Best‌ ‌Lady‌ ‌Shavers‌ 2022 | For Sensitive Skin

Not many are fans of using a razor on their sensitive skin as there is a good chance that you might get irritation from the uneven hair cut by the razor. Especially, when it comes to certain areas of the body. And getting you waxing done before hitting the beach can be an expensive affair. A lady shaver is an answer to this problem. Check out our list of the Best‌ ‌Lady‌ ‌Shavers‌ ‌UK.

These handheld devices can be used while you are having your shower on a daily basis. They are easy to use just turn on and glide through the area you the hair removed from. They use a circular motion with rounded tips to move over your skin ensuring your skin is safe from any bruces and cuts. It’s a must-have device in every home.

We’ve curated a list of the Best Lady Shavers available on Amazon UK. So, read on.

After having reviewed 100 Lady Shavers based on design, performance, function, features, effectiveness, price and much more; my team zeroed in on 8 that really stood out. These 8 were further put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best Lady Shaver in the UK is the Braun Silk-épil 9. This device is a combination of a hair trimmer, electric shaver and exfoliator. Additionally, it comes with an ergonomic design that helps the user maneuver the device around the contours of the body with ease.

Best‌ ‌Lady‌ ‌Shavers‌ ‌UK

Best‌ ‌Lady‌ ‌Shavers‌ ‌UKPriceCheck it out on Amazon UK
Braun Silk-épil 9£125.99Link
Remington Cordless Wet and Dry Lady Shaver£37.99 Link
Braun Silk-Epil Bikini Styler £15.41 Link
Magnitone GoBare!£23.99 Link
Philips Satinshave£52.99 Link
Liberex Electric Shaver£22.99 Link
HATTEKER Women’s Electric Shaver£26.99 Link
Brori Electric Lady Shaver£23.98 Link

#1 — Braun Silk-épil 9

The Braun Lady Shaver is three in one shaving system that is designed in a round white shape. It’s an electric shaver, hair trimmer, and exfoliator all packed into one compact cordless device. It’s one of the Best‌ ‌Lady‌ ‌Shavers‌ ‌UK.

  • It has a 4mm bikini trimmer and rounded head making it easy to use on those hard to reach places. There are two modes available, one for legs and other for delicate skin. 
  • The whole device is waterproof for easy cleaning or wet shaving. The battery inside can put out 40 mins of usage before requiring a charge. 

What’s in it for you?

The Braun Silk-epil Lady Shaver has two modes available. The first is for non-sensitive areas, and the other is for delicate skin. Switching between these modes will change the speed of the blades, ensuring that your thin-skinned areas don’t accidentally get bruised or cut. 

Key Features

  • The Braun Silk-epil Lady Shaver is a three in one compact waterproof shaver.
  • It comes with two modes that you can choose from depending on your skin type and area.
  • It has a battery life of 40 mins before requiring a charge.
  • The device is perfect to carry with you as its the size of your palm. 

#2 — Remington Cordless Wet and Dry Lady Shaver

The Remington WDF4840 Cordless Lady Shaver is a double blade shaver that comes with floating foil heads and a cordless charging stand. The device is hypoallergenic making this the best choice for ladies with very sensitive skin. The razor is waterproof, so you can use it with whatever products you wish. 

  • It has an aloe vera strip to avoid any nasty shaving rash, and a pivoting head to get to all those hard to reach places.
  • The front-facing trimmer captures and cuts long hairs making it uses for both sensitive and nonsensitive areas. It’s one of the Best‌ ‌Lady‌ ‌Shavers‌ ‌UK.
  • Two Hypoallergenic Floating Foils Comfortably follows the body’s contours, protecting the body from nicks and cuts to give ideal results.

What’s in it for you?

The Remington Lady Shaver is water-proof, meaning that it can be effectively used wet or dry and is also ergonomically designed with an anti-slip grip which means you can use it in the bath or shower with confidence.

Key Features

  • The Remington Cordless Lady Shaver is a double blade waterproof shaver.
  • It has a soothing aloe vera strip that is applied on your skin after it is shaved to provide a sense of relief.
  • The front-facing trimmer can cut long hair as well making it versatile and ideal for you. 

