Best Teeth Whitening Kits 2022 | Instant Results In Less Time!

Flash those pearly whites to get hearts skipping a beat! Just try these best whitening teeth kits in the UK. If your teeth aren’t sparkly white, don’t worry, cos you have the solution now. Here is a list of our faves!

Best Teeth Whitening Kits

Best Teeth Whitening KitsLinks
Smile Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
Spotlight Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit by Pro Teeth View on Amazon
BESTOPE Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
Harvey & Coco Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
Mysmile – Vegan Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
DrDent Premium Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
Curaprox Black is WhiteView on Amazon
COCOLAB Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
Smile Science Harley Professional Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
Auraglow Teeth Whitening KitView on Amazon
Crest 3D White Luxe WhitestripsView on Amazon

#1 – Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

Smile has a set of teeth whitening kits that work beautifully without peroxide or fluoride. This reduces the sensitiveness that a lot of peroxide teeth whitening kits sometimes can inflict.

We can also take comfort in the fact that these have been designed by some of the dentists in the UK and should, therefore, be both safe as well as effective.

This easy to use kit just requires you to peel off the sticker and apply it on your teeth, leave it on for a while and then remove it. There is no unwanted reaction in the mouth and you do get to see results almost immediately after the first use. The brand recommends you use it for 14 days to see good results. 

#2 – Spotlight Teeth Whitening Kit

Best Whitening Teeth Kits

One of the best teeth whitening kits in the UK is the strips by Spotlight. This formula created by Irish dentists has a minimal amount of peroxide to give you the desired results. We liked it that the peroxide was indeed quite mild and we didn’t experience any irritation in the mouth.

It works by penetrating the outer layer of the enamel and lightening the teeth from within. Since it is quite mild, the results show after a few days of use. Like other brands of teeth whitening strips, this is also a bit time consuming as you need to leave it on for an hour for it to take effect. 

#3 -iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit

There are many versions of the iWhite instant teeth whitening kits but we liked this tried and tested one. This is very easy to use as it requires no prep from your end.

You get pre-filled trays that have bioactive crystals combined with polymeric agents. Simply fit this in your mouth and this solution physically fixes the crystals on your teeth so that they look brighter.

This skips the hydrogen peroxide making it safe to use without causing sensitivity or irritation in the mouth. This process takes only 20 minutes which is just one third of the time taken by whitening strips.

The package advises you to use it for 5 consecutive days for visible results.

#4 -Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening Teeth

Here we have another set of teeth whitening strips that don’t use peroxide and are safe for the enamel. Mr. Blanc teeth whitening strips are designed to perfectly contour the teeth for ease and convenience.

They are quite mild and safe for the teeth which also results in milder results. These are to be kept on for a minimum of about half an hour to reveal teeth that are up to 3 times whiter.

You can leave them on longer if you have the time and to get better results. The treatment leaves your mouth feeling fresh and smelling minty instead of the chemical smell that many whitening strips leave behind. 

#5 -Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kits by Pro Teeth Whitening Company

Activated charcoal is an old traditional fix used in many cultures to reveal cleaner skin and whiter teeth. Modern aestheticians and cosmetoligists are now making the best use of this to give us amazing results, as in the teeth whitening powder by Pro Teeth Whitening Company.

This magic in the box comes in the form of powder that has to be used like a tooth paste, twice a day.

It comes in a formula that skips the binding agents and uses only effective natural ingredients like bentonite clay and ginger root extract to remove stains, clean teeth and protect the gums.

The calcium carbonate polishes the enamel while the peppermint extract leaves you with fresh, minty breath all day long. 

#6 -BESTOPE Teeth Whitening Kit

Nobody likes the pain of having to clean their teeth and whiten it with harsh chemicals. One great solution and probably one of the best selling whitening kits in the UK is the Bestope teeth whitening gel pen.

So simple to use, this one is one of our favourites. With a mix of potassium nitrate and sodium hydroxide, this gel penetrates the enamel to remove even tough stains that have built up over the years.

Place a small drop over each tooth and spread it using even strokes. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash away to find whiter teeth underneath. As a bonus, you get to smell fresh as well!

#7 – Harvey & Coco Teeth Whitening Kit

If the thought of using hydrogen peroxide on your teeth scares you, here is the latest innovation in the field of aesthetic dentistry for you. Using laser technology, the PRO teeth whitening kit by Harvey & Coco skips peroxide and gives you the results you want.

The kit comes equipped with peroxide-free teeth lightening gel that is activated to its fullest potential with the help of a series of powerful nanometer led lights

. You get batteries in the pack that help charge this super quick, so you’re not wasting time. The mouth tray is made of soft, moldable silicone which doesn’t need to be heated, so convenient and easy!

If this hasn’t impressed you enough, the kit also comes with detailed, illustrated instructions on how to use it, so you simply cannot go wrong.

#8 – Mysmile – Vegan Teeth Whitening Kit

Give yourself a pretty smile, easily and quickly with the teeth whitening pen by Mysmile. Using purely natural ingredients like sodium bicarbonate, aloe vera and pomegranate seed extract, you avoid a lot of side effects and allergies that may be caused by using chemicals.

However, like all natural products, this will take a few uses to give you the results that chemicals instantly give. This is also ethically sourced, gluten free and is vegan friendly. This pen comes in a travel compatible packaging and is easy on the pocket. 

