What Things To Buy For A Kitten 2022

Well, there are dog people and then there are cat people. Which one are you? I came under the former category until Romeo, a little kitten changed my life. After we lost our pet dog of 16 years, my folks refused to adopt another one. They just couldn’t get over Snoopy. It was too difficult for them.

I have grown up with pets all my life and I could feel the void. I wanted to do something and I checked with a friend and for my luck, her cat had just littered. I wanted to surprise the folks and got the kitten home. 

They were surprised but the first things I got to hear were, “Do you know what things to buy for a kitten?” But hey, they never complained about the little guy, which was a relief. Wink wink.

  • Kitten Food and Water Bowls
  • Kitty Litter box
  • Kitten Beds
  • Kitten Scratching Post
  • Kitten Toys
  • Kitty Carriers

What Things To Buy For A Kitten

You need a lot of supplies to prepare a kitten’s transition to a new house easy. I went through a learning phase and now I can proudly say, I am a proud cat parent. 

I have recently put together a list of what things to buy for a kitten for new cat parents. I have curated this list based on my experience and I’m sure the supplies I have listed will help you bond better with your kitty. 

Ready to get going?

Kitten Food and Water Bowls

A kitten brings incredible energy and a lot of happiness to your home. The playful nature of the kitten is bound to keep you on your toes. 

To make sure, the energy remains the same, you need to feed the little fur-ball. So the first thing on my list of things to buy for a kitten is food and water bowls.

What Things To Buy For A Kitten

The Marchul water and food bowls for cats are a must-buy according as they meet all the criteria on my checklist for cat bowls. They have a unique design, with 0-15 degree tilt protects the cervical vertebrae of your kitten. Innovative, right? The double bowl is multi-purpose and looks great too.

These easy-to-clean and user-friendly food and water bowls are made from food-grade materials and with the gravity principle, a stable water level is maintained to avoid spillage. The parts are detachable with no dead corners, which helps cleaning a breeze. 

Kitty Litter Box

A kitten coming home can be incredibly exciting and teaching them to use the litter box can be so rewarding for a cat parent. I felt a sense of accomplishment. 

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Choosing the right litter box is equally important so you avoid the mess and the smell. I recommend a bigger litter box and something that is easy to clean like the Iris Ohyama litter box which is why I’m adding this to my list of things to buy for a kitten.

What Things To Buy For A Kitten

The Iris Ohyama litter box is designed with a lot of space for your kitten and it has high sides to avoid spillage. The litter box comes with a litter scoop and has a polished interior making it easy to clean. 

The side and back are raised so the litter doesn’t spill onto the floor. Another great feature is the recessed bottom and molded feet that help the box to be installed on all floor types. 

Make sure you always use gloves when you clean or change the litter in the box. We can get infected by cat feces with toxoplasma. You should not forget to wash your hands afterwards. 

Kitten Beds

I was a little skeptical about adding a cat bed to my list of things to buy for kittens. I’ll tell you why. You may buy a fancy bet but your kitten might totally ignore it. 

I did add it to my list because it is needed as they grow older. With this thought, I would like you to try out the cat bed from Bedsure for durability and size.

What Things To Buy For A Kitten

This ultra-plush cat bed with polyester fiber provides instant comfort for your fur-ball. What I personally liked was the round design that Romeo loved snuggling in. He had a lot of room and the bed came with detachable cushions too. 

The non-slip bottom helps keep the bed stable even on slippery floors and that helps a lot. This machine-washable bed is for keeps but wash it in cold water.

I’ll let you in on a secret, cats love your scent, so if your kitten is not warming up to the new bed, use an old t-shirt of yours to line the bed and see the magic. Make sure you keep the bed clean and in a nice quiet corner. Cats are really clean and they would love you more.

Kitten Scratching Post

Let me ask you a question, when I say, scratching post, what comes to your mind. I always thought cats sharpen their claws but I was so wrong. Did you think so too?

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The kittens use it mostly for exercise. They use the post to stretch out, to mark their territory visually and with scent. They also use it to clean dead scales from their nails. 

I have added it to my list of things to buy for a kitten for all these reasons. There are so many in the market but I zeroed in on the Meerviel post for kittens for its size.

What Things To Buy For A Kitten

This scratching post is designed with a feather ball that kittens love. It also encourages your kitten to stretch and play. One major advantage of getting a post is you get to save your favorite curtains and sofa from damage.

The scratching post is small and made from material that is easy to clean, will not cause tingling and any discomfort for your kitten. It has a stable base which makes it easy to install and move.

My advice to your cat parents is to get your kitten used to the scratch post by placing it next to his/her bed. This will help the kitten stretch as soon as it gets up which is great for growth.

Kitten Toys

Kittens are a bundle of energy. They are playful and they demand attention. Setting a routine becomes a necessity and to ensure this, I had to add cat toys to my list of things to buy for a kitten.

If you stock the right toys and treats, your new kitten will love to spend more time around you and it helps in the overall development of the kitten.

What Things To Buy For A Kitten

The Vealind toy is a multi-level toy for kittens that can entertain your cat for hours on end. I have used this toy and Romeo loved it as a kitten. He soon moved on to other toys but always go back to this one. 

The colorful balls and the rotating functionality will make sure your kitten is busy even when you sleep. The design is perfect and is made from high-quality ABS plastic. The nonskid pads keep the toy in one place so you don’t have to keep setting it right.

Kitty Carriers

As a pet parent, when I wanted to travel, I wished I could take Romeo along. It made research and I picked up a cat carrier which let me do that. 

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Over time, it became such a blessing that I am adding this to my list of things to buy for a kitten so you enjoy traveling with your kitten as I did.

What Things To Buy For A Kitten

This particular cat carrier was my pick of the lot as it is airline-approved too. The size is 43.5cm L x 30.5cm W x 30.5cm H is perfect for kitten and big cats too. It is a one-time purchase.

It not only fits under your seat but has all the safety features like a firm wood base and locking zippers. Romeo loves to sit in it as it has mesh windows for ventilation and two pockets to carry his treats and other essentials too.

I would surely recommend this to new cat parents as the carrier compact and easy to store. Make sure you use a toy or cloth your kitten is used to make the journey comfortable.

Other essential things to buy for a kitten:

  • Calming aids
  • Grooming Tools
  • Collar and I.D. tag
  • Cat perches
  • Cleaning supplies


I have given a lot of time and effort thinking through each one of the products. Please share it with your friends so they can be helped too. I really hope you will go through the tips I have given to ensure the proper development of your kitten. 

You may think that all the above may be enough to make your new kitten feel comfortable and safe in your home but a few other essentials I have listed may also be considered. 

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