#3 — Braun Silk-Epil Bikini Styler 

Braun’s Silk-épil trimmer is a unique shaver that is specifically designed for removing hair around the bikini line. With its attachable combs, It can be used to easily shave hair, or trim to different lengths. The device is battery operated and is the most portable and travel-friendly shaver on our list.

  • Detailed styling is possible with this shaver as it trims your hair to a uniform length of either 5mm or 8mm. It’s one of the Best‌ ‌Lady‌ ‌Shavers‌ ‌UK.
  • The Precision head is designed to be handled like a pen. Giving you the freedom to create shapes quickly and accurately.
  • The shaver head uses Rounded tips to protect your delicate skin from nicks, cuts, and irritation.

What’s in it for you?

The Braun Bikini trimmer’s multi-purpose precision head can also be used to shape your eyebrows or trim and remove unwanted facial hair.

Key Features

  • The Braun’s Silk-Epil trimmer is designed for removing hair around your bikini line with a precision head that also allows you to create shapes.
  • It cuts hair to a length of 5mm or 8m and uses rounded tips to protect your skin.
  • If you are planning for a summer by the beach the Braun’s Silk-epil will come in handy to pull off that smooth beach bod.   

#4 — Magnitone GoBare!

The Magntone Gobare is a handbag-sized lady shaver with the most compact design on your list. The mini shell-shaped shaver is showerproof and can be used wet or dry, it’s rechargeable and comes with a handy USB charger. Even thou it’s small in size, the battery life is impressive, two hours of charge will give up to 100mins making it super energy efficient. 

  • The shaver has a one-touch on-off button with a Lock Mode designed for safe travelling.
  • The head of the shavers is detachable designed for the smoothest shave & easy cleaning.
  • Perfect for on the go hair removal with USB charging & waterproof casing for use on wet skin.

What’s in it for you?

The shave is designed with a skin soft shaving head that contours to the shape of your skin and glides effortlessly over short hairs for more natural and comfortable hair removal.

Key Features

  • The Magntone Gobare is the handiest and compact shaver, it is the size of your palm and can be turned on with just a press on the button.
  • It can last for 100 mins from 2 hours of charge one of the best battery back-ups on our list.
  • It has a waterproof casing allowing you to use it in the shower. 

#5 — Philips Satinshave

The Philips Satinshave will give you a comfortable and smooth shave as the shavers teeth are rounded out and tiny metal balls are attached to the tips of the trimmer teeth so that they effortlessly glide across your skin without causing irritation.

  • This waterproof gadget only requires an hour’s time for a full charge. The bikini trimming head and bikini comb attachment can be used for comfortable trimming and styling of sensitive areas.
  • The battery indicator will indicate when the shaver if the battery is low, charging, or fully charged.
  • The floating foil glides over the body’s curves, maintaining close contact with the skin for an even shave without hurting your skin.

What’s in it for you?

A rotating disc attachment is provided that uses the extremely precise edge for thorough callus removal. The unique rotating disc can be used for large areas and ensures silky soft feet.

Key Features

  • The Philips Satinshave stands out for its excellent battery life and its head that uses rounded out teeth with tiny metal balls at the ends so it.
  • That glides through your skin cutting your hair without hurting your skin.
  • The device is waterproof and can easily be cleaned and is compact enough to fit in your travel bag, perfect for long vacations.

#6 — Liberex Electric Shaver

The Liberex Electric Shaver is one of the most versatile lady shavers on our list. It can easily remove hair from your legs, underarms, and bikini line, but also does a good job on your upper lip, chin, and cheeks. Dual edge spinning blades provide a close, precise shave anywhere on your body. 

  • The ergonomic design allows you to hold the device in the palm of your hand, it allows you to move the shaver in all directions, horizontally and in a circular motion to give you a comfortable and smooth shave.
  • Apart from its handy design, it is super easy to clean too. The rotary heads can be opened, removing the cut hairs with the cleaning brush or rinse the head of the shaver in running water.
  • The rotating 360-degree design removes hairs without any pulling. 

What’s in it for you?

