Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home 2021

With boxing and other basic martial arts movements becoming incorporated into a daily workout routine, freestanding punching bags are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike a traditional expensive hanging punch bag, these freestanding bags don’t require a messy assembly process with nuts and bolts. Check out the Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home UK for more details.

Not only is it easy to use it is also highly portable and is perfect for the homes. These bags also happen to be highly effective. It can tone muscles and even improving hand-eye coordination. It’s a must-have fitness product for every home.

After testing close to 20 punching bags, our team zeroed in on the top 8. These were chosen based on various factors like shock-absorbent, noise level, quality durability, effectiveness and price. After putting the 8 through a series of stress tests we finally found that:

The best free standing punch bag in the market is FIT4YOU Heavy Duty Boxing Bag. Not only is it heavy-duty in nature but it is also made from high-quality material that easily absorbs shock and noise. This makes it ideal for indoors and is perfect when it comes to developing endurance and strength. Most importantly it’s extremely affordable as it only £70.39.

Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home UK

Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home UKMaterialBest For
FIT4YOU Heavy Duty Boxing BagHigh density foam, Vinyl exteriorIndoor & Outdoor use
Dripex Adult Free Standing Boxing Punch BagHigh density EPE foam, 2mm PU leather exteriorSilent sparring sessions
Gallant 5.5ft Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag5cm thick EPE foam, PU grain leatherBeginners
Everlast Powercore Freestanding Punch BagTri-disc foam structure, Vinyl exteriorAdjustable Height
JanTeelGO Punch BagDurable PVCChildren and Young Adults
Mirafit Punch Bag & BaseDurable faux leather, Foam and clothIntense workouts
Lions Free Standing Punch BagLeather exterior, High density foamMMA, Kick boxing
Century Wavemaster XXLDurable Vinyl, High density foamStability

#1 — FIT4YOU Heavy Duty Boxing Bag

The FIT4YOU Heavy Duty Boxing Bag is the best freestanding punch bag in the market. Training with this heavy-duty punch bag can help develop not just the accuracy of your strikes but also power. Trainers love this Boxing bag and it’s currently the Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home UK.

  • Designed to take more than a hit, this punch bag is bound to get you into shape as it comes with a high density inner layer that can easily absorb extremely heavy impacts.
  • Despite being 5.5 ft tall this punch bag is perfect for boxing. However, I personally benefited from kicking it. It could easily accompany my kickboxing routine and help sharpen my skills.
  • Unlike other punching bags, this one can be used both indoors and outdoors. While it’s true that most indoor punch bags aren’t suited for the backyard. Using this one damp grass will not damage this bag. My Cousin from the US recently tried tackling it to the ground and it actually came out fine.

A Stable Bag is absolutely necessary when you’re trying to develop your strength and this bag has a provision to do so. It comes with a base that can be filled with sand or water to enhance its center of gravity and prevent it from toppling. This can easily help improve your strength.

#2 — Dripex Adult Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag

Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home

This Dripex Adult Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag is one of the few punching bags in the market that can take a massive hit and still manage to muffle the noise, making it perfect for the silent indoors.

  • It’s common knowledge that big bags are meant for building strength and endurance, and this bag is designed to do just that. It comes with Dual TPU absorbers and springs to achieve a 360-degree shock and noise absorption. While it does increase the vibration you can improve your strikes and endurance.
  • Of course, the best part is that these springs can be removed if you want to develop your overall strength through intensive training. It is also quite tall standing at around 175 cm making it perfect for boxing.
  • It has a rounded ABS base tank that makes it easy to roll away and relocate it. Especially when filled with water or sand.

It is a multilayered construction with the surface being a 2 mm thick PU leather. The insides are made of a high-density EPE foam and Eco-friendly fabric buffer. This not only makes it tear-resistant but also ensures fast rebounds

#3 — Gallant 5.5ft Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag

Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home

Unlike traditional punch bags that require you to hang them, the Gallant 5.5ft Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag offers a hassle-free assembly process. There are no nuts and bolts involved. Most importantly, It’s one of the most stable bags in the market. So, you can improve your leg work without tripping over.

  • While it has a narrow design, it is capable of offering exceptional stability. This can be primarily attributed to the 5cm thick EPE foam and a base that can be filled with sand or water.
  • It has exceptional shock-absorbing capabilities not only because of the foam but also because of the micro-fiber fill.
  • The bag is wrapped in a strong PU grain textured leather that ensures low noise emission.

While it doesn’t stand out in an exceptional way, it is still a good 5.2 ft bag that can weather an onslaught for years to come. It’s ideal for beginners.

