Best Cleaning Products 2022 | For All Types of Surfaces

We’ve stepped into the new year and we all are more concerned about more hygiene at home and when stepping outside. I have personally gone through so many products over the last couple of months to ensure a germ-free environment for my family and I’ve listed out a couple of my must-haves that keep my home spotless and my mind clean of any stains and worry. Check out my list of the Best Cleaning Products UK for all the details.

After having reviewed 100 cleaning products based on various factors like type, effectiveness, materials, features, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 8 that really stood out. These 8 were further put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best cleaning product in the UK is the Flash Magic Eraser. This portable product can easily fit in a purse or even a pocket. It is used to remove stains on all your washable surfaces and helps prevent any permanent colour change. The user has to add water over the stained surface and run the eraser over it to get rid of the stain. It highly effective.

I’ve listed a couple of more interesting cleaning products below that are sure to amaze you! Here’s my list of the Best Cleaning Products UK.

Best Cleaning Products UK

Method Multi-Surface Cleaner

The first cleaning product on my list is a must for every home for all those small mishaps that no one has control over. The Method multi-surface cleaner does as the label says cleans all-kinds of surfaces without a problem. It is naturally derived and formulated for safe home use on metal, tile, sealed wood, marble. It is one of the Best Cleaning Products UK.

  • It is biodegradable and eco-friendly, a good choice if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals to clean out your home. It is lavender scented giving your surface an amazing fresh fragrance after using it. 
  • It is biodegradable and eco-friendly making it safe to use at home around children. 
  • It is lavender scented leaving your surfacing looking good and smelling great. 

What’s in it for you

If you have newborn children at home, keeping the surface clean is a must, and using harsh chemicals might affect the skin of your child. The method uses a naturally derived formula making it safe on your skin. 

Key Features

  • The Method Multi-surface cleaner is a lavender-scented all-surface cleaner that is naturally formulated making it eco-friendly and safe for use at home.
  • It comes in a handy spray bottle just spray on the surface, let it rest for a minute, and wipe clean. 

Finish All In One Max Lemon Dishwasher Tablets

The Finish Powerball stood out to me as one of the best dishwasher detergents that remove all kinds of grease and stain without a problem. It comes in the form of a tablet, unlike most liquid detergents. Drop a tablet into the sink with all the dishes of the night and let it soak for an hour or two depending on how many dishes.

  • The detergent breaks down the toughest stains and softens it so it can easily be cleaned out. Reducing stress on you and your hands while cleaning your dishes out. 
  • It has a powerful formula that helps remove the toughest of stains easily by just soaking the dishes. 
  • Each pack comes with 90 tablets, one for each day making it worth buying when compared to liquid detergents where you have no control over how much is used. 
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What’s in it for you

The Powerball technology is one of a kind that soaks and softens food residues by releasing cleaning agents to particularly target the stains. 

Key Features

  • The Finish Powerball dishwasher detergent stood out to be one of the best cleaning products.
  • It comes in a bag of 90 tablets, you just drop a tablet in the sink with the dishes and let it soak for an hour.
  • It releases cleaning agents that soften the grease and food residue leaving your dishes spotless. 

Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils Pre-Wash

In search of the best cleaning products, I loved this handy pre-wash from Dr Beckmann that is a godsend when wearing your pricey clothes and accidentally dropping food. It removes a variety of everyday stains and is a bleach-free formula making it safe on sensitive skin.

  • It can remove stains in a matter of 10-15 mins with the help of the unique soft brush applicator that gets deep inside the stain and breaks it down without damaging the fibres of your cloth.
  • It can remove a variety of stains that can happen every day like blood, grease, sauce, and baby food.
  • The formula used is bleach-free making it comfortable on sensitive skin but can still remove the toughest of stains in 10-15 mins. 

What’s in it for you

It comes with a unique soft brush applicator that helps get in deep into the stain, breaking it down for easy removal. 

Key Features

  • The Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Pre-wash is a handy solution for those food stains and sauce drops at parties that can spoil the best of your clothing.
  • It uses a bleach-free formula that sinks deep into the stain and breaks it down in 10-15 mins without harming the fibres of your clothes. 


The E-cloth comes in fourth as one of the best cleaning products for your home, it helps remove thick grease and dirt from any hard surface without a problem and can be easily cleaned after. 

