Best Office Chairs for Back Pain UK 2022

Whether you are working out of your office or from home, an ergonomically designed office chair will definitely help you remain comfortable through your shift. 

Regular office chairs and ergonomic office chairs look the same but there are subtle differences that make them unique from each other. 

For example, an ergonomically designed office chair will let you adjust the height of the seat, slant the back support, pan depth and so on whereas a regular office chair would not provide you with such adjustments.

An office chair that features an ergonomic design with adjustable components is your best bet if you have back pain because they are flexible and let you adjust them to your liking so you remain comfortable and none of your muscles get sore or strained.

Based on our research, here are the top 7 best office chairs for back pain that are available in the UK.

  • Humanscale World Chair
  • Yaheetech Office Chair
  • Cherry Tree Padded Office Chair
  • RH Logic 400 Office Chair
  • Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair
  • House by John Lewin Hinton
  • Yoleo Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair

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Top 7 Best Office Chairs for Back Pain

Humanscale World Chair

Best Office Chairs for Back Pain

If you’re looking for the best, you’ll definitely have to shell out quite a bit. The Humanscale World Chair is by far the best designed office chair that you can get if you are suffering from back pain. It’s customizable and you can select between multiple frame colors, mesh colors, seat height adjustment, seat type and arms/glides.

The prices are different for each variant, so choose wisely before buying it. The World chair is one of the most functional office chairs ever made and provides you with excellent back and lumbar support.

Think of it as a smart office chair that is self adjustable. Yes, there are no levers on the chair, rather its designed with an ingenious counter-balance mechanism that lets you lean back with ease and get the right amount of support you need.

Delivery of this product is free within the UK and you will need to wait for at least 6 weeks before the chair can be shipped out to you since they are custom built to each user’s specifications.


Materials: Metal, Mesh

Maximum Weight: 136kg

Lumbar Support: N/A

Arm Support: Adjustable

Yaheetech Office Chair

The Yaheetech office chair is one of the most affordable and comfortable chairs to buy if your work requires you to be seated for long periods of time. This swivel chair comes equipped with a 5 wheel rolling base allowing you to freely move around the room while remaining seated. 

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Beneath the seat you have a controllable tilt tension that you can use to either increase or decrease the amount of force needed to recline the backrest. Once you have found the right angle, simply lock the position by using the tilt locking mechanism beneath your seat.

Another reason why we considered this chair to be one of the best office chairs for back pain is for the fact that comes with flip-up armrests that are adjustable and an SGS-certified pneumatic height adjustable seat that you can raise or lower easily with the help of the secondary level situated under the seat.

It’s lightweight, uses breathable materials and is durable with a weight limit of 125kg making it ideal for every kind of office goer with back problems, especially in the lumbar region.


Materials: Metal, Mesh, Foam

Maximum Weight: 125kg

Lumbar Support: Yes, Adjustable

Arm Support: Yes, Adjustable

Cherry Tree Padded Office Chair

Best Office Chairs for Back Pain

The Cherry Tree padded office chair is another ergonomically designed chair that uses PU leather and comes with an adjustable backrest and recline function. It’s equipped with a thick and soft padded backrest and seat that sinks in as you sit on the chair.

We noticed that the Cherry Tree padded office chair is one of the best selling office chairs on Amazon and is currently priced under £100 making it an affordable choice for those on a budget. 

The chair is sold as a dismantled unit and you will have to set up the chair based on the instructions provided. Beneath the seat you’d find the adjustable lever that lets you set the angle of the backrest and even the height of the chair. 

At the base we have 5 wheels that permit you to roll around the room with ease and since the frame has been built using high-quality steel, it’s capable of supporting an adult who weighs around 100-113kg with ease.


Materials: PU Leather, Foam, Steel

Maximum Weight: 113kg

Lumbar Support: Yes

Arm Support: Yes, Adjustable

RH Logic 400 Office Chair

The RH Logic 400 is a premium-grade durable and comfortable office chair that you can consider if you have the money to spend on it. This chair is extremely adjustable and can be considered to be one of the most customizable office chairs in the market that’s capable of delivering additional back support.

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It has been designed based on a two-point principle which basically focuses on posture and active seating. The backrest can be adjusted and reclined allowing more freedom of movement for your upper body and with the adjustable seat height mechanism, you won’t have to strain anymore to reach your keyboard or look at your screen.

This office chair is one of the best chairs to buy if you’re suffering with chronic back pain and is certainly one of our favorites. However, with a price tag of just under £1,000, this chair is not meant for everyone and targeted only to those who can afford it.


Materials: Foam, Mesh, Metal

Maximum Weight: 120kg

Lumbar Support: N/A

Arm Support: Yes, Adjustable

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

Here’s another breathable office chair that comes equipped with an adjustable lumbar support so you don’t have to worry about aches and pains in your lower back if you’re working long shifts.

It features an adjustable headrest and 3D armrests that provide you better support while working and with an adjustable lever, you can choose between 3 different angles to position the backrest.

The seat can be adjusted and is capable of rotating 360-degrees. The cushion is made of durable and breathable mesh that features a waterfall front section that lets you sit in the middle of the seat comfortably. 

This office chair is a good choice for those dealing with lower back problems and has been made from durable materials which means that it’s a long lasting chair that has passed the BIFMA test. 


Materials: Mesh, Metal, Foam, Plastic

Maximum Weight: 150kg

Lumbar Support: Yes, Adjustable

Arm Support: Yes, Adjustable

House by John Lewin Hinton

Best Office Chairs for Back Pain

Office chairs from the House by John Lewis are high-quality units that offer good support for your lower back. The Hinton office chair is a mid-range chair that comes with a padded seat, a mesh backrest and adjustable height and recliner levers so you find the right position that suits your needs.

Priced at just under £150, this ergonomically designed office chair offers the user with a more upright seating position which is a good thing especially since most of our back pains develop when we tend  to slouch too much while sitting.

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The chair comes with an added lumbar support that can be adjusted and promotes better posture. Along with this, the Hinton office chair comes equipped with 3D armrests that can be lifted so you can easily slide the chair under your desk to save on space.

All-in-all, the Hinton chair is truly  one of the best office chairs to buy for those dealing with any kind of back pain or is a great option to go for if you feel you may need a new chair to prevent your lower back from getting too stressed.


Materials: Mesh, Foam, Metal

Maximum Weight: 114kg

Lumbar Support: N/A

Arm Support:Yes, Adjustable

Yoleo Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair

Another Amazon best seller, the Yoleo gaming office chair is just that, a premium-quality office chair that’s built for gamers who spend way too much time in front of their computer. It’s ergonomically designed with added padding in places that are prone to aches and pain.

It comes with an adjustable lumbar support, a padded neck rest, heightened headrest and feels really comfortable to sit on. The Yoleo chair is built on a heavy-duty metal frame that makes it sturdy. The chair has been upholstered with anti-fingerprint matte PU leather that’s quite soft.

The seat is made of high-density resilient sponge that does not deform easily and will provide you with adequate support and protection for your tailbone. We enjoyed using this chair and were taken aback with how easy it was to adjust to our requirements. 

There’s a SGS verified class-3 gas lift that lets you easily and safely adjust the height of the seat so you are at level with your workstation. Give it a go, it’s truly an affordable and worthwhile investment you won’t regret.


Materials: PU Leather, Metal, Foam

Maximum Weight: 136kg

Lumbar Support: Yes, Adjustable

Arm Support: Yes, Foldable

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