Best Mosquito Repellents UK

Summer is almost here and so are the pesky mosquitos, those unwanted itches at the least expected places can drive you nuts. Having to deal with the red bite marks is one thing and the risk of falling sick is another. Investing in a mosquito repellent is the logical choice. Check out our list of the Best Mosquito Repellents UK for all the details.

With so many contractable diseases out there you need to make sure you are well protected. However, It’s not easy to choose the right mosquito repellent as some have a high concentration of DEET which might be harmful to your skin and health.

So, we’ve taken the liberty and have curated a list of Best Mosquito Repellents UK.

Best Mosquito Repellents UK 2020

#1 — Incognito Insect Repellent Spray 

This all-natural mosquito repellent is free from DEET-based formulas and is perfect for your kids to use and apply with its spray function. It can last up to 5 hours with maximum protection, perfect to apply on your child before they head to the playground. 

  • The incognito mosquito is a zero DEET based formula making it is safe to apply on your child’s skin, especially during summer when they’re out playing in the park where chances of insect bits are high.
  • The formula can last up to 5 hours during any season because of its all-natural properties.
  • The formula that makes the incognito mosquito repellent can not only repel mosquitos but also a wide arrange of insects that are common to bite you.

What’s In It for you:

This unique mosquito repellent not only shields you from mosquitoes but also midges, sandflies, horseflies, ticks, and many more insects and can last up to 5 hours before re-applying. 

Key Feature:

  • The repellent is all-natural which makes it kid-friendly and can last up to 5 hours protecting you from a wide range of insect bites.

#2 — Pyramid Trek 50 Insect

The Pyramid Trek 50 is by far the best repellent with DEET of 50% that can last up to 6 hours. It has a very pungent odour even thou it might not go well with your perfume but it most definitely will keep all the insects away.

  • The Pyramid trek 50 is 50% DEET based, the chemical is well known for its effective repellent properties making is ideal for outdoor treks.
  • The Pyramid trek 50 can last up to 6 hours much longer than the all-natural repellents and provide a stronger resistance with compared.
  • Tested and fully approved in the UK to make sure wherever you travel you are well protected against insects.
  • Its Compact and carry friendly size is perfect to carry with you on your vacation. 

What’s in it for you

It is a strong 50 per cent DEET based repellent making it one of the most effective repellents in the market. It can last up to 6 hours and has been tested and approved in the UK. 

Key Features 

  • This Insect repellent is 50 % DEET based and can last up to 6 hours before being reapplied and has been tested around all the regions in the UK making it perfect to carry for your vacation.
  • While this product was worth mentioning. Personally I would go for the all-natural mosquito repellent.

#3 — VIE Patch Anti Mosquito Patches

The VIE Anti Mosquito patches are a great replacement if your skin is sensitive to the sprayable repellents, you simply stick the patch at a comfortable part of your body that people can barely notice. These patches are 100 per cent DEET free and can last up to 36 hours.

  • The VIE anti-mosquito patch is made of skin-friendly material and is all-natural making sure you don’t have any side effects of wearing the patch for too long.
  • The VIE anti-mosquito patches last 36 hours until your next patch should be applied. 20 in a box which easily can last you for a month without a problem. 
  • The properties in the patch can not only protect you against mosquitos but also against midges, no-see-ums, gnats, ticks, and sand-flies

What’s in it for you:

If you have sensitive skin this product is idle for your protection against insects as they are easy to apply and remove for the whole family. 

Key Features

  • The VIE Anit Mosquito Patches are healthy and natural making it comfortable for all ages. It comes in a pack of 20 and lasts for 36 hours which can easily last a month for the family.

#4 — Theye Mosquito Repellent

If you’re are not a fan of sprays and patches that make direct contact with your skin, the Theye anti-mosquito repellent is your answer. These silicon bands last up to 2 weeks and are made of lemon and eucalyptus extracts making it natural and harmless. 