  • No extra solution is required making it really handy in an emergency situation, just pour some water over the stain and the fibres of the e-cloth will remove 99% of the bacteria and dirt. 
  • If you’re looking for something to keep in your car to use for those food residues this one cloth is just perfect just add water and clean. 
  • Requires no extra solution to be applied on the stained surface just add water and clean the stain. 
  • It removes over 99% of bacteria making it safe to use anywhere.
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What’s in it for you

The e-cloth is made of special fibres that lift and hold grease and dirt deep within the cloth and lasts quite a while with a three-year warranty provided by the company for product assurance. 

Key Features

  • E-cloth is an excellent cleaning product that is simple and easy to use.
  • Just add some water over the hard surface and wipe the stain clean right off the table in just one try.
  • It removes bacteria and can last quite a while with its three-year guarantee making it perfect to have in your car and home. 

Marigold Cleaning Me Softly Scourer

Searching for the best cleaning products I found the Marigold cleaning scrab and amazing scrubber on my marble kitchen sink that I love being cleaned with causing scratches thanks to the marigold scrub.

  • It is Teflon approved ensuring your most delicate household items remain spotless without a scratch. 
  • Can be used without any extra solution to avoid any chemical damage just dip in water and clean the fibres to the job. 

What’s in it for you

The fibres used in making this cleaning sponge were focused on removing dirt and stain without causing scratches making it perfect to clean your priceless vases and home decor. 

Key Features

  • The Marigold cleaning sponge is a fibre-based cleaning product that requires just water to clean all your priced home decor.
  • It uses its microfibers to remove dirt and stains leaving your surface clean and spotless. 

Flash Magic Eraser

The unique and handy cleaning product is, without doubt, a must-have in every home and is small enough to fit in your backpack or purse. It is used to remove stains on all your washable surfaces and helps prevent any permanent colour change. Just add water over the stained surface and start rubbing the eraser.

  • You see nothing but the cloth fabric with the stain removed. An excellent option to have when travelling. 
  • Small and portable making it easy to carry anywhere with you and can be reused by storing it away.
  • Does not need any additional solution, just add water and rub the stain right off.

What’s in it for you

This wonder cleaner can be reused till the eraser is completely used. Making it worth buy for long term travelling use. 

Key Features

  • The Flash Magic Eraser is a handy cleaning eraser that is compact and fits in your pocket.
  • It requires no add solution, just add water to the stain and rub it with the eraser to remove the stain with ease. 

De-Solv-it Sticky Stuff Remover 

If you always think twice when sticking a hook on or tape on your furniture and glass because of the sticky stain that is so hard to remove. Worry no more this handy can of adhesive remover from De-Solv-it removes all the sticky blots right off. It is one of the best Cleaning Products UK.

  • Just spray the remover over the leftover adhesive and sweep it clean right off. If you’re looking for a solution for those sticky tape marks this is ideal for you.
  • Come in a handy spray can that allows you to spray the formula at any angle.
  • It is suitable on most surfaces like metal, plastic, glass, fabrics, and more. 
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What’s in it for you

It is formulated into a powerful gel spray solution that makes it easy to handle even vertical and ceiling sticky marks.

Key Features

  • The De-Solv-it spray can provide a formulated thick gel that is meant to be sprayed on any sticky gum surface.
  • It breaks the glue and removes it in just one swipe making it useful in every household. 

HG Mold Spray

Ever wondered how to keep your wooden home furniture free from mould, fungus, and algae? This unique spray from HG is ideal for you if you have furniture that you keep outside in your garden or patio. It is one of the best Cleaning Products UK.

  • Just a couple of sprays of the wonder solution and you’re safe from any fungal growth on your furniture. 
  • Effortlessly removes and prevents brown and black stains caused by fungal bacteria. 

What’s in it for you

This wonder spray also helps remove black and brown marks that are found on silicon seals that lay between the bathtub and edges of tiles making it versatile for home use. 

Key Features

  • The HG mould removal spray comes in a spray bottle that helps remove and prevent mould and fungal bacteria attracted to your moist furniture.
  • It can also be used on removing marks caused by silicon seals in the bathroom. 

What are the best home cleaning products?

The best home cleaning products would have to be the Method Multi-Surface Cleaner. As you can imagine it is extremely effective on all types of surface like metal, wood, ceramic, granite, titles. etc.

Additionally, this multi-surface cleaner is free from toxic chemicals. In fact, one of the best things about this home cleaning product is that it can even be used in sensitive environments like a baby’s bedroom without issues. Check out my list of the Best Cleaning Products UK for all the details.

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