About Us

Hello there! we’re glad you want to learn more about Discount Age. This review website was the brainchild of Joanna Worthington who wanted to create a one-stop destination with all the solutions to common household problems.

She lives by her mantra: “Products Solve Problems”

“Leaky taps but can’t find a plumber? There’s a solution. And there will be a solution for all common problems” – Joanna Worthington

Our core team is comprised of Joanna as the editor-in-chief, Marsha and Tommy as our senior editors. We also have an in house team of staff writers, frequent contributors and most importantly; a team of product analysts who go through every product in astonishing detail and accuracy.

Although we launched this project at the beginning of 2020, we’ve been working on Discount Age for 3 years. Our mission is to make this website into an authority site and a compendium of reviews.

Our Review Process

We care about accuracy. So, all our products are reviewed by a team of product analysts with years of experience. We base our reviews on various parameters such as design, function and usage, features, performance and price among other industry-specific metrics.

All the products that are reviewed are purchased by us and are subjected to a series of stress tests. We do not collaborate with the manufactures in any capacity.

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