Best Vanity Mirror With Lights | 12 Top Makeup Mirror For Your Homes

“Lights, Camera, Action”… You might not hear this in your daily life, but that doesn’t mean you deserve any less than the best vanity mirror with lights available, to get dressed in front of, every day.

The lighting in your bedroom or bathroom are never great, and you definitely do not want to step out with poorly blended makeup, so get yourself one of these amazing vanity mirror with lights:

Best Vanity Mirror With Lights

Best Vanity Mirror With LightsBest ForLinks
Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror with LightsLights And BluetoothView on Amazon
FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup MirrorsMagnifying Mirror For TweezingView on Amazon
Hansong Large Vanity Makeup MirrorBrightest Lighted Makeup MirrorView on Amazon
Funtouch Vanity Lighted Makeup MirrorsMost AffordableView on Amazon
Absolutely Luvly Trifold Vanity Mirror with Lights Tri Fold Vanity MirrorView on Amazon
Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup MirrorsPortable Vanity MirrorView on Amazon
Makeup 21 Led Vanity Mirror with LightsTravel Vanity MirrorView on Amazon
AirExpect Makeup MirrorsMagnification MirrorView on Amazon
Bestope Makeup Vanity Mirror with LightsBest OverallView on Amazon
Beautme Hollywood Makeup Mirror with LightsProfessional Makeup MirrorView on Amazon

#1- Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror with Lights

Best Vanity Mirror With Lights And Bluetooth

Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror is one of the best vanity mirrors, with 12 LED bulbs, each with a 3W capacity and 50,000 hours lifespan.

These lights come with adjustable brightness settings, so you can choose between warm lights if you are getting ready for an evening party, or the daylight setting if you are getting ready for an outdoor brunch.

It comes with a smart touch control system with Bluetooth, where you can turn the light on or off and even adjust the brightness using the sensor switch.

The mirror is sturdy and long lasting with a strong metal base to stand on your dressing table.

#2- FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Best Magnifying Mirror For Tweezing

Best Vanity Mirror With Lights

The Fenchilin lighted makeup mirror comes with all the features similar to the Waneway, and is priced in the same range as well.

The 12 LED lights are bright, have a long lifespan and are replaceable. The mirror itself has a sturdy base and a smooth finish. The mirror can be rotated to give you the most comfortable angle. It also comes with a 10x magnifying mirror that is detachable.

This comes in super handy when you need a closer view for putting on eye makeup or for tweezing. The sensor switch is super sensitive, and you can use it to adjust the brightness of the lights between four different levels, or to turn them off. 

#3- Hansong Large Vanity Makeup Mirror 

Best Brightest Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Hansong Hollywood Lighted mirror strives to give you the feeling of a Hollywood star, right there in the comfort of your bedroom. You can either place this on a dressing table or detach it from the base and mount it on the wall, whatever you prefer.

The mirror comes with 15 LED lights that are replaceable. The brightness of the lights can be adjusted to three different settings, a bright day light, a cool light and a warm one. It also has a USB charging port on the side for your mobile phone and other devices.

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It comes with a 10X magnifying spot for that close up view when you want to touch up your eye makeup. This costs double of what the Fenchilin costs, but comes with more features.

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#4- Funtouch Vanity Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Best Affordable Vanity Mirror With Lights

Funtouch Vanity Lighted Makeup Mirror is one of the best vanity mirror with lights you can get without burning a hole in your pocket.

Small in size and light in weight, take this along with you when you travel or when you’re out on a road trip. With 21 small LED lights built in, the mirror lends a soft, yet bright light for you to put on your makeup even in the dimmest lit places.

This mirror is battery powered, requiring four AA batteries. You can also power it through a USB cable. It can rotate to an angle of 180 deg, making it convenient for you. It comes with a 10x magnifying spot for those hard to see places.

It has a sensor button that is touch sensitive to turn the lights on or off. 

#5- Absolutely Luvly Trifold Vanity Mirror with Lights 

Best Tri Fold Vanity Mirror With Lights

Absolutely Luvly Trifold Vanity Mirror with Lights is a low budget option, perfect for dorm rooms or when you are traveling. It is portable, small in size and light in weight, as it weighs less than 2 pounds.

This is a tri fold mirror which comes with three magnifying spots on either side of the main mirror. The centre mirror has strip lights which can be turned on by touching the sensor switch on it.

The mirror can be rotated to give you the best angle, up to 180 degrees. The mirror is powered by 4 AAA batteries, but you can also power it using the USB cable. 

#6- Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirrors 

Best Portable Vanity Mirror With Lights

A good option if you are looking for a vanity mirror with lights for that upcoming vacation is the Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror. This small tri fold mirror is all you need for getting your makeup right and your fake eyelashes in place.

The main mirror in the centre is light with gorgeous LED lights that are built in, and powered by 4 AAA batteries. If your batteries run out, you can always hook the mirror up to a USB charging port and get the lights back on.

On either side you have 1x, 2x and 3x magnifying spots for easier application of your mascara. The mirror itself is super glam with a gold finish, and the base comes with a recess for holding your lipgloss or accessories like bracelets and earrings.  

