Best 50 inch Smart TVs 2022 | For a Fantastic Visual Experience

Smart TVs don’t have antennas that you should arrange every time you skip a channel. It comes with a remote that doesn’t have hundreds of buttons.

It doesn’t have the traditional left and right stereo speakers. And most importantly, There’s no need for a cable. They are equipped with a ton of features that will blow your mind. Why 50-inches? Because bigger is the smart TV the more amazing the experience. Here’s our list of the Best 50 inch Smart TVs UK.

Having these modern TVs isn’t only about aesthetic and opulence. It is really about adding an essential device that can put you to any information or entertainment that you need, any time, anywhere in your house.

Smart TVs really are the future of home entertainment, especially the 50-inch ones. Check out our Best Value 50 inch Smart TV UK list for all the details.

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After reviewing close to 75 50-inch smart TV’sbased on various factors like design, function, features, performance and price, My team and I zeroed in on 8 that really stood out. These 8 were further put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best 50 inch smart TV in the UK is Philips 50PUS7805/12 50-Inch TV. Featuring a high-quality slim design this TV is equipped with 4K UHD, HDR 10+ and P5 Perfect picture engine that offers amazing picture quality. This in addition to Dolby Vision and the Ambilight feature elevates the overall experience.

Best 50 inch Smart TVs 2021

Philips 50PUS7805/12 50-Inch TV

Best 50 inch Smart TVs

Featuring incredible video quality and the latest technology, the Philips 50PUS7805/12 50-Inch TV is the Best Value 50 inch Smart TV in the UK. Not only is the picture quality stellar but even the sound is out of this world. Most importantly, this Android TV has a simplified UI.

  • This 50 inch TV combines a slim design with the highest quality hardware. The combination of 4K UHD, HDR 10+ and P5 Perfect picture engine results in not just sharp and vibrant images but also lifelike colour with an amazing depth of field. This not only makes it an amazing TV but it can even be used as a monitor for your desktop computer.
  • In addition to the smooth motion quality of the video, the sound is extremely rich as it is powered by a Bowers & Wilkins speaker system. This TV is equipped with a Dolby Vision that offers crystal clear picture quality with depth. The combination of the two elevates the visual experience.
  • The navigation is out of this world. This smart TV can be hooked up to an Amazon Echo and controlled by commanding Alexa.
  • It has a unique Ambilight feature that takes the visual experience to a whole new level. Basically, this TV has lights on three sides that change according to the mood of the characters, video and sound, making it a highly immersive experience.
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Product Name: Philips 50PUS7805/12 50-Inch TV with Ambilight and HDR 10+

Key Features:

  • Ambilight feature
  • Crystal clear picture with depth
  • Sharp and vibrant images
  • P5 Perfect picture engine

TCL Roku 50C715K 50″ QLED Smart TV

The TCL Roku 50C715K TV lets you experience a one of a kind marvellous stream through its 500,000 movies and TV series collection.  Choose TCL 50C715K Roku QLED TV if you want to have the best quality watch time at your home.

  • It has 3 HDMI ports which you can use to extend or project the screen to another TV or device.
  • The TV also contains a USB port that you can use to open a file you that you might want to transfer or play a media file that you might have downloaded from other devices. It’s one of the best gadgets on Amazon UK.
  • Another thing is that it has a headphone jack and an optical audio output that you can use if you want to watch with complete sound effects directly into your ear.

Product Name: TCL Roku 50C715K 50″ QLED Smart TV

50-inch Smart TV Features:

  • 4K HDR Video Quality
  • Android 9.0, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Chromecast built-in
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR10+)

Samsung TU7020 Crystal 4K Smart TV

Best 50 inch Smart TVs

Next is the Samsung TU7020 4K Smart TV that comes with a large 50″ crystal display that’s able to provide you with pure color, sharp contrast and adequate brightness so every detail is visible.

  • The smart TV has a stunning 4K HDR screen, a Samsung Crystal Processor 4K, and spatial scaling engine.
  • It also includes a built-in WiFi for internet connection and Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant for wireless streaming.

Product Name: Samsung TU7020 Crystal 4K Smart TV

50-inch Smart TV Features:

  • 4K LED Screen Resolution
  • Amazon Alex/Google Assistant
  • UHD Upscaling
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR10, HDR10+)
  • Built-in WiFi (Dual Band)
  • 4K Crystal UHD Screen Resolution

Hisense 50AE7400FTUK HDR Smart TV

Best 50 inch Smart TVs

If you are looking for a smart TV that is easy to set up, try Hisense 50AE7400FTUK HDR Smart TV.

