condition.

Serve the kitten feed at room temperature and serve fresh drinking water along with it to help keep them hydrated.

So do take care to adjust the food intake and time allotted to eat. With a fabulous flavor and high grade ingredients, your kitten will definitely find this feed irresistible.

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  • Soft and easy to digest
  • Promotes healthy growth
  • Wide variety of flavors and mixes to choose from


  • Low volume of food for the price

James WellBeloved Complete Dry Kitten Food Turkey and Rice

Pack: 4Kg

Are you ready for a tasty and a healthy balanced meal for your kitten? Get a complete hypo-allergenic, preservative and artificial flavor free dry food for your kitten offered by James Well beloved Kitten food Turkey and rice to give your baby kitten all the energy requirements to support bone structure and development.

It contains Omega 3 oils and omega 6 fatty acids to give your pussy cat a softer and glossy coat.Also a natural prebiotic called chicory extract, is added to support digestive health of the little kittens .Taurine is also used which is a true triumph in supporting the eyes and heart.

This food also contains cranberry extract to help maintain urinary tract health and is the complete dry food package for kittens up to twelve months of age. There are also natural antioxidants from green tea, pomegranate and rosemary to strengthen the immune system.

All these nourishing ingredients are well combined with highly digestible and quality protein-turkey so that your baby kitten lives a long, healthy and happy life.


  • Does not contain any allergens
  • Free from artificial flavors and colors
  • Easy on the stomach


  • Quite expensive

Eukanuba Dry Kitten Food Chicken Liver

Pack: 2Kg

Eukanuba Dry Kitten Food, rich in chicken, has got what you need to spoil your pet with delicious and nutritious quality food to make sure your kittens grow up to be healthy adult cats.

The high content of 91% animal protein in the dry food promotes and maintains a compact muscle structure and healthy growth of your kitten and DHA contributes to the proper development of the brain and eyesight.

Eukanuba dry kitten feed also has a ferment-able fiber (beet pulp) for healthy digestion and effective absorption of nutrients. There is also an optimal balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, to give your kitten baby a healthy and shiny coat.

This kitten food provides high quality nutrition and contains important antioxidants, such as vitamin E to help support the immune system and DHA for brain development, which helps promote good brain and vision development for kittens.

Your kitten’s eating habits depend on its age, temperament and activity. It is always best to serve this treat along with fresh water nearby.


  • Provides optimal amount of nutrition
  • High quality ingredients
  • Digests easily
  • High in protein


  • More like a treat than a meal

Lily’s Kitchen Kitten Chicken and White Fish Complete Dry Food

Pack: 4x800g

Lily’s Kitchen is that wonderful brand that truly believes that pets are a family that needs all the love and support to live healthy and happy lives. This is an amazing, naturally wholesome and tasty treat for your baby fluff ball (suitable for kittens up to twelve months).

Containing 74% meaty greatness from freshly prepared chicken and offal, it has lots of protein and calcium to help your kitten grow into a big and strong cat.

Another great benefit is the fact that it is nutritionally complete and healthy for your kitten packed with wholesome natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals to support their health.

This dry food is perfect for them to snack on throughout the day and offers an endless list of benefits including:

  • Taurine helps to supports eyes and heart functions
  • Prebiotics help in healthy digestion
  • Contains beneficial herbs, vitamins A, D, E, plus chelated minerals for better nutrient absorption
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  • Includes essential nutrients
  • High in protein and minerals
  • Improves heart function


  • Small package, not ideal for the whole month

Whiskas 2-12 Months Kitten Pouches Poultry Selection in Jelly

Pack: 12x100g

Whiskas is a very reputed company that understands the nutrient needs of kittens and has always prepared its products with very delicious and high quality ingredients containing all the essential nutrients needed as a complete balanced diet for your furry friend.

This kitten food contains quality ingredients like salmon, tuna, white fish and coley with no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives which is exactly what you need in order to feed a fussy and difficult kitten.

Each pack contains delicious chunks prepared with a succulent jelly that is easily digestible for kittens from the ages of 2 to 12 months. It also offers a variety of choices to choose from – chicken, duck, turkey and poultry containing high protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals to help their internal and external organs.

The feed is prepared with great precision to offer the taste and aroma with a beautiful combination of meat chunks and jelly so soft that it melts in their mouth.

It is recommended to feed at least three pouches of this wet jelly kitten feed every day in separate meals for a kitten of about four to five months.


  • Improves the coat
  • Helps in development of muscles and bones
  • Budget-friendly


  • Quite low in quality when compared to other brands


Is wet food or dry food better for kittens?

Small kittens don’t have fully developed teeth and will have to be fed a mixture of wet and dry food so they are able to digest the food without hurting their mouth. It’s important to add some canned wet food in your kittens meal to boost their nutrition intake.

What should kittens not eat?

You should not feed your kitten anything that contains onions or garlic, raw eggs, chocolates, grapes, dog food, alcohol or dairy products as it’s not safe for them and can cause unwanted complications.

Can kittens have canned chicken?

Yes, you can feed your kitten canned chicken but only in limited portions. Feeding them canned chicken in small quantities will help boost their metabolism and is rich in protein.


Feeding your kitten is your number one priority that has to be done properly. Giving them the right food and proper nutrition is necessary for them to grow healthy and happy. Although it can be very difficult to choose between wet and dry feed, both are equally beneficial.

While wet food has high moisture, it contains fewer nutrients. Since baby kittens do not drink enough water on their own, wet food may be a good supplement for them. While dry food is richer in nutrients, it may be a little harder to eat for your kitten’s small teeth.

Go for a well balanced sensible mix between the two and buy foods containing high quality ingredients like taurine, extra calories, calcium, protein and fat, vitamins and minerals including vitamins E, and selenium. Not to worry as the above mentioned products already contain all this.

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