Best Mouse Traps For Home 2022 | Effective, Permanent And Humane

A mouse problem isn’t just another simple pest issue. After all, mice are carriers of diseases that can become a serious health risk. Especially, if you have children or seniors in your home. Fortunately, the Best Mouse Traps For Home UK can deal with your rodent problems with ease.

There are generally two different ways to take care of your mouse problem. One is the catch and release and the second is a permanent end to the mouse. You get might drift right? Either way, the most important thing about a rat trap is how effectively and quickly it’ll bring an infestation to an end. 

Clearly, The Mouse shouldn’t be able to easily outwit or escape the Trap. However, not all mouse traps are good in that regard. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Mouse Traps For Home UK.

After reviewing 50 popular mouse traps based on various factors like design, performance, functionality, effectiveness and much more, my team and I at Discount Age Zeroed in on 8 that really stood out. These 8 were further put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best mouse trap for home in the UK is the Gingbau Humane Mouse and Rat Trap for Indoors and Outdoors. Not only is this trap designed for all environments it is also lightweight and impossible to chew through as it’s made from galvanized steel. It is a versatile trap that can be used to trap all types of rodents.

Best Mouse Traps For Home UK

Best Mouse Traps For Home UKBest Feature
Gingbau Humane Mouse and Rat Trap for Indoors and OutdoorsEco-friendly and don’t kill the mouse
ASPECTEK Mouse TrapHygienic and reusable
Rentokil FR51 Advanced Mouse TrapEasy to bait
Roshield Professional Heavy Duty Control TrapsHigh tension spring coil
The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse TrapsFragrance bait, no additional bait required
Ebung Electric Mouse TrapWireless circuit sensor

#1 — Gingbau Humane Mouse and Rat Trap for Indoors and Outdoors

Best Mouse Traps For Home

The Gingbau Humane mousetrap is a cage-type mousetrap that is user and environment-friendly and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The trap is light in weight and durable as the body of the trap is made out of galvanized steel making it safe and easy to place anywhere. It’s definitely one of the Best Mouse Traps UK.

  • The auto door mechanism closes the door the moment the mouse bites the bait leaving no room for error.
  • It has a non-toxic cage, high sensitive structure making it easy to catch rodents alive without causing injury. 
  • No more spreading toxic baits that can potentially harm other animals and the environment. Non-toxic pest solutions are currently trending

What’s in it for you

The Gingbau Humane mouse trap cage can be used both indoors and outdoors and is easy to set on any surface. The huge cage makes the trap versatile to trap not only mice and rats but also other rodents like squirrels and chipmunks.

Key Features:

  • The Gingbau Humane mouse trap is user and eco-friendly, the huge cage has an auto door mechanism the closes the door the moment the mouse takes the bait.
  • The cage is made of non-toxic galvanized steel to make sure the rodent is still alive and can be released with no harm to you or others. 

#2 — IAGORYUE Humane Mouse Trap for Indoors

The IAGORYUE Humane mouse trap is made of an ABS body keeping in mind if there might be children in the house. It is a two-door mousetrap where one door is used to set up bait and the other to set up the trap. This means once they enter through the door it is certain that the rodent will be trapped inside. 

  • It uses Environment-friendly and non-killing methods to keep mice away from your house!
  • The pedal trap is supported by a highly sensitive spring, just a slight touch, the door will be closed fast and efficient.
  • After releasing the mice, the mousetrap can be set again and is fully reusable for long term use.

What’s in it for you!

The IAGORYUE Humane mouse trap is super-safe to use in homes with kids or dogs. Safer than traditional mouse traps, No poison, No toxic, No glue and electricity. Reduce your chances of contact with rodents, no risk of contact with dead mice.

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Key features:

  • The IAGIRYUE Humane mousetrap uses a non-killing method of removing rodent issues at home.
  • The thick ABS plastic is set with a highly sensitive trap that once the bait touched the trap door shuts for you too quickly dispose of the rodent with having to touch it keeping you and your family safe. 