  • Each band you put on can last you up to 2 weeks without change which offers you protection night and day without having to remember to reapply or spray on. The bands can also be re-sealed and kept for long-lasting use making it worth the money.
  • The bands are free of DEET and are made of lemon and eucalyptus extracts that have zero side effects on your skin while wearing them.
  • The bands can protect you while still making you look stylish as they come in vibrant colours for your choice.

What’s in it for you:

 These silicone bands are made of lemon and eucalyptus extracts making it a natural product with zero side effects for the whole family. They come in different colors to suit the clothes of your choice.

Key Features:

  • These silicone bands are 100 per cent DEET free and come in a re-sealable pack to make sure it lasts long after a day’s use. They come in vibrant colours making sure to suit your stylish clothes.

#5 — Jungle Formula Maximum Strength

The Jungle formula is said to have the best protection against tropical mosquito and insects. It consists of 50 % DEET and aerosol giving it a strong chemical scent and gives protection for up to 8 hours perfect for your long weekend treks.

  • The Jungle formula is 50% DEET based making it highly effective against mosquitos and 10% aerosol giving you maximal protection.
  • The chemical composition of the jungle formula is made to be O-zone friendly. 
  • The 50% DEET makes the effectiveness of jungle formula last up to 8-hour before the need for you to re-apply. 

What’s in it for you

The strong chemical formula makes it an essential while you go out trekking as it repels all forms of tropical insects.

Key Features

  • The Jungle formula repellent is 50% DEET and aerosol mix making it an o-zone friendly repellent with up to 8 hours of protection. 
  • Wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re actually venturing into a forest region.

#6 — Smidge Insect Repellent

The smidge insect repellent is one of the most unique waterproof repellents with zero DEET but replaced with a picaridin approved by WHO. It is kid-friendly and has a tolerable scent to it which offers an 8-hour protection period. 

  • Its made of Zero DEET making it an all-natural repellent spray. The all-natural combination makes it comfortable on the skin of all ages.
  • The most important function is the fact that this repellent is made of a waterproof solution. So it has quite a high longevity. It provides protection for up to 8-hour before the need to re-apply.

What’s in it for you

The smidge mosquito repellent is waterproof making it perfect to use when going swimming in the lake or a dip in the ocean keeping your itch-free from all the insects. 

Key Features

  • The smidge mosquito repellent is made of zero DEET which works well on your kids’ skin. It is waterproof and can last up to 8-hour upon applying.

#7 — Avon Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray

The one of a kind repellent double as a moisturizer which keeps your skin healthy and well scented. Its made of citronella which is as effective as DEET. most people enjoy the fact it smells good compared to how most repellents in the market smell making it essential wherever you go.

  • Citronella is induced as a replacement for DEET making it healthy for the skin.
  • The properties present in the repellent double as a moisturizer on the skin.
  • The repellent is well scented to be worn indoors without causing any discomfort to you and others around you.
  • The repellent has a non-sticky texture.

What’s in it for you

This unique repellent can not only keep those pesky insects away but also works as a moisturizing agent making your skin stays soft and protected with citronella a DEET replacement.

Key Features:

  • A well scented moisturizing repellent induced with citronella making sure you’re smelling good and well protected as the time.

#8 — Guard Moskito Repellent

The Moskito guard repellent is the only insect repellent recommended by Valneva a global vaccine manufacturer. It is DEET and alcohol-free making it skin-friendly to all ages and offers protection for up to 8 hours. It has a pleasant odour and is waterproof making it an everyday essential.

  • DEET and alcohol-free makes it comfortable on the skin of all ages. This Repellent is approved by the world health organization.
  • The mosquito guard is made to be waterproof for those days by the beach. It can last up to 8-hours before the need to re-apply.
  • Moskito guard is non-greasy when compared to most repellents.