A LED is attached to the head of the shaver making it easy to see what you’re doing, even in low light.

Key Features

  • The Liberex is a handheld wonder that can not only remove hair from the sensitive area but also lip, chin, and cheeks making this shaver versatile for anyone to use.
  • The head of the shaver can move in all directions in a circular motion avoiding any skin damage. 

#7 — HATTEKER Women’s Electric Shaver

The Hatteker lady shaver is a waterproof handheld four in one hair removal device. The device comes with an epilator, electric shaver, and a massage and body exfoliator attachment. The head of the shaver has an allergy-friendly shaving head that gives you a fast and smooth cutting experience.

  • The cordless and ergonomic design makes it easy to use just about anywhere.
  • The lady haver is IPX7 Waterproof that can be used in the shower making it convenient to use before you start your day.
  • It is possible to clean it with the small cleaning brush and wash it with water.
  • A charge of 90 minutes will allow you to use it for one hour when you are on-the-go.

What’s in it for you?

The professional electric shaver for women has an allergy-friendly shaving head that gives you a fast and smooth cutting experience.

Key Features

  • The Hatteker Women’s electric shaver comes with a removal kit that has an epilator, electric shaver, and a massage and body exfoliator attachments making it a must-have for all hair removal purposes.
  • It is easy to clean and can provide wireless use for an hour before the need to charge. 

#8 — Brori Electric Lady Shaver

The Brori Electric lady shaver is a low-noise shaver with a three in one shaving head. It is one of the most affordable shavers in the market and a top choice by amazon.

  • The straight blade on the head of the trimmer has been designed to work on the arms and legs while the curved blade fits perfectly to your armpits and knees and the bikini area.
  • The hypoallergenic, stainless steel blades combined with the floating foil ensure a safe shave by allowing optimum contact with the skin and minimum irritation.
  • The razor uses three sharp blades delivering a 27° perfect cutting angle to achieve a close shave.
  • The hypo-allergenic 3D floating foil is gentle on sensitive skin and repents the skin from irritation.
  • It’s fully immersible so you can take it in the bath with you as well as the shower. Saving you time when you are on the go.

What’s in it for you?

The Brori stands out for its low noise design while shaving and the built-in LED light is especially for blind spots illumination.

Key Features

  • The Brori Electric lady shaver is an affordable low-noise shaver.
  • It has a three in one shaving head for all parts of the body sensitive and non-sensitive.
  • The blades are hypo-allergenic ensuring a smooth and clean shave reducing the chances for irritation.
  • If you are looking for an affordable option to try a trimmer on your skin, this one is ideal to start off with. 

A Guide to Buying The Best Lady Shaver

What are the Best Types of Electric Shavers for Women?

Lady shavers are meant to get rid of that unwanted hair and to get rid of the less thick and coarse hair. Most importantly, lady shavers in general are meant to be used to remove sparse body hair. So, your boyfriends won’t be able to run it across their face to groom their beard.

So based on their design, lady shavers are categorized into two types: Foil shavers and Rotary shavers.

Foil Shavers are essential shavers that are equipped with multiple blades that move from side to side. It has a thin mesh that separates the skin from the blades. This thin metal mesh is commonly referred to as a foil. The tiny holes of the mesh allow the hair to come through, making it quite effective at getting rid of a bunch of hair.

Rotary Shavers on the other hand are quite different from foil shavers. Instead of a foil and lateral blades, these shavers come with a circular cutting head that gets rid of hair by pulling it out. Of course, this is quite harmless and won’t affect your skin.

Both devices have their pros and cons. For example, Rotary shavers are more effective in getting rid of hair at the root level, giving you a cleaner look. However, Foil shavers are more effective at getting rid of longer hair.

Which is the best lady shaver to buy?

The Braun Lady Shaver is the best lady shaver to buy. It not only has a beautiful ergonomic design and function to prevent knicks but it also comes with amazing features that make the shaving process extremely easy and pain-free. In fact, it actually comes with specific modes and blades for non-sensitive skin and delicate skin. It’s one of the Best‌ ‌Lady‌ ‌Shavers‌ ‌UK.

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