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Dating can be fun if you find the right person (or people). And how do you find the RIGHT person? Try checking out these best dating apps in UK!

From the days of being set up by our closest friends on some truly disastrous dinner dates or picking up singletons at a party, we now live in the age where we can find our own people to date, with similar or interesting quirks and interests.

While that is definitely appealing, we know that with the million dating apps out there, it’s quite confusing. I mean, there are only so many apps you can manage on your phone, right?

With the lockdown, many of these dating apps have upped their game and added features like video dating. We downloaded all these apps, checked them out one by one (yes, it was good fun, *wink*) and got you the best.

Take a look at the best dating apps in the UK and find the perfect partner you’ve dreamed of.

15 Best Dating Apps

Purpose Dating Apps in UK 
Casual dating apps in UKElite, Tinder
Dating apps in UK for Committed relationships EHarmony 
Dating apps in UK for older people Our Time
Dating apps in UK for Queer relationships HER , Grindr
Dating apps in UK for Similar religious beliefs Christian connection

#1- EHarmony UK dating apps in UK

Meant for: Finding a serious relationship

While there are several apps meant for casual dating and “seeing where it goes”, EHarmony is clear about being an app for those who are looking to find a serious relationship.

Through an extensive personality questionnaire and features like compatibility scores, friend for advice, video chats, and relationship advice, this is the app you choose to find that special someone.

EHarmony achieves this by giving you very limited access for free and making you subscribe if you want to even chat with a match.

Cost: Free with limited access. Subscription from 7.95 pounds a month

#2-Elite Singles dating apps in UK 

15 Best Dating Apps

Meant for: Serious relationships for educated professionals

Elite Singles is another app that moves away from mindless swiping and focusses on helping you find that person you connect with intellectually, and for a long term relationship.

If you are busy and don’t have time for casual dating, this is the app for you. With matches that are checked manually before sending them to you, Elite Singles brings you quality.

They achieve this by making the subscription expensive, so you get only serious people registering on the app. This is specifically meant for people who have a university or college degree and over the age of 35. 

Cost: Free with limited access. Subscription from 24.95 a month

#3-Our Time dating app in UK

(Best dating apps for over 40 UK)

Meant for: For seniors looking for love

An app that is dedicated to people over the age of 50 is Our Time. This is for those who don’t really like the idea of virtually filtering people and would actually meet someone in person and have a real conversation.

The sites organizes meetups and events regularly where you can meet loads of like-minded people in your area, talk to them and see if you hit it off. Membership is free and you can even get your friends to join in for the events!

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Cost: Free

#4- OkCupid dating app 

Meant for: People who like being themselves and showcasing it

OkCupid might seem a bit daunting at first with the crazy number of questions to be answered in your profile. But it is that extensive interview that helps you narrow down like-minded people to date.

You have the option of chatting only with people you match with for free. OkCupid has become popular in the recent past as its the only app that gives you the option to choose from over 20 genders and over 10 sexual orientation options. Be yourself and showcase your passions and quirks!

Cost: Free with premium membership options

#5- Happn apps for dating in UK 

Meant for: singles who cross paths frequently

Happn is an exciting app especially if you’re an introvert. It might get a bit daunting to approach that guy who works on the 5th floor, you pass him by every day and spend a couple of minutes in the elevator. But it gets easier when you spot him on Happn and send him a “heart”.

If he sends you one back, start talking and see where it goes! It even tells you how many times you cross paths with a person, so you can narrow down by similar interests or work. With a premium subscription, you even get ten “hellos” where you don’t have to wait for him to send you a heart back. 

Cost: Free, premium subscription: 1.99

#6- Tinder dating app in UK 

15 Best Dating Apps

Meant for: Casual Dating

Well, you didn’t think you were gonna have a post without Tinder featuring on the list, did you? The mother of all dating apps, Tinder has managed to become a “term” for dating. Meant for casual dating, Tinder focuses more on photos than any other app we’ve seen.

With not much required in terms of a profile, you can swipe right based on the linked Instagram and Spotify profiles and if they like you back, you can set up a date. Tinder is one of the most used apps in the UK and in the rest of the world. 

Cost: Free

#7-Parship dating apps in UK 

15 Best Dating Apps

Meant for: Singles looking for serious and long term relationships

Parship is an app with a very high success rate. 40% of their members are documented to have found their partner through this app. Now that gives us some hope. They achieve this by using their research of 40 years to narrow down how people click.

The sites divide people into 36 character and personality traits and then use 136 rules to find you your matches. That way, you’re not wasting time while you are narrowing down people compatible with you. 