What’s in it for you

The Moskito guard repellent is a waterproof mosquito repellent with 8-hours of protection perfect for the weekend getaway to the woods. It is DEET and Alcohol-free suitable for skin of all ages 24 months and over.

Key Features

  • The Moskito guard repellent is DEET and alcohol-free making it comfortable on the skin and is well scented to wear it on an everyday base. It can last up to 8 hours and is waterproof.

#9 — Mosi-Guard Natural Insect Repellent Spray Extra

The Mosi-guard natural mosquito repellent stands out from the entire lot as the most long-lasting repellents which can last for about 10 hours with zero DEET making it comfortable on the skin and safe to use for all ages. It comes in a compact bottle that holds up to 75ml that fits perfectly in your pocket.

  • Zero DEET is used to make Mosi-guard which makes it all-natural mosquito repellent.
  • The compact design of the bottle of 75ml is travel-sized making it comfortable to carry anywhere. 
  • Mosi-guard provides 10-hours protection and is known for being one of the most long-lasting natural repellents in the market.

What’s in it for you

It’s been scientifically proven to last 10 hours making it one of the best repellents in the market. Most repellent is not safe for kids below 2 whereas the Mosi-guard is all-natural protecting kids from the young age of 6 months.

Key Features:

  • The best feature of the Mosi-guard is the long-lasting effect that can go up to 10 hours with zero DEET makes it perfect for all possible skin types. 

#10 — Cidbest Mosquito Repellent

The Cidbest mosquito repellent is an all-natural zero DEET and non-alcohol-based repellent. It has a mild scent and is safe on all skin types and can last up to 8 hours before re-applying.

  • All-Natural Repellent with zero DEET comfortable on the skin of all age types.
  • 8-hours of protection before the need to re-apply.
  • Compact design adds so the repellent can be carried easily in your pocket.
  • The Cidbest mosquito repellent offers a mild scent making it comfortable to wear around people. 

What’s in it for you

The all-natural formula with zero DEET is it really safe on children and pleasant on the skin with a mild scent that can last up to 8 hours.

Key Features:

  • The Cidbest mosquito repellent can last up to 8 hours with zero irritation on the skin and comes in a compact spray bottle that fits perfectly in your backpack or pocket.

#11 — Lifesystems Expedition Plus 100+ Insect Repellent

Finally, we come to the most effective repellent in areas of high risk. The Lifesystems mosquito repellent is concentrated with 95% DEET making it the strongest among the lot. It can last over 10 hours and can be applied over your sun protection causing zero damage to your skin when you’re out and about.

  • Protects you from over 100 insects make it one of the best repellents in the market.
  • Lasts over 10 hours making this most long-lasting repellent on our list. 
  • 95% DEET making it the most effective than all the above repellents.
  • Works over the sunscreen making it perfect for the beach and to avoid sandflies at the same time.

What’s in it for you

This is the best repellent to take to the beach as you can apply your sunscreen to protect you from the sun and apply the repellent over it to protect you from mosquitos and sand flies making it a definite beach essential. However, unless you’re travelling to a beach with extreme conditions. It is recommended you use an all-natural repellent.

Key Features

  • The Lifesystems mosquito repellent can protect you for over 100 insects for over a period of 10 hours before re-applying. Its 95% DEET making it the strongest repellent against mosquitoes and insects and can be applied over sunscreen without any damage to your skin.

What are the best mosquito repellents?

The best mosquito repellents should ideally be powerful enough to ward off mosquitos and other pests without harming your skin. Another important factor is longevity. The effects should not disappear after a few hours.

  • Taking all this into consideration the best mosquito repellent is Incognito Insect Repellent Spray and Mosi-Guard Natural Insect Repellent Spray Extra. These are all-natural sprays that contain zero-DEET and are extremely effective. Mosi-guard can even be used on children.
  • While DEET-based mosquito repellents are powerful. It isn’t the best for human beings. While most manufacturers claim it does nothing. Investing in an all-natural yet effective repellent is the better choice.

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