Best Baby Room Temperature 2022 | Ideal Room Temperature and Tips to Follow

We as parents tend to overthink everything when it comes to our babies. We ensure the right sleeping arrangements with a bed guard, the right kind of bedding and, and other accessories required. With all these on our minds, we tend to forget one of the most important factors that can affect a baby’s health and sleep which is really important for his/her growth.

Can you guess what I am talking about? It is the best baby room temperature. I didn’t figure it out for a while too but once I knew how critical it is to maintain an optimum room temperature is, I ensured it stayed right at all times. It is one of the major causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in kids. 

Now you don’t want that to ever happen right? 

You have to maintain the temperature in your baby’s cool but not too cold. It needs to be perfect at all times. I will get into the details of why and how you should maintain the right temperature. Make sure you read the article right till the end so you don’t miss any information.

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Best Baby Room Temperature

The best baby room temperature is between 20°-22.2°C or 68°-72°F. This temperature might feel a bit chilly for most, but it has been proven that maintaining this temperature in your baby’s room will ensure a safe and comfortable sleep for your child. Though it may seem tempting to swaddle your baby in layers of blankets, it’s not safe to do so. Rather, it’s ideal to maintain a cooler room as it is much more beneficial to your newborns health and wellness.

How do you determine the ideal room temperature for a baby?

Overheating is one of the main causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in kids. But it can get tricky when you yourself don’t know what the temperature is. You may know what the temperature in a room is but you will never be able to gauge if it is comfortable for the baby. 

So how do you determine the right temperature then? The best way is to check how you feel in the same room? We, as adults, can sleep better in a cool, yet comfortable room. When it gets too hot, we tend to sweat making it really uncomfortable for us to sleep. 

This is an indication that it is extremely hot for your baby as they are much more sensitive than us.

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So, as a general rule, if the bedroom temperature feels comfortable for you, you can take it as being comfortable for your little bundles of joy. If you’re unable to determine the exact temperature, then you can buy a room temperature for the baby’s bedroom and keep an eye on it frequently.

Best Baby Room Temperature

To explain SIDS, it is a cause of death of babies usually during sleep. It usually occurs in children below 12 months of age. As per research, it is caused by overheating of the body during deep sleep that causes death and your baby may never wake from it. Scary right.

So as I mentioned earlier 20° to 22.2°C or 68° to 72°F is ideal for babies when they are appropriately dressed. It is imperative that you do not ever overdress your baby under layers and layers of clothing. 

How do you keep your room baby’s room at the right temperature?

For starters, it is a good habit to have your baby sleep in the same room as you but not with you during the early months. I strongly believe in this as I have seen the difference myself. We, adults, tend to use a blanket sometimes during sleep and it can be a big hindrance to your baby. So let the baby sleep in a crib next to you in the same room but not on the bed with you.

Another critical thing I would suggest is to constantly monitor your home’s thermostat at all times. If your baby shows a hint of discomfort, you should control it to match the baby’s comfort so he/she sleeps. 

Best Baby Room Temperature

But always note that the home’s thermostat can control the entire home’s temperature so many factors come into play. The furniture in the room, the kind of mattresses used. If the windows in the room are open or not or if your insulated walls can retain the temperature you have set or not.

So keep into account before you reduce or increase the temperature and it is always best to keep these factors in mind. I did one thing before my baby came in, I checked all the duct-work in the room we were going to use, I made sure the insulation was in order. You can have a quick check too so you are 100% sure about it.

Buy a good thermometer for your baby’s room and make sure it stays there at all times. It is important you keep a check at all times to maintain the optimum temperature when compared to other rooms in the house. 

Safe sleep tips to prevent SIDS

Best Baby Room Temperature

First things first, you should know that your bed is not safe for a baby. You need a separate bassinet or a baby bed for your baby. You need to give your baby a safe space albeit in the same room but don’t make the mistake of making your baby sleep in between you and your partner not at least for the first 12 months.

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You also might want to know that, the risk of SIDS is 50 lesser when your baby sleeps in the same room as you. The reason is unknown but it has to be that you are aware and on a watch. Don’t you agree?

You also have to make sure the room you and your baby sleep in has good soundproofing, or make sure there is no background noise as deep sleep is important for your baby’s growth. 

I have a few tips to avoid the dreaded SIDS

  • Always ensure your baby sleep on his/her back.
  • Keep a fan if required but face it towards the ceiling and not directly at the baby.
  • Make sure you don’t have thick blankets and padding all over the crib to ensure air circulation 
  • You should remove anything that might be suffocating 
  • A pacifier might help your baby get deep sleep
  • Avoid smoking in the house
  • There are reports that the risk of SIDS is reduced with breastfeeding. Please read more about this
  • Keep a constant check on your thermostat and thermometer

How should you dress your baby for sleep?

Best Baby Room Temperature

You should ideally know is that what is uncomfortable for you is definitely uncomfortable for the baby. So get those fluffy blankets and warmers out of the baby bed or crib. Thick pajamas or baby clothes are a strict no as well. In short, anything that can cause sweating should be kept for a cooler climate.

Keep a check on these warning signs that may include

  1. Heavy breathing
  2. Sweats
  3. Rashes
  4. Flushing 

Another important check is to check if there is a change in temperature in the room during the night, if that is the case you might as well dress the baby in cotton clothes.

I used to check the back of my baby’s head or his tiny little tummy to check if there was dampness or warmth. You can make this a habit too. A few suggest checking the baby’s feet but I’m not too sure if it the right measure.

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Getting back to clothes there is sleepwear designed specifically for babies and I would suggest using those to ensure your baby has the best baby room temperature. You might also try getting onesies that help your baby stay warm during the cold months. 

So in short for summers choose lighter colors, cotton sleepwear, and in winter, pick woolen socks and warm onesies that are available in so many varieties.

You can check out the best babywear and baby accessories collection on Amazon UK.


As a parent, I would advise not putting in air conditioners or heaters in the room where your baby is going to sleep. It is always best when there is natural airflow in the room. Proper light and less background noise will surely help in your baby’s growth. 

It’s not just your baby’s sleep that matters here, if the baby sleeps well you get good sleep too. And the most important thing about me writing this article is to prevent SIDS from taking more lives. 

I would be repeating myself but it is a really good practice to keep a check on the thermostat and thermometer at regular intervals. Another best practice is to sleep in the same room as your child. It not only helps you monitor things better but gives your baby a sense of security too. 

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