  • As opposed to Full HD, Hisense humbly offers its 4K feature for crisper videos and high dynamic range feature for a more distinguished figure on-screen.
  • It is then partnered with a fast dual-band wireless built-in WiFi for streaming without lag.
  • The 50-inch smart TV has also a 120 refresh rate, meaning that you won’t struggle to watch fast-paced action or sports scene again.
  • The Hisense doesn’t leave the sound quality out of the package, as it has DTS Studio Sound installed for a realistic, surround sound.
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Product Name: Hisense 50AE7400FTUK 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

50-inch Smart TV Features:

  • 4K LED Screen Resolution
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Cast with any mobile OS
  • UHD Upscaling
  • 120 Motion Rate
  • DTS Virtual: X

Samsung QE49Q80T Smart TV

The list wouldn’t be complete with one of the biggest manufacturers of smart TV which is Samsung. The tech giant won’t let itself left behind, so they had their best produced on the market, which is the QE49Q80T Smart TV. This is one of the Best 50 inch Smart TVs out there.

  • Samsung promotes its adaptive 4K resolution that can handle every scene and season on the 50-inch screen.
  • The 7 Series is one of the few smart TVs that use PurColor, a leading colour correction software that shows a clear, natural look on every kind of video that you want to play.

Product Name: Samsung 49″ Q80T QLED 4K HDR 1500 Smart TV with Tizen OS, CARBON SILVER

50-inch Smart TV Features:

  • 4K QLED Screen Resolution
  • Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant
  • PurColor
  • UHD Upscaling
  • High Dynamic Range 1500

LG LG 50NANO796NE 50 inch 4K UHD Smart TV

Another tech giant that you might want to check out is LG, all out with its 50NANO796NE 50 inch 4K UHD Smart TV. The smart TV might the best one on the market right now, as its predecessors are the first to cater both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. And with that said, you should expect some breath-taking features from the Nano 8 Series.

  • LG mounted their very own a 7 GEN 2 Intelligent processor, which is one of the few specs behind the eye-busting difference of the Nano79 Series compared to the conventional smart TVs.
  • And if that’s not enough, the smart TV has AI Sound to provide you with the power that you dream for your viewing experience.

Product Name: LG 50NANO796NE 50 inch 4K UHD NanoCell Smart TV

50-inch Smart TV Features:

  • 4K LED Screen Resolution
  • LG NanoCell technology
  • Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant/Apple Airplay 2
  • AI Sound Processing
  • Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+

Samsung 50AU9000 Smart TV

Best 50 inch Smart TVs

There’s no surprise that there’s another Samsung smart TV on this list, they’re simply too good in terms of picture and audio quality. This Samsung 50AU9000 Smart TV is one of the best smart TV’s under £700.

  • The 50-inch smart TV has runs on TizenOS which is standard on Samsung smart television sets.
  • And in terms of sound quality, the TV does not sound anywhere near to how good it looks..
  • Native 4K playback is beautifully crisp and clear, there’s absolutely no loss of visual detail.
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Product Name: Samsung 50 INCH AU9000 Samsung UHD 4K Smart Gaming TV

50-inch Smart TV Features:

  • 4K LED Screen Resolution
  • Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
  • 4K HDR Picture Processor
  • Amazon Alexa/Apple AirPlay 2
  • Dolby Vision HDR10

Toshiba Fire Smart TV

Best 50 inch Smart TVs

Toshiba was the leading brand of conventional TVs back in the day, so it is not surprising that they also have their own version of a 50-inch smart TV. the Toshiba Fire TV Edition is one of the not-so-basic smart TV out there, as it has Dolby Vision compacted in its system to provide the nostalgic feel of watching on Toshiba TV when you were young, but just in 4K.

  • Knock yourself out with the entertainment experience this smart TV has to offer.
  • From all of your favourite streaming platforms like Netflix and Disnye+, the Toshiba Fire TV will surely bring relaxation and happiness to you and your family.

Product Name: TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR – Fire TV Edition

50-inch Smart TV Features:

  • 4K LED Screen Resolution
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Ultra High Definition (UHD)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

What is the best 50 inch Smart TV to buy?

With smart TVs, you can enjoy watching any news, movies, and series. Imagine the power of its predecessors which are smartphones, put into a large, 50-inch screen. You can stream countless programs, binge-watch both the classic and fresh films, and even play music on a towering HD screen that includes millions of pixels that give you an amazing visual experience.

One of the Best 50 inch Smart TVs would be the Samsung 7 Series Smart TV if your budget is under £500. And If your Budget exceeds £500, then the best would be the Sony X950G Smart TV. Check our list of Best Value 50 inch Smart TV UK for all the details.

Which brand is best for Smart TV?

LG is currently dominating the smart TV space with its amazing nanotube technology. It can definitely be considered the best brand at the moment. Especially, since It is the first in the category to include both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The LG Nano 8 Series Smart TV comes with a fantastic a7 GEN 2 Intelligent processor, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision that contribute to an amazing visual experience. Check our list of Best Value 50 inch Smart TV UK for all the details.

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