Cost: Free membership

#8-HER dating app 

(Top gay dating apps in UK)

Meant for: lesbian, bisexual and queer women

While most dating apps do give you the option of narrowing down your preference, HER makes this so much easier by offering a network just for meeting lesbian, queer and bisexual women.

You can create a free profile and have access to all the profiles and chat with them. A paid subscription helps you filter them based on your preference. 

Cost: Free

#9-Badoo Dating apps in UK

Meant for: Casual dating

Designed similar to Tinder with the swiping feature and heavy with photos, Badoo gives you the option of casual dating, an open relationship or a long term relationship.

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However, a majority of the people listed on Badoo like the app as it allows you to keep your options open. Since the subscription is free, you have 10s of 1000s of users on this app. 

Cost: Free

#10-Christian Connection dating apps in UK 

Meant for: Christian Singles

One of the most popular apps in the UK, responsible for helping 1000s of Christians find their true love, Christian Connection is best for those looking for long term commitments with people from the same religion.

The app allows you to set up a detailed profile and when you are interested in someone, you can wave at them. The free service is very limited, so you have to pay for a membership to get more access like sending personalised messages. 

Cost: Free with limited access. Subscription from 24 a month

#11-JDate apps for dating in UK 

Meant for: Jewish Singles

This website exclusively designed for eligible Jewish singles to meet each other has been around for as long as 20 years. A very successful network across the world, this app allows profiles with up to 6 photos, details of their work, hobbies, interests and passions.

There is a feature called the “Lookbook” where you can get updates on what your potential partners are up to. With a free membership and daily questions in the Kibitz corner that are answered, there is a sense of community and unity on this app.  

Cost: Free membership

#12- Muzmatch dating apps in UK 

Meant for: Muslim singles

One of the most successful networks in the UK matching Muslim like-minded singles is MuzMatch. This is for finding long term relationships. One of the most secure apps we have ever come across, your photos and name can stay hidden until you really like a person back.

All members are manually verified, so you are assured of real profiles and no fakes. The app even allows you to use a chaperone in your chats until you are comfortable. The free membership lets you chat with those you match with and the paid subscription allows you to send messages even before your match. 

Cost: Free

#13- Hinge UK dating app 

Meant for: Smart, young millennials

An app that showcases your sense of humour and quirkiness, this is perfect for millennials looking to date. Taking a page from all the popular social media sites, Hinge gets you to answer a few questions and if they are “liked” by another person, you can start up a conversation.

You get free access to unlimited texts and swipes, but if you want to filter certain results, you can pay for a membership. 

Cost: Free

#14- The Inner Circle

Meant for: young educated professionals

The Inner Circle sounds like an exclusive community and they do strive to make it so. The membership process is stringent where you fill out an application and connect your Facebook and Linkedin profiles. These are manually verified before accepting you into the circle.

The free membership only lets you create a profile so you gotta pay even if you want to strike a conversation with a person you are interested in. You also get invited to exclusive events where you can physically meet like-minded people.  

Cost: 20 pounds

#15 – Match 

Meant for : Hookups and serious relationships

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If you are just testing the waters in the dating world, then Match is the right app for you. Here, you can make up your mind while you meet people with varied or similar interests as you and decide what you want with them. It is well known for the amazing options and opportunities this app provides for a great user experience. 

Cost : Increases with each upgrade. 

How to stay safe while online dating? 

It can very scary to start online dating especially if you have heard about unsafe instances or had a bad experience on your own. But that does not strike out the fact that you actually have a lot of choices online to find the right one. 

So here are some tips from our side to keep you safe while you’re on your experience. 

Keep your credentials to yourself

While you’re on a public platform most times your personal information is just out there for the rest of the world to see. Make sure you avoid doing that when you enroll on an online dating app. Keep them private. 

Meet in a safe place

Eventually, you and your partner/ friend are going to be meeting and it is better you meet in a place out in the open. 

Refuse to meet in closed places such as apartments during your first time.

Share it with a friend 

Talk to one of your friends about the match that you have made and keep someone on the loop. It is easy for relationships of this kind to be kept secret and not have anyone find out about it. So make sure there’s always a person 

What is the most popular dating app in the UK?

Tinder and bumble are the most popular dating apps if you’re looking for your soulmate. When it comes to LGBTQ dating apps, Grindr is a good option for gay men while HER is most popular with lesbian women. These modern dating apps provide single people with quality matches and also offer premium subscriptions.

What is the most popular dating site in the UK?

If you want a more controlled experience, and apps aren’t cutting it, try going on popular dating sites in UK. According to us, OKcupid and Match.com are among the more popular dating sites. They are safe, reliable, and helps you find the right partner, whether you’re looking for real connections, friendship, or a fling.

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