Best Green Tea For Weight Loss 2021 | Amazing Taste And Numerous Benefits

Tea is an important part of Brit culture, tea has simply become an essential component of our lives. However, did you know that Green Tea is the second most-consumed tea in the country? Green Tea which originated in Aisa is the most popular Tea in the UK. This speaks volumes as to the numerous benefits of this tea. Check out our list of the Best Green Tea For Weight Loss UK for more details.

While it is one of the healthiest drinks in the world, not all brands of Green Tea are good. For example, Green Tea has its roots in China but it’s the Japanese Matcha Tea that’s more beneficial to the human body. This depends on various factors like climate and the process of preparation. It can even depend on the type of kettle and boiling time.

Matcha is finely ground green tea powder that’s high in a Catechin called EGCG which is linked to various health benefits such as preventing heart disease, Type-2 Diabetes, and much more.

This isn’t to say that Chinese Green Teas are bad. In fact, some Chinese teas taste absolutely brilliant. Since there are various green tea brands out there, we’ve reviewed and curated a list of the Best Green Tea For Weight Loss UK.

After reviewing close to 100 green teas based on various factors like taste, origin, quality, benefits and much more, my team and I at Discount Age Zeroed in on 7 that really stood out. These 7 were further put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best green tea in the UK is Matcha Green Tea Powder (Super Tea) by PureChimp. This matcha green tea is directly sourced from Japan and its extremely nutritious in nature. It is loaded with high levels of antioxidants and beneficial amino acids that not only helps the consumer lose weight but it also helps them improve their mood and memory.

Best Green Tea For Weight Loss UK

Best Green Tea For Weight Loss UKPrice
Matcha Green Tea Powder (Super Tea) by PureChimp£9.95
Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder by NaturaleBio£12.99
Tea Pigs Mao Feng Green Tea Bags£13.46
Mighty Matcha Tea£8.99
English Tea Shop’s Pure Green Tea£10.99
Pukka Green Collection£15.40
Natural Chinese Jasmine Green Loose Leaf Tea by The Tea Makers of London£7.45

#1 — Matcha Green Tea Powder (Super Tea) by PureChimp

PureChimp’s Matcha Green Tea Powder is probably the most popular and effective brand of Green Tea. It is sourced directly from Japan and boosts high nutritional and health benefits. It’s definitely one of the Best Green Tea For Weight Loss UK.

  • This PureChimp Matcha is especially high in EGCG and has over 50x the anti-oxidising power of spinach per grams. That’s a lot of beneficial Anti-oxidants.
  • According to manufactures, this green tea can help burn calories, improve your mood, memory and even concentration. While it might be a bit exaggerated, it can certainly have those effects in the long run.
  • This versatile tea powder is pesticide-free, comes with no artificial colours and is vegan-friendly. Best brewed with Hot water, Milk or with a Smoothie.

What’s in it for you?

Most importantly, it is high in caffeine and beneficial amino acids. So, it helps improve your metabolism and energy levels. It’s can make you feel great for up to 6 hours.

Key Features:

  • High in EGCG
  • High Anti-oxidising capabilities
  • Burn calories, improve your mood, memory and even concentration
  • Pesticide-free
  • No artificial colours
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Improve your metabolism and energy levels

#2 — Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder by NaturaleBio

This Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder by NaturaleBio is another premium-grade green tea that’s sourced directly from Japan, specifically, From Uji in the Kyoto Prefecture. The soil and climate of this place are as ideal as it can get to obtain premium-grade Matcha.

  • This is packaged in a brown paper packaging with the logo in the front portion and the Nutritional benefits on the back portion.
  • This Matcha is 100% organic and free from all sorts of chemical fertilizers, It’s primarily grown to be of help to the human body and improve health. It has an organic certification from inspection bodies Authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • This Matcha is Extremely delicious with essential no bitter taste and is, of course, high in Anti-oxidants. It’s a close competitor to PureChimp and it’s one of the Best Green Teas UK.

What’s in it for you?

This Matcha is a premium grade which can be used for drinking and culinary purposes. You’ll get the most out of this Green tea if you mix one gram od the Matcha Powder with 80ml of hot water at 60 degrees celsius.