#7- Makeup 21 Led Vanity Mirror with Lights

Best Travel Vanity Mirror With Lights

If you have a partner who hogs the bathroom every morning and you quickly need to put on your makeup, just pull out the Makeup 21 Led Vanity Mirror with Lights from your dresser drawer.

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Perfect for today’s compact homes, this mirror is small in size but comes with all the features you could possibly need for getting dressed without a hassle.

This tri-fold mirror weighs less than a kilogram and comes with 1x, 2x, and 3x magnification mirrors on either side of the main mirror.

The primary mirror is well lit, thanks to the bright LED lights bordering it, whose brightness can be adjusted by the touch of a sensor switch.

The mirror can be powered by either battery or through a USB port. It is also rotatable to an angle of 180 degrees for ease of applying your makeup.

#8- AirExpect Makeup Mirrors

Best Magnification Mirror For Makeup

While many small sized portable vanity mirrors come with 21 or 32 LED lights, AirExpect has gone a step further to give you something even better – a vanity mirror with 72 lights!

These LED lights are bright, but that can be adjusted to three different settings depending on the occasion you are getting dressed for.

The design is of a tri fold, with the adjacent sides equipped with the magnification mirrors. When not in use, simply fold it up and stash it away in your dresser or inside your bag.

The mirror can be rotated to 90 degrees and comes on a well designed base that you can use to hold your accessories while you are getting dressed. 

#9- Bestope Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

Best Makeup Light Overall

Go super glam with the Fenair Makeup Mirror with Lights. With 15 dimmable light, the mirror lets you adjust the settings for both the colour as well as brightness.

Choose between natural daylight, a cool light and a warm light. There is a detachable 10x magnifying spot that you can use for more precise makeup application or grooming.

The mirror is attached to a strong, yet lightweight aluminium base that can be set on your dresser. If you wish, you can also remove the base and mount the mirror on a wall.

The mirror comes with a USB for charging your devices while you are getting dressed. You can control the lights using the smart touch switch, which is a sensor on the mirror. 

#10- Beautme Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights

Best Professional Makeup Mirror With Lights

Nobody wants to bust all their cash on a vanity mirror, no matter how great it looks. But you can certainly pay a fraction of that on the Beautme Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights.

This mirror is just the right size for one person and stands beautifully on your dresser or mounted on a wall. The silver finish aluminium alloy frame and the wooden base give this mirror a classy appearance, and the right fit for your room.

The 15 LED lights give you the right amount of brightness for your grooming, or if that’s too much for you, dim the lights or change the shade using the sensory touch switch. 

#11- HOMPEN Lighted Vanity Mirror

Best Wall Vanity Mirror With Lights

best vanity mirror with lights

Mirrors no longer do just the job of reflection, they come with so many features that you kind of forget they are mirrors.

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The Homepen Lighted Vanity Mirror helps you keep your phone close as you charge it using the USB port, while you are getting ready for work.

The mirror is lit by 12 bright LEDs, whose brightness and colour temperature can be adjusted to your preference. It is large enough for one person.

Like all the high quality mirrors, this one also comes with a sensor switch. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on your dresser with the durable base

#12- SHOWTIMEZ Hollywood Lighted Vanity Mirror with Lights

Best Vanity Mirror With LED Lights

Getting yourself the Showtimez Hollywood Lighted Vanity Mirror is an investment, making your morning routine of getting ready, quicker and easier. 

The mirror is equipped with 12 replaceable LED lights with a long life span. The brightness and tone can be adjusted using the sensor light switch on the mirror, like most premium vanity mirrors sold today.

 But that’s not all. This mirror also comes with a memory function where it memorises the setting you most prefer and goes directly to it when you turn it on again!

 Now while that impresses you, the mirror also becomes a classy addition to your room with its metal base and neatly finished frame. 

FAQs about the best vanity mirror with lights

What is the best lighted mirror for makeup?

The Bestope makeup vanity mirror with lights and magnification spots is the best lighted mirror for makeup in the market today. It’s versatile as you can use either batteries or USB to use it. If you’re buying these makeup mirrors, you also don’t need replacement bulbs as these last a lifetime.

How do I choose a lighted makeup mirror?

When choosing a lighted makeup mirror consider the following factors:

  • Frame: You can choose between a plastic or metal frame. While metal frames last longer, plastic frame mirrors are great for travel

  • Light bulbs: Most lighted makeup mirrors come with either LED or fluorescent light bulbs. These give you the best reflection. But LED bulbs can save you 70 percent more energy.

  • Magnification: Consider if you want the mirror just for everyday use or precise makeup application. If its the latter (or if you want to use the mirror for tweezing, etc.), a magnification mirror is better. Some mirrors come with a combination of normal and magnification mirrors.

  • Location: Before choosing a lighted makeup mirror, consider where are you going to put it in the house. There are wall-mounted mirrors, tabletop mirrors, large sized mirrors, compact mirrors, etc.

Are LED vanity mirrors worth it?

LED vanity mirrors can make applying makeup and getting ready a treat. But there are worth it for so many more reasons. The energy-saving LED bulbs give you ample amount of light while saving your electricity bill. Not to mention that these are eco-friendly too.

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