#9 -Dr. Dent Premium Teeth Whitening Kits

The Dr Dent premium teeth whitening kit has a blend of chamomile and pomegranate extract, works without using peroxide to whiten your teeth. It is safe on the enamel and removes the dullness of your teeth in about 30 minutes.

There is an LED light that activates the solution and helps it work when the tray is in contact with your teeth.

The mouth tray is made out of BPA free silicone which is soft and mouldable in the mouth. It is also equipped with ventilation holes for your mouth to be able to breathe while using this.

Formulated by dentists, this is perfect if you experience sensitivity when you use peroxide-based whitening kits. 

#10 – Curaprox Black is White – best teeth whitening toothpaste

One of the best ways to get your teeth to lighten without experiencing sensitiveness or being exposed to too many chemicals is by brushing it every day with a teeth whitening toothpaste.

The Curaprox Charcoal toothpaste is our pick for this gentle, yet, effective teeth whitening treatment. With the slogan that implies that this is meant for the generation that makes it happen, this toothpaste truly works with activated carbon as its main ingredient.

This does not abrade the teeth or bleach it but gently removes the stain every day. It also protects the teeth against tooth decay and keeps the teeth healthy, which is a good bonus.

However, do keep in mind that since the ingredients are gentle, this will take a longer time than other products in the market, to do the job. 

#11 – COCOLAB Teeth Whitening Kit 

This is an electronic pen from COCOLAB which comes with 3 syringes that can be used regularly without any fear of damaging your teeth. The treatment lasts for about 10 minutes.

This gives you enough time to sit back and enjoy other pastimes while this wonder works on your teeth. It makes teeth whiter, removing any other impurities in them. 

You can connect the mouthpiece to your phone and handle it on your phone for further revitalize your whitening process. The device is easy to reach out to regions in your mouth that is comparatively harder to get access to. 

#12 – Smile Science Harley Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

As part of the procedure, Science smile includes a pre-stain removal process that aims at taking out the deeply rooted stains in your teeth while just cleansing off the top part.

The intriguing part of this whitening kit is that it is peppermint flavored. So not only does this keeps your teeth clean and neat it also leaves your mouth feeling fresh all day long. 

It has a vitamin-enriched formula which gives your teeth strength while also making sure you have the right amount of whiteness on your teeth without damaging the enamel. 

#14 – Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit

The auraglow teeth whitening kit comes with two 5ml gel teeth whitening syringes containing whitening treatments and carbamide peroxide. There is also an LED light which speeds up the whitening process.

If you need keeping track of how long you’ve got the whitening treatment on, then the beeping mechanism on the light comes handy. The whitening teeth kit is Kosher, gluten-free and safe to use on teeth enamel.

#15 – Crest 3D White luxe whitestrips

This product by Crest gives you professional-level teeth whitening at home. The pack comes with 20 upper and lower teeth whitening strips that you need to apply everyday for 30 minutes.

It’s great for people who are sensitive to tastes as it is unflavoured. We also liked how the strips come with Advanced Seal Technology that grips it tightly to the teeth. So you can enjoy food and drink while using these strips.

FAQs about Teeth Whitening Kits In UK

Can I buy Creg white strips in UK? 

It’s hard to find the Creg whitening teeth kits in the UK, including on online portals like Amazon. However, the Creg whitening teeth kits can be found on Ebay.

Are Creg white strips safe?

Creg white strips are extremely safe to use without having to fear the enamel ebing stripped off the teeth and have kept intact. The concern is legit since the Creg white strips can be quite powerful giving the whiteness for 6 -8 whole months. 

How can whiten my teeth at home UK? 

Lemon and soda is a very famous solution to yellow teeth and can cleanse the teeth and make it whiter. 

After you have the mixture ready, rub it on the teeth and gently brush it up and down and then gargle your teeth. 

Do teeth whitening kits really work?

Like any treatment, the effectiveness of teeth whitening kits depends on the person using it and the extent of the stain. Teeth whitening kits work by bleaching the teeth to make them whiter.

While these kits are definitely useful and effective, if your teeth are discoloured very badly, you would get lesser results than a person who has lesser stained teeth. 

Do teeth whitening kits ruin your teeth?

Teeth whitening kits don’t exactly ruin your teeth but they can make your gums and teeth sensitive. Before we answer this, we need to understand that any type of chemical can ruin the teeth to a certain extent.

Most teeth whitening kits traditionally use hydrogen peroxide, or bleach, to lighten the shade of your teeth and remove stains. Dentists also use the same formula but with a much higher concentration.

Use teeth whitening kits once in a while, only when it is absolutely necessary to avoid too much damage.

Our teeth usually lose their color and go a few shades duller because of the food we eat and the caffeine we drink every day. A trip to the dentist can be both an expensive affair as well as a long, tiresome one.

That is, provided you get an appointment right in time for that big date (or the important client meeting) you want to impress. Luckily for us, we have plenty of whitening teeth kits here in the UK that can be bought over the counter, and even online.

Now that can also prove to be a problem cos may not know which one’s good and you don’t want to be experimenting with it. So we did all the experimenting and made it easier for you to choose the best whitening teeth kits in the UK. 

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