Key Features:

  • Premium grade Matcha
  • Beneficial to health
  • Can be used for both drinking and culinary purposes
  • 100% organic
  • Sourced from Japan

#3 — Tea Pigs Mao Feng Green Tea Bags

Tea Pigs is a unique company that specialises in manufacturing tea bags with whole leaves instead of the dust-like tea you normally find in regular brands. The Tea Pigs Mao Feng Green Tea Bags is no different. It’s high in quality and flavour profile. Due to the almost perfect infusion, it’s one of the Best Green Teas UK.

  • You get Fifty Tea Bags with loose Green Tea leaves that are sourced directly from China. This light and pure green tea is grown in a place where it’s humid throughout the year. So when it comes to flavour and taste it’s the best.
  • Although it does not have the extensive benefits of Matcha, it does have a lighter version of the same benefits. It can help with weight loss to anti-ageing and it can be consumed regularly unlike Matcha.

What’s in it for you?

These tea bags come in a proprietary temple-shaped like mesh bag with larger holes. This combined with the bigger tea leaves results in more quality and flavour profile. Of course, you also get the entire benefits of green tea without losing anything to poor packaging.

Key Features:

  • Unique Biodegradable Bag
  • Bigger Tea leaves
  • Light flavour profile
  • Mild health benefits
  • Great taste

#4 — Mighty Matcha Tea

Mighty Matcha is an award-winning organic green tea powder that is of the highest grade. Even when compared to other Matcha Powders it boasts a higher Theophyille and Amino Acid count. Best of all this Matcha tastes absolutely brilliant.

  • The Mighty Matcha Tea powder is packed in a cute travel-sized tin can. That’s tight enough to maintain the freshness for every serving. You get 30 Grams of ultra fined ceremonial grade matcha in one of these cans.
  • As mentioned earlier it has a stunning flavour profile. It’s smooth and creamy sweet flavour, unlike the majority of the bitter-tasting Matchas out there. This makes it ideal for not only drinking but also cooking baked goods.
  • Unlike other caffeinated drinks that give you the jitters, This mighty Matcha Tea is a natural energy booster due to its naturally occurring amino acid L-Theanine and Theophylline. It also has other benefits such as weight loss and calming effects.
  • This tea is best prepared with water that’s boiled to around 65-72 degrees celsius. You can easily achieve this stable temperature with some of the best kettles out there.

What’s in it for you?

This Matcha is rich in antioxidants and EGCG and is responsible for promoting fat loss. As the fat in your body is broken down, you get more energy. The antioxidants help boost your immune system so it can fight infections.

Key Features:

  • Rich in antioxidants and EGCG
  • Helps with fat loss, and helps calm your mood
  • Boosts the immune system and also helps calm you
  • Brilliant flavour profile

#5 — English Tea Shop’s Pure Green Tea

Although this tea has pure green tea in its name, the English Tea Shop’s Pure Green Tea is actually a blend of Cranberry and Lime flavoured Green Tea with Matcha. It also has a bit of Manganese added to it. Don’t worry it’s completely safe. In fact, it’s actually beneficial to the human body.

  • The English Tea Shop’s Pure Green Tea consists of 20 tea bag sachets that come in a light green cardboard packaging. The Tea Bags ensure you get the full benefits of green tea and the convenience of a teabag.
  • Drinking at least 1 cup of this tea a day results in a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, This green tea, especially the manganese contributes to an energy-yielding metabolism that improves your every day well being.

What’s in it for you?

This Green tea has is not only beneficial to health but also has a unique flavour profile. It has a juicy taste because of the cranberry, lime and matcha blend that can tease your taste buds with every sip.

Key Features:

  • Amazing Flavour Profile
  • Improves well being and increases metabolism
  • Tea Bag form for convenience
  • Contains a bit of essential manganese which also contributes to improving your health

#6 — Pukka Green Collection

The Pukka Green Collection is a pretty popular brand of green tea. Pukka tea leaves are whole leaves blended together from organic ingredients sourced from around the world. Every sip will make you feel healthy and full of vitality. t’s one of the Best Green Tea For Weight Loss UK.

  • This green tea blend comes in the form of a teabag. Each bag has two chambers that allow these incredible herbs to flow and release the full potency in your cup.
  • The health benefits are actually varied as the herbs in this blend help improve different aspects of the body.

What’s in it for you?

The Pukka tea bag comes in its own recyclable envelope to retain the essential oils, thereby improving the longevity of the tea. Infuse the bag in water for 15 minutes to get the best of every herb.

