Types of Charcoal for BBQ in UK 2022

Every time someone says, ‘Hey let’s have a barbecue this weekend?’ this thought will definitely come to your mind – Okay, but what about the charcoal?

Barbecuing is so much more than just tossing some pieces of chicken or beef over the grill. It is a craft and if perfected, can give an amazing extra smoky taste that lingers on your taste buds for a long time. Any kind of   charcoal when burnt produces high heat with little smoke that gives your meal a pure, mind-blowing texture and outstanding flavor to your food.

The first step is to decide which charcoal is to be used and you will find various kinds at the hardware store from lump wood charcoal to charcoal briquettes and binchotan to coconut shell charcoal. But which one would be the best for your grill?

Follow our detailed guide for the best charcoal for BBQ that you can buy for your next Sunday brunch.

  • Webner BBQ Charcoal Briquettes
  • Big K Charcoal Lumpwood
  • Alderline Super Burn Charcoal
  • Marienburg Organic Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal
  • Cue BBQ Coconut Shell Charcoal

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Top 5 Best Charcoal for BBQ UK

Webner BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

Best Charcoal for BBQ UK

Give your meat the best fuel with Webner BBQ Briquettes giving you an easy ignition that burns for a long time. Webner has been around since 1952 and is known for celebrating perfect barbecues. They are also one of the world’s leading providers with the most innovative range of products and services created to give you that ultimate barbecue experience. Webner BBQ can be found in over forty countries on all continents.

Webner’s BBQ charcoal briquettes are made from FSC certified waste wood and contain no artificial binders, additives and any other chemicals. Made with carbonized wood, starch and water, this charcoal is 100 percent organic and will give you glowing coals on your barbecue in just twenty minutes.

Thanks to its large size, you will need only a few coals to get your barbecue. With all natural ingredients, this charcoal is absolutely perfect for lighting BBQ, outdoor stove and pizza oven so that your food tastes genuinely pure and chemical free. It has a distinctive XL cushion shape to give you a quick and easy ignition.

The BBQ charcoal briquettes come in water resistant packaging in order to protect your grilling plans. You can enjoy a longer burn time for two to three hours.

Big K Charcoal Lumpwood

BIG K lump wood charcoal is the perfect choice when you need to use good quality charcoal for a Sunday BBQ brunch. This charcoal burns clean with no additives and will give you up to ninety minutes of cooking time for your family and friends. It is also very quick to light so you do not have to wait around while everyone is grumbling because they’re hungry.

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The charcoal provides you with a deep smoky flavor, giving your food an authentic grilled taste. It is very versatile and has the flexibility to try different grilling techniques. With 100 percent natural ingredients, this charcoal is packed in clean durable bags to avoid any dust from getting all around. It is FSC certified and you will be so glad to know it is produced safely, legally and ethically.

It is very easy to light, you can light it by first spreading the charcoal over and around and then using a firelighter with a long match or taper wait around twenty minutes for the flames to die down and the charcoal to change into a grayish texture and color. Next, spread out the coals and wait for the flames to settle while you start cooking. Please note to cook over heat and not flames. You can also use BIG K’s lighting gel for heating too.

Alderline Super Burn Charcoal

Best Charcoal for BBQ UK

Alderline Super Burn Charcoal Briquettes gives you the feeling of being a professional chef as they are the perfect barbecue coal used at home and restaurants.

Because of its long, steady and equal burning characteristics, you can be rest assured that it will give your food the ultimate grilling experience with juicy and succulent meat and more pure flavors.

It gives out a smokeless and odor free burn and is perfectly suitable for making a pizza or grilling as it gives very high heat. Each bag is equivalent to at least two ten kilo bags of standard lump wood charcoal.

Some major benefits include

  • ·100% Natural, Organic and Sustainable Restaurant Grade Charcoal
  • · Ready to cook in just fifteen minutes and burns for five hours and more reaching 900 degrees Celsius with ease.
  •  Extra long burning time that burns equally and consistently giving the easiest cooking experience without residue
  •  Smokeless, Odorless and Chemical-free charcoal
  • · High quality and is produced without any tar or toxins, providing pure charcoal flavor to your meal.
  •   Can be easily broken down into smaller pieces to make even charcoal surface for even cooking, so that the food will not be burned on one side and raw on the other side.

Marienburg Organic Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal

Marienburg Organic Lump wood Charcoal is your go to choice to enjoy a nice barbecue with your friends and family. This restaurant grade charcoal is ideal for pizza ovens, charcoal grills, restaurants, home or professional barbecues and much more.

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Once your charcoal is ignited, within fifteen minutes it will be ready for cooking and will last you a long time. Using a chimney starter will not be necessary as just a natural fire lighter or fist size paper ball is enough to ignite the coal very easily.

Marienburg charcoal is smokeless and odorless charcoal, organic, sustainable and environment friendly lump wood charcoal, so it is great for someone who cares about the environment because it is made from a sustainable alder tree.

It is also a restaurant grade charcoal that comes in a family size bag of coal with ninety five percent of pieces in size between five to twenty centimeters. The charcoal is also lightweight and durable.

Cue BBQ Coconut Shell Charcoal

Cue Coconut Charcoal is made from natural and tropical coconut shell leftovers after the inner parts of the shell are processed and used for coconut milk, oil and meat. It has numerous benefits including the fact that it burns fifty percent longer i.e. Up to twelve hours and is around thirty percent hotter than traditional charcoal briquettes. There is no odor and for all you environment enthusiasts, you will be happy to know that no trees are felled and harvested in the making of this charcoal.

It is well suited for all restaurants that use charcoal grills and also burns longer at a higher temperature for your cooking requirements. This company also produces eco-friendly briquettes made from recycled and hundred percent organic coconut shells along with an organic binder manufactured according to restaurant quality.

By using this coconut charcoal, toxic emissions and smoke into our environment will reduce considerably. It has very little flare-up compared to regular charcoal so it is ideal while cooking a nice rack of lamb or chicken.

Main highlights include

  • ·They are natural and organic without any additives and chemicals
  • · Produces less ash and smoke compared to other kinds of charcoal thus letting you experience the pure smoky taste of the food
  • · Burns longer and is much  hotter than other kinds of charcoal
  • · It produces a clean burn  with reduced sparks
  • · Coconut shell charcoal is the least Co2 emitting charcoal in the world
  • ·Comes in a very handy and protective packaging to prevent moisture

What are the benefits of charcoal?

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 You will also be glad to know more about the different benefits that charcoal has to offer. You can nourish your compost pile by adding charcoal to increase its carbon content. If you have dark wood floors and furniture with stains on them grab a piece of charcoal and rub it on them.

Also,for fresh air you can keep charcoal in an open bowl in your fridge or drawers to remove bad odors.Did you know that if you place a lump of charcoal beneath the cut steam in a vase the water will remain clean and clear? You can break it into chunks and spread it across bushes in order to keep soil moist and suppress weeds.

Why not even entertain the children by using a piece to draw hopscotch squares? If you have orchids at home, you could try placing small pieces in your pot that will help nourish it. You can place a piece in your tool box in order to keep the metal from oxidizing and helps absorb moisture.

So, you see, charcoal work wonders and investing in it would be a good choice.


At the end of the day, if something you purchase doesn’t meet your needs and expectations, you will just be disappointed.

So, remember before you visit your local hardware or home store, consider all the above pointers when purchasing the type of charcoal that you would need to create that best barbecue dinner for the family.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day, using the barbecue to cook outstanding food starts with the right type of charcoal that will elevate your flavors and take your menu to a whole new level.

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