Best Baby Playpens UK 2021

I recently visted my sister and her daughter who’s 8 months. And while it was a fun afternoon I realised Just how unpredictable kids are. My niece has a habit of crawling into the kitchen. So, i could imagine the consequenses of taking my eyes off her for a second. I got talking with my sister and decided to get them a Playpen. So, I got to reviewing quite a bit of playpens and compiled a list of the Best Baby Playpens UK.

Playpens are absolutely important in the first few developmental years of a child’s life. You’d think that a house it safe enough but unfortunately babies needs a safer environment to learn how to walk and most importantly play. It’s a must-have baby product that can easily be purchased on Amazon UK.

While there were a ton of playpens on the E-commerce site, I managed to find the best of the best after intensive reviews. Check out our list of the Best Baby Playpens UK for more details.

Best Baby Playpens UK

    Best Baby Playpens UK

    #1 — Venture All Stars DUO Plastic Baby Playpen With Play Mats

    The Venture All Stars DUO Plastic Baby Playpen With Play Mats is one of the best playpens in the UK. Not only does it have an amazing design but it also comes with a bunch of features that make it brilliant product. Although, I did take quite a bit of time putting this together, I can tell you will complete confidence that this is one of a kind and absolutely worth it.

    • This playpen is made from a bunch of lightweight plastic panels. It’s extremely easy to put together and you won’t require any tools. Once constructed, this playpen will have dimensions of the 24.9 square feet. Which is quite huge, to be honest. This makes it perfect for the yard and the indoors.
    • Every playpen comes with a bag full of coloured plastic balls to play with. Most importantly, every play pen comes with a bunch of EVA foam mats that make it safe and comfortable environment for your child.
    • The Venture All Stars DUO Plastic Baby Playpen With meet the British safety standards, with every HDPE panel being toxic material like BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Latex, and Formaldehyde.

    It is also equipped with a learning panel that provides you and you little one an opportunity to play together and even learn number, time and ABC’s.

    Key Features

    • Intergrated learning panel
    • Meets British safety standards
    • Comes with eva foam mats for comfort
    • Comes with Plastic balls to play with
    • Amazing design that covers an area of about 24.9 square feet
    • Sturdy
    • Budget-friendly

    #2 — Venture All Stars Joy Baby playpen

    Venture is one of the best companies when it comes to baby products they really know how to cater to parents with a busy life. Most importantly, the quality is on point. Unlike the previous playpen from venture, this one is mostly for parents who want a quick set up. It’s foldable and big enough to easily accommodate you child.

    • This foldable playpen is extremely easy to set up. In fact it only take seconds to take it out of it’s portable bag and fold it open. It takes about 1.4 square meters of space which is perfect for a single child.
    • Although it is made with a steel frame, it’s is manufactured using a new patented folding system that doesn’t require any steel cross sections. This not only makes it studry but is also prevents the child from getting hurt.
    • It is padded with a nylon canvas weather resitant flor mat. So, you child won’t feel the cold or any sort moisture. This also makes it extremely easy to maintain, all you have to do is take a wet cloth a wipe, when there’s a spill.

    The mesh sides which are of decent height offer clear visibility so you can easily keep a track of your child. These mesh sides are also pretty soft to prevent bumps. It also has a zip opening panel to allow entry.

    Key Features

    • Soft mesh sides
    • Side door
    • Decent visibilty
    • Weather resitant nylon material
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Highly portable and convenient
    • Takes up a maximum of 1.4 meters

    #3 — BabyDan Deluxe PlayPen

    BabyDan is a Scandinavian company that prides themselves on being of the best baby brands in all of Europe. They primarily specialise in baby safety equipment like baby playpens and always follow the latest European Saftey Standard. Their BabyDan Deluxe PlayPen is one of the Best Baby Playpens UK.

    • This baby den is completely made out of metal expect for the base. It has a large metal door on one side and four sturdy metal walls in a hexagonal shape. The base is made out of a soft playmat.
    • The baby den has a circumferance of 369 cm, making it perfect for one child.
    • Although it was quite a while to assemble, it was extremely simple as it has unique tool-free process. It has multiple configuratations.

    For example, you can convert it into a safety gate, half gate or a room divider as you child grows up.

    Key Features

    • Muliple configurations
    • Simple and tool-free installation process
    • Circumferance of 360cm
    • Metal den

    #4 — Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Playpen

    The Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Playpen is another foldable baby den that’s not only highly portable and ultra lightweight but is also perfect fro both indoor and outdoor. This is the perfect playpen to carry to the park or to the beach.

    • Although it does have cross sectional metal rods, it is extremely sturdy and provides a play area of 14 sq ft. The set up just needs seconds. It’s perfect for babies aged 6 months and up to 35 inches in height.

    It has a water resitant base that keeps the baby dry on damp grass. It also has air mesh sides to provide visibility. This playpen can be easily folded and carried inside a separate bag.

    Key Features

    • Portable and comes with a carry bag
    • Water-resitant base
    • Provides 14 sq ft of play area
    • It’s one of the Best Baby Playpens UK.
    • Perfect for indoor use and outdoor use

    #5 — Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Playpen

    This is one of the most versatile playpens on this list. Although it is similar to the BabyDan playpen, the Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Playpen can also be used as a fireplace guard and a barrier to prevent pets or children from accessing certain areas like the kitchen. It’s one of the Best Baby Playpens UK.

    • This playpen is made from durable metal and you only get the metal frame. Which means that you will have to take care of the cushioning for your baby on your own.
    • It comes with one door so, that there no need to lift and place you baby into the playpen every time. This quick access door also comes in handy when you want to clean a messy situation.
    • The Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Playpen comes with 6 metal configurable panels that are 3.8 m wide and 74 cm tall. It also comes with wall brackets and totally complies with safety standards.

    Not only is this playpen easy to install but it is also easy foldable and can be carried with you on your travels making it ideal for families on the go. The best part is that it requires very few tools.

    Key Features

    • Portable and easily foldable
    • 6 metal configurable panels.
    • Extremely versatile
    • Durable
    • Adheres to European safety standards and comes with a door

    #6 — BABYMOOV Aquani 3-in-1

    Babymoov is one of the most innovative and best baby brands in the country. So, it’s a given that their playpen is going to be extremely unique. The BABYMOOV Aquani 3-in-1 is a amazing hybrid between a cot, play area and a pool. Yeah, you read that right, a pool.

    • This playpen has the most unique design on this list. Although it is quite tiny, it functions great as a cot more than anything. While it does have a decent amount of space to play in the i would recommend it. And the pool function is honestly Babymoov reaching a bit too far.
    • It can be used as a pool. However, this is only to teach the baby paddling. It also has a pop up system which makes trasporting this playpen extremely easy.

    It, however, does have a few redeemable features. For example, the hood does provide a decent protection from UV rays, wing and sand. Which makes it the best when it comes to an outdoor playpen.

    Key Features

    • Multifunctional
    • Provides protection from UV rays, wing and sand
    • Works as a pool
    • Easy to transport.
    • Comfy cot feature

    What is the best playpen for babies?

    While there are pretty good playpens out there like the BabyDan and Summer infant Pop and Play, the best playpen for babies would have to be the Venture All Stars DUO Plastic Baby Playpen With Play Mats.

    Not only is designed to be sturdy but it also comes with a 24.9 square meters of coverage along with amazing features that make it one of the best playpens in the market. Check out our list of the Best Baby Playpens UK for more details.

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    Best Baby Playpens UK

    Playpens are essential in providing a safe environment for a baby. It helps them learn to walk and play in complete safety. Check out our list of the Best Baby Playpens UK for more details.

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