Best Cooling Pillows UK 2021 | For Your Dreadful Night Sweats

Most of us have terrible night sweats that take a toll on our sleep and health. This can be primarily attributed to thick pillows that are uncomfortably warm and stuffy. This where Cooling Pillows play a brilliant role, check out our list of the best of the Best Cooling Pillows UK 2020.

They can help reduce or even eliminate your night sweats while conveniently helping you out with spine issues and back pain.

Cooling pillows these days come with a cooling gel that can absorb and dissipate heat. Most cooling pillows even have two sides one for when its summer and one for when its winter. It’s one of the best things to buy on Amazon UK.

Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we? Here’s are the Best Cooling Pillows UK 2020.

Best cooling pillow for night sweats

Best Cooling Pillows UKPriceCheck it out on Amazon UK
Kally Sleep Cooling Pillow£34.99Link
CosyBoo Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow£59.99Link
Tanness Cooling Pillow£5.99Link
Technogel Pixel Anatomic Curve Neck Support Pillow£110.17 Link
Pharmedoc Cooling Gel Pillow£27.99 Link
Supportiback Cooling Pillow£39.87 Link
Elegear Cooling Pillowcases for Night Sweats£16.99 Link
PureComfort Cooling Pillow£54.99 Link

#1 — Kally Sleep Cooling Pillow

Kally’s Sleep Cooling Pillow is one of the most popular cooling pillows in the market. This pillow blew up this summer due to its comfortable build and amazing features like air-vents and specialized inner foam that alleviates pain while improving spinal alignment. It’s one of the best Best Cooling Pillows UK.

  • This pillow is firm yet quite soft making it unique when it comes to comfort. you can definitely drift away when laying on this beauty. It’s filled with premium hollowfibre material which is designed to keep the body at an optimal temperature during sleep.
  • As mentioned earlier, It also has air vents, an air permeable inner foam layer and walled meshed sides to keep you cool through a hot summers night. The outer cover is made from a breathable cotton layer that absorbs heat and regulates surface temperature.
  • It etremely easy to maintain this pillow as it has a long lifespan and is machine washable.

What’s in it for you?

The inner foam layer of this pillow has an elastic flexibility that is perfect for back and side sleepers. It moulds your head and neck to alleviate discomfort and improve spinal alignment. Making it more than just a regular cooking pillow.

Key features

  • Made from premium quality materials right here in the UK
  • Moulds your head and neck to alleviate discomfort and improve spinal alignment.
  • Firm yet comfortable inner foam
  • Machine Washable
  • Breathable outer cotton cover, air vents, meshed sides and air-permeable foam.
  • Hollowfibre material that regulates body temperature

#2 — CosyBoo Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

CosyBoo is a relatively new player in the bedding space. However, their products have a remarkably high level of quality whilst being super affordable. CosyBoo specialises in creating products using a bamboo fibre that’s soft and has anti-bacterial properties. It’s definitely one of the Best Cooling Pillows UK 2020.

  • This luxury pillow is made from a pure white shredded memory foam filling that provides both comfort and stability. It also has the softest and most comfortable removable pillowcase on the planet.
  • It has a climate control feature which allows air to circulate through the fabric keeping it cool throughout the night. Basically, the shredded memory foam and the bamboo fabric helps regulate temperature

What’s in it for you?

This comfortable and luxurious pillow is made from 100% sustainable sources. The CosyBoo Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is perfect for people suffering from allergies as it’s designed to be Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% sustainable sources
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites
  • Regulates temperature and keeping you cool through the night
  • Memory foam filling
  • Soft and comfortable Bamboo fibre pillowcase

#3 — Tanness Cooling Pillow

Tanness is a new health and personal care brand that launched in 2019. While the brand is pretty new, it’s very popular due to its quality and range of products. This pillow is one of the cheapest and convenient on the Best Cooling Pillows UK 2020 list.

  • The Tanness cooling pillow is designed to absorb and dissipate heat from your pillow and keep the pillow cool throughout the night.
  • Ward off your night sweats while staying cool and dry through the night, all with the “soft polyester cooling gel cushion” that’s gentle and comfortable on the skin.
  • Using the cooling pad is very simple. Insert it in your pillowcase and enjoy a good night’s rest. Yup, that’s it and the gel stays even so the entire pillow is cool.
  • With the Tanness you can always count on wake up feeling refreshed, cool and ready to go.

What’s in it for you?

This cooling gel pad helps maintain an optimal sleeping temperature while you sleep. This optimal temperature can provide you with a long and relaxed sleep.

Key Features:

  • Gel pad that can easily work with any type of pillow
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • It stays cool without the need to refrigerate
  • It cools evenly

#4 — Technogel Pixel Anatomic Curve Neck Support Pillow

The Technogel pillow is a perfectly engineered pillow that gently supports your head and neck. Crafted in Italy with unbelievable detail, the Technogel is one of the healthiest and most innovative pillows on the market.

  • This pillow relieves pressure on your neck and head all while keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • So, It doesn’t matter whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or if you like sleeping on your stomach.
  • This pillow is made for everyone, including those looking for pillows to relieve stress and pain.