#3 — ASPECTEK Mouse Trap

Mice have more than one preferred place to show up in usual cases if facing a problem with more than one rodent infestation the Aspectek mouse trap is the answer. 

  • The powerful spring in the rat trap makes sure that the rat is trapped in securely and there is no way it can muscle its way out, thus removing the chance of it escaping.
  • This large-sized rat trap is big enough to trap even bandicoots and the trigger is quite sensitive to capture movement even from the smallest of their species.  
  • It has an aerodynamic design and fast spring snap velocity further ensure quick action in capturing the rodent.

What’s in it for you?

The mousetrap is made of durable polystyrene and steel construction, the trap can be reused and last for a good amount of time making it an affordable resolve for rodent infestations. 

Key Features:

  • The Aspectek mouse trap is easy to use and the trap can be set in a very simple manner and disposed of with having the need to touch the rodents.
  • The rat trap is made of washable material that makes it hygienic for repeated use. So, only the rat would be trapped and not its odour. 

#4 — Rentokil FR51 Advanced Mouse Trap

The Rentokil FR51 advanced rat trap is relatively easy to use and quite easy to set as well. All you would need is a piece or two of bait to set this up to attract the mouse, wind-up the trap and set it up near the most spotted place at home. 

  • The sharp tooth design and the sensitive pedal make the mousetrap quite effective for either at home or backyard.
  • This mouse trap is a perfect and effective alternative to the traditional bait that was used to poison mice.
  • This rat trap It is totally poison-free and serves as a simple, effective mouse disposal solution. After all, pests can become a serious problem if not dealt with immediately. Here’s another list of effective vacuum cleaners to prevent pest-related allergies.

What’s in it for you?

The Rentokil FR51 is useful not only against mice but also rats and large rodents. This is possible because of the large sharp tooth design and sensitive pedal that grabs the rodent once it has taken the bait till you decide to release there is no way of escaping.

Key Features

  • The Rentokil advanced rat traps come in twin packs and are useful for killing mice in the home and backyard.
  • It is a strong and powerful trap that is very easy to bait, set up, and then dispose of the captured pest.

#5 — Roshield Professional Heavy Duty Control Traps

Looking for a professional mousetrap that is well-suited for heavy-duty use? The Roshield professional control mousetrap is designed for professional pest control. Its performance and durability are unmatched. 

  • Measuring 8.2 x 11 x 17.4 cm the large mousetrap is a professional heavy duty rodent trap this is ideal for professionals within the pest control industry.
  • It is designed to fit in the Roshield rodent bait stations which maximizes the chance of the mouse getting trapped in its first attempted.

What’s in it for you?

The powerful spring, when used properly, is capable to kill rodents instantly.

Key Features

  • The Roshield mouse trap is easy to use by professionals in the pest control industry, it is easy to set by just pushing on the rear bar and placing the bait.
  • It may take some time for others to get accustomed to its operation because of the high tension spring coil. But the results are worth every pound.

#6 — The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Traps

Ultra Power Mouse Traps is easy to set and is already pre-baited with highly palatable non-poisonous bait to attract the mice. Place the two traps apart where mice are commonly seen. The One-click activate and dispose of function make it simple and easy for anyone to use. 

  • Ultra Power Mouse Traps has a durable and sturdy design that is suitable for use in the home or outdoors.
  • Simply remove the red bait well cover before setting. One simple click sets the trap the same to open the trap to dispose of the mouse. 

What’s in it for you?

If you would like the humane approach of taking care of your mouse issue, the Ultra Power Mouse Traps is an excellent solution as the bait is not poisoned to spread it and kills the mouse quickly and swiftly not letting the mouse suffer for long. 