Key Features:

  • The Teabags have Envelopes to retain Essential oils
  • Varied health benefits
  • Blended Tea of various different herbs

#7 — Natural Chinese Jasmine Green Loose Leaf Tea by The Tea Makers of London

The Natural Chinese Jasmine Green Loose Leaf Tea by The Tea Makers of London has one of the best-tasting flavours. It’s primarily made from a blend of Chinese Green Tea and natural Jasmine Flowers. This refreshing tea also has a wonderful aroma that will calm you.

  • The tea leaves are packaged in a cylindrical black caddy. It gives you a premium vide just from the container. Once the tea is mixed with the water, it generates a bright yellowish-green colour with a calming Jasmine scent.
  • The Taste is absolutely stunning. It tastes light and fresh, the hint of Jasmine by itself is an experience.

What’s in it for you?

Jasmine green tea is one of the healthiest areas that are made from lightly fermented leaves. It is known to contain a high concentration of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols.

Key Features:

  • Extremely healthy
  • Amazing taste
  • Wonderful Aroma
  • Comes in a black caddy

Types of Green Tea

Although green tea comes from the same tea plant, there are many varieties. These varieties of green tea do not just differ in taste but also benefits. The reason for these differences are dependent on various factors like the location and altitude at which its grown, the harvesting methodology and the process of preparation.

Matcha Green Tea

  • Matcha is a unique green tea from Japan. This highly nutritional tea is known to have as much as 10 times more antioxidants than other types of green tea. It also has a unique amino acid composition that reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Most importantly, this tea is so pure it’s used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. This tea is unlike other varieties, it isn’t made out of tea leaves. It is prepared by grinding tea leaves into fine powder. Consuming this powder is far more beneficial that straining tea leaves.
  • Matcha tea is grown in a shade which results in the formation of high levels of chlorophyll, making it one of the best green teas in the world. It also tastes quite rich sweet taste with smooth textures notes of nuts. It’s one of the Best Green Tea For Weight Loss UK.

Sencha Green Tea

  • Sencha Green Tea is one of the most common varieties from Japan. Contrary to popular belief this green tea is actually prepared from Chinese green tea leaves.
  • The leaves are gathered from a from the first or second growth cycle of a plant. Usually tea leaves are yearly but they do grow twice. The first harvest is referred to as flush and contains a large amount of antioxidants among other nutrients. Second flush on the other hand as a unique taste.
  • Once harvested, these tea leaves are steamed to prevent oxidization. Following which, the leaves are rolled into tiny needles. This tea is referred to as Sencha.
  • Other than having a decent quantity of Antioxidants, these tea leaves are also mild in taste. It has a sweetish grass-like taste with a hint of bitterness. When prepared this tea looks greenish golden.

Jasmine Green Tea

  • Jasmine green tea is a scented type of green tea. Although the leaves themselves are of Chinese origin, Jasmine flowers are added to it during the refining process. This results in the formation of a floral aroma and sweet tasting tea.
  • Although this type of tea does not have major benefits, it does help calm your nerves.

How to store Green Tea?

Storing green tea or any tea for that matter is quite complicated and the process of storing it needs to be thought through. As light, moisture and other ingredients can all deteriorate the quality of tea.

It needs to be ideally placed in an airtight container. It should also be stored in a placed without a lot of natural light at a temperature of about 30 and 40˚F. This can ensure a lifespan of up to half a year.

Of course, you can also store it in an opaque container, making your life much easier. When storing it in the jar, you should also ensure that it doesn’t contain a lot of space for air as it can oxidize the tea. So, you should ideally replenish when it’s at the halfway mark.

You should also ensure that the storage container is made of glass. However, the best material is ceramic as it doesn’t react with the external environment or the tea. Check out our list of the Best Green Tea For Weight Loss UK for more details.

What is the healthiest type of green tea?

Matcha is Healthiest green tea. It’s a Japanese tea that’s made from finely ground green tea leaves. Since the whole leaf is ground into powder, this tea contains higher levels of antioxidants, amino acids and caffeine.

  • It also contains high levels of EGCG that protect your body from inflammation and helps maintain healthy arteries. It also has amino acids that help improve your mood and energy. Matcha is also known to aid in weight loss. Check out our list of the Best Green Teas UK for more details.

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Best Green Tea For Weight Loss UK

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