What’s in it for you?

With the combination of the patented gel and the memory foam, these pillows help disperse your body heat and gradually adjust to your shape.

Key Features:

  • Patented Technogel that stays cool longer than other gels
  • Relives stress and pain from the neck
  • Pillow size 66cm x 40cm and in four different heights
  • Extra removable winter cover for a pleasant cooling effect on warmer nights

#5 — Pharmedoc Cooling Gel Pillow

Pharmedoc cooling gel pillow is an Award-winning pillow from the American brand Pharmedoc. This pillow has an embedded gel layer that regulates temperature and cools you while you sleep and it has a memory foam filling that ensures an ideal fit for any sleeping position.

  • This reversible bed pillow has a cooling gel side for summer nights and a plush memory foam side for cooler nights. So you’re sorted regardless of the temperature conditions. This is definitely one of the best cooling pillows in 2020.
  • As mentioned earlier, this pillow has a thermoregulating Cooling Gel technology that captures and dissipates heat for a pleasant cool feeling when you sleep.
  • The pillowcase is removable and washable. It is also dust mite free.

What’s in it for you?

The pillow’s soft memory foam provides support, help’s to align your spine and reducing painful pressure points.

Key Features:

  • Regulates temperature and one of the best cooling pillows for night sweats.
  • Reversible. It has two sides, a cooling gel side to keep you cool during the summer and a foam side to keep you warm during winter
  • The memory foam provides spinal support and helps in relieving pain
  • Washable pillowcase

#6 — Supportiback Cooling Pillow

This cooling pillow is very similar to the Pharmedoc, it’s also an award-winning popular product. But this product was conceived by a UK duo. This pillow is made from super-supportive and high-density memory foam and a cool gel. This pillow is definitely the best of the Best Cooling Pillows UK 2020.

  • The memory foam will keep your head, neck and spine in proper alignment. so you won’t wake up with cracks, pain or discomfort. You can be assured to wake up feeling well-rested.
  • The removable and hypoallergenic pillowcase is dust mite resistant and is washable.
  • This pillow is phthalate, latex, lead & BPA free. It’s CE Certified and best cooling pillow for night sweats.
  • This pillow is very useful when it comes to relieving disc pain, surgery recovery and upper back pain.

What’s in it for you?

The gel side will keep you cool when is hot out and the plush side will keep you snuggly warm during chilly winters.

Key Features:

  • Two-sided- Cooling gel side and plush memory foam side
  • Removable, hypoallergenic and dust mite free pillowcase
  • Phthalate, latex, lead, BPA free
  • CE Certified
  • Helps relieve pain from surgeries, slip disc and upper back pain

#7 — Elegear Cooling Pillowcases for Night Sweats

Unlike the previous pillows, this product is a little unique: Its a pillowcase. But, it’s a pillowcase that can turn any pillow into a cooling pillow. Yup, the Elegear Cooling pillowcase is made with a special Japanese Mica Nylon Cool Fabric which makes the pillow cooler as your body temperature increases. Amazing isn’t it?

  • The Elegear has a double-sided design. One side is made with Japanese cooling sensing technology fabric and the other side is 100% cotton fabric, comfortable and soft, great for spring, autumn and winter.
  • It has a beautiful design with a hidden zipper that won’t bother you.

What’s in it for you?

This cooling pillowcase can keep you feeling pleasant through the night. You fall asleep peacefully as it provides the ultimate comfort.The pillowcase is easy to remove and clean. It’s machine washable.

Key Features:

  • Two-sided pillowcase. One side has Japanese cooling fabric for summer and the other side has a cotton fabric for winter.
  • Can be used on any pillow.
  • Comfortable material.
  • Easy to remove and clean.
  • Beautiful design

#8 — PureComfort Cooling Pillow

It holds true to its name as its definitely one of the most comfortable pillow on this list. The Purecomfort pillow is filled with a proprietary cooling shredded memory foam that you can add or remove to adjust my softness.

  • The luxury gel infused shredded foam has a proprietary technology designed to keep you cool and give your neck and head support.
  • The cool gel foam and the cover are both removable and washable. You can remove the foam to adjust the size of the pillow.

What’s in it for you?

The pillowcase is made with interlock fabric to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Key Features:

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Cooling Memory Foam
  • Comfortable fabric

Is there a pillow that stays cool all night?

I know its hard to believe that cooling pillows can stay cool for a long time. But, its true. Of course it won’t be cool you to the point of freezing you but it will do a great job of regulating the temperature. The Supportiback Cooling Pillow is one of the Best Cooling Pillows UK 2020 and works very well.

Do cooling pillows really work?

Yes, cooling pillows really work. Most of these pillows are made from a type of cooling gel that absorbs and dissipates heat. Although they won’t reduce the temperature as much as an air conditioner. They can regulate the temperature and reduce your body heat. The best cooling pillow UK like the Technogel Pixel Anatomic Curve Neck Support Pillow can even help with relieving back pain and spinal issues.

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