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Key Features

  • The Ultra Power Mouse Trap is a simple and easy to use mousetrap, just remove the red bait cover for the fragrance of the bait to attract the mouse.
  • Once the mouse has taken the bait to trap is engaged and with one simple click, you disengage the trap to dispose of the mouse, Simple as that.

#7 — IZSUZEE Mouse Traps for Indoors and Outdoors

The Izsuzee Mouse Trap is one of the safest mouse traps for you and the mouse. if you are into catch and let go humane style of handling rodent infestations. The mousetrap is suitable for rodents such as mice and rats of similar size. The living trap mouse can be installed anywhere inside or outside. This humane trap is one of the Best Mouse Traps UK.

  • The humane design allows ventilation ports to avoid mice suffocating to death and causing bad odour.
  • These traps can be easily cleaned in the sink and be put back to use, making it efficient and useful in every home.
  • Reinforced metal plates on the front and rear trap doors prevent mice from gnawing through to avoid escape.

What’s in it for you?

The Izsuzee Mouse Trap has designed its cage with ABS plastic that makes it difficult for the mouse to escape. While trapped to avoid suffocation and bad odour there are air vents so the mouse is alive till its let loose. 

Key Features

  • The overall design of this mouse trap is what makes this trap stand out.
  • The ABS plastic with the reinforced metal plates keeps the mouse in its trap till you decide what should be done with no harm done to the mouse making it the most humane option for mice control.    

#8 — Ebung Electric Mouse Trap

The last mousetrap on our list is definitely the most shocking and smart one with 7000v of electricity charged into the mousetrap. Not the humane of methods definitely is the most effective as a wireless circuit sensor quickly detects when a rodent has entered and instantly kills it. 

  • EBUNG rodent zapper features cutting-edge technology with an intelligent wireless circuit sensor that quickly detects and disposes of.
  • The Electric rat trap runs on 4 D batteries or can be plugged into a wall socket. Simply switch on the electric rat trap and place it in the most commonly sighted area.

What’s in it for you?

The powerful electric shock of 7000 V, the mouse ethically kills the animals without any pain or suffering, immediately. Stopping any chance of spreading carrying infections.

Key Features

  • The Ebung electric mouse trap is an efficient and easy way of taking care of the mouse problem in your home. It’s one of the Best Mouse Traps UK,
  • It has a wireless circuit sensor quickly zaps the mouse once detected causing a quick and painless death removing the chance of any infections spreading. 

Victor No Touch, No See Upgraded Electronic Mouse Trap 

Victor No Touch, No See mouse trap is an electronic device and is one of the best to bait in the mouse. It’s hassle free and you’d not need to wait and keep watching the trap. 

  • This trap has a 100% kill rate and won’t let the mouse reproduce and double in number. 
  • If the set is fully charged it can kill upto 100 mice with shock and voltage. 
  • The no touch and no see makes a better experience and is very easy to clean as well.

Key features:

  • Easy cleaning and baiting
  • 100% kill rate and can kill 100 mice if fully charged
  • No escape space

Authenzo Humane Power Rodent Killer 

Authenzo Humane Power Rodent Killer is an amazing rat trap for home. It works really well and kills the mouse faster. 

  • This mouse trap is very effective compared to the wood and the metal one. 
  • It’s extremely durable and easy to wash for reusing. It’s very easy to set and safety is guaranteed so don’t worry about that. 
  • It won’t lead to any finger injury and is very hygienic. You don’t have to touch the mouse while removing it in the garbage.

Key features:

  • Clean and hygienic disposal
  • !00% effectiveness
  • Safe to use
  • Reusable

Tomcat Press ‘N Set Mouse Trap

Tomcat is a well known mouse trap company that makes the best and the most effective rat traps and rat kills. This Tomcat Press N Set mouse trap is great and is an extremely affordable one.

  • It’s very easy to set up and does the job just with a single press. 
  • It claims to be twice more effective than the usual wooden traps at catching mice. 
  • There is a convenient trap and is easy for disposal without any contact as well. 
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Key features:

  • Easy set up
  • Economical
  • Safe and effective

What is the best mouse trap bait?