#4 — Everlast Powercore Freestanding Punch Bag

Everlast is a world-famous sports equipment manufacturer that’s legendary in the boxing space. And needless to say all of their boxing-related equipment is top of the line. The Everlast Powercore Freestanding Punch Bag is a brilliant product that can tone and develop your muscles in record time. It’s one of the Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home UK.

  • Every inch of this punch bag is made to help you become a world-class boxer. From a base that can be filled with sand or water to a fantastic internal tri-disc foam structure. It provides both stability and maximum energy dispersion, improving both your strength and hand-eye coordination.
  • Additionally, it comes with a Powercore steel plate technology that helps tone muscles and develop that burst of strength.
  • The power transfer ring at the bottom offers unbelievable impact absorption and recoil making it one of the few freestanding punch bags that helps you develop your legwork.

However, its most exceptional quality is the fact it’s height adjustable. It can be adjusted anywhere from 132 cm to 165 cm making it perfect for fighters of all levels.

#5 — JanTeelGO Punch Bag

Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home

There’s something on this list for young martial artists as well. The JanTeelGO Punch Bag is a quality inflatable punching bag made for kids and beginners. Don’t underestimate this bag because it happens to be for kids. We chose the best of the best.

  • Not only is made from durable PVC but it also has a unique design. Using the principle of a tumbler, this punching bag can keep bouncing back up after every hit, helping kids develop agility and hand-eye coordination.
  • You also get to place a picture in its special pocket making this punching g bag quite unique as it can also help relieve your stress.
  • It’s extremely easy to use. All you have to do is fill the base with water and inflate the body. It’s also one of the few punching bags that can be folded and stored. It’s also highly portable.

Since its quite soft and can easily absorb shock, it’s perfect for kids older than 6 years as it’ll be able to protect them from getting hurt.

#6 — Mirafit Punch Bag & Base

Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home

The Mirafit Punch Bag & Base is another amazing freestanding punch bag that blowing up on Amazon UK. This best selling punch back is famed for its ability to stay up due to its non-slip feet.

  • Although it has the basic punch bag design it’s exterior is made from durable faux leather that can absorb impact. Unfortunately, it’s relatively louder due to the fact it’s not made from actually leather.
  • As mentioned earlier, it comes with an anti-slip base. Of course, this base can also be filled with water and sand ensure even higher stability.

This punching bag is ideal for intense workouts and training as it’s filled with both foam and cloth pieces. Making it easy to beat up.

#7 — Lions Free Standing Punch Bag

LIONS is one of UK’s top fitness retainers that provides quality accessories for both professionals and beginners. Their equipment is true value for money as this company is known for selling their products at a fair price. The Lions Free Standing Punch Bag for example costs only 70 quid.

  • This heavy-duty punch bag is made from quality materials that ensure amazing durability. It has a multi-layer design with a leather surface to dampen impact and high-density foam to help martial artists improve their strikes and overall skills.
  • Since its a free-standing punch bag, it has a separate base and bag that can be easily assembled. When put together It has a 5.5 tall height which is perfect for both adults and children.

This freestanding punch bag is ideal for boxing, MMA, taekwondo and kick training. Most importantly, it comes with a stable base that is engineered to absorb shock and noise. The base can also be filled with water and sand.

#8 — Century Wavemaster XXL

The Wavemaster XXL may not be the cheapest option on this list but it is one of the best free standing punching bags out there. It has the largest striking area as compared to others on this list making it perfect for martial arts and kick boxing.

  • This punching bag stands at 175cm in height and 45cm in diameter providing you with an extremely reasonable striking area.
  • The Wavemaster XXL is made up of heavy-duty, durable vinyl and is filled with high-density foam that allows this bag to take quite a beating. It weighs an excess of 100kg when filled so you wouldn’t have to worry about its stability and whether it would fall down.

The Wavemaster XXL punching bag is ideal for kick boxing, MMA, self-defense training and boxing. Most importantly, it comes with a stable base that is engineered to absorb shock and noise. The base can also be filled with water and sand.

Are free standing punch bags any good?

Freestanding bags can be extremely effective if you know what you’re doing. All punching bags have a purpose. For example, small hanging punch bags are used to develop strike speed, hand-eye coordination, shift weight and learn to keep their arms up.

While pros do tend to gravitate towards large hanging bags when developing strength and endurance, a freestanding bag can be equally beneficial. In fact, since, it’s so versatile it can be perfect for certain martial arts like kickboxing that have low kicks. Check out our list of the Best Free Standing Punch Bag for Home UK for more details.

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