A mouse trap by itself will not rid you of rodents. So, using a bait is extremely important. However, choosing the bait is quite complex. Although cheese bait is popular, mice actually tend to gravitate towards peanut butter the most.

Of course, you can also use other bait such as nuts, marshmallows and beef jerk. It is important to choose a bait that has a strong smell, since mice depend on their sense of smell when foraging for food. You should also make sure that the mouse trap itself is capable of incorporating the bait. Check out our list of the Best Mouse Traps For Home UK for all the details.

How to choose the best mouse traps for home

These are the few things to keep in mind while buying the right mouse trap, they are: 

  • Effectiveness and easy usage: You don’t want your fingers to get trapped, so choose an easy to set up mouse trap that is extremely effective to trap the mouse. DOn’t go for the wooden ones as they aren’t as effective. 
  • Types of rat traps: The different types of rat traps are snap traps, rat kills, humane traps, glue traps and electronic traps. Select the one that is most feasible to use for you as well as your home. If you have kids or other pets in the house, don’t go for glue or electronic traps. 
  • Rat Baits: It’s best to use sticky baits like peanut butter as mice love that fragrance and the taste of nuts and seeds. Mouse traps work great with sticky baits.
  • Safety: If you have pets or children at home it’s better to get a safe trap that doesn’t harm anyone. 

What is the fastest way to get rid of mice?

The internet is riddled with various methods to get rice of mice. Unfortunately when you have a real menace, majority of these methods don’t work. From personal experience, it’s better to try out the tried and tested methods before depending on obscure methods or calling an expensive exterminator. Here are some of the best methods to get rid of mice:

  • The first thing you need to do is remove all the trash in your home and make sure all the dust bins are sealed tightly. This will not only prevent the rodent from accessing leftover food but it will also prevent it from creating a comfortable environment and breeding ground.
  • Additionally you should also remove large bundles of paper products as mice also tend to eat these to survive. Mice primarily find it’s way into home to look for food. So, by storing food in tight containers, will rid the mouse of it’s goal.
  • Of course, the most important method to prevent a rodent infestation is to immediately seal all openings to the outside. This includes holes in your basements, chimneys, and pipes etc. You should ideally seal these holes up with material that cannot be chewed through. Check out our list of the Best Mouse Traps For Home UK for all the details.

What is the most effective mouse trap?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single mousetrap that’s effective against all types of situations. Basically, you will have to choose the right mouse trap for your situation. For example, you need to take into account the number of vermins that are pestering you, the environment of the infestation and much more.

  • Generally, there are three kinds of mouse traps: A snap trap, a sticky trap and a live catch trap.
  • A snap trap comes is a type of trap that uses a quick trigger system to imprison a mouse. It comes in various forms such as bar trap, a clamp and so on. It can be used to swiftly kill mice.
  • The Sticky Trap can be super useful when you have a major infestation of mice. These are basically, paper-like traps with a strong adhesive on one side. It can help trap multiple pests with ease. However, it isn’t super reliable as there’s a possibility of the mouse freeing itself.
  • Live Catch Traps are more of an outdoor type trap to catch huge rodents that mess with your garden or farm. It’s like a cage with a trap door. There are various versions of this tailored towards indoors and even a Humane version(Catch and Release). Check out our list of the Best Mouse Traps UK for more details.

Where should I set the mouse trap?

Set up your mouse trap where you see most of the activities happening. Ideal places to set a mousetrap are behind objects, darkened corners, behind appliances and along the walls. 

How do I know if I have a mouse infestation?

A single mouse doesn’t mean infestation. Check for signs that include foul smell, tail trails, weird noise, rodent dropping and tracks to confirm mouse infestation.

What attracts mice to homes?

Mice might attack your home during winters as they look for food, shelter and warmth. Food pieces as well as dirt often